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  1. Hi guys, I am at NW Scale 4/5. I had previously took Finasteride 1mg without any side effects and good results only to retain the existing hair, with crown hair going thick and dark. It has cause me no side effects. But I have always been very irregular with fin, which means I took it for a year then stopped for some months/year and like this. Around a year back in Jun 13, I started with fin 1mg OD and have been taking it on avg 5days a week since then. I didn't see any positive results, except that the existing hair got thick and black, even after a year. In the month of Aug 14,I added dutasteride 0.5mg to my routine every other day. I am also taking fin 1mg everyday. Initially for the first 2-3 months, my scalp felt very itchy, and scalp would come out like there is dandruff. There were lots of pimples on scalp for a month or two. However, after 2.5 months, the itching and dandruff has reduced sharply and is not a concern anymore. What is surprising is the hair growth. Hair in my crown has improved by around 50% in last 4 months, and i have more hair on the hairline also by 20-30%. The improvement is very stark and positive. Everyone in the family is complimenting on the new growth. I have become more motivated to stick to my medicines more religiously. I will see if i can find some photos and will share them over here if i can find time. I hope this helps fellow forum members. I have not noticed any side effects with my libido or erection while on dutasteride for the last 3-4 months. No minoxidil has been used by me so far for over a year. Though now i m contemplating to add minox to my regimen, but I can hardly follow to apply that twice a day.
  2. Hi friends, I have been visiting this forum for some time now and the quality of posts and discussions happening here are impressive I am 1985 born and I am a hair loss sufferer for last 7 years. I have been using Minoxidil on and off year round. Most of the times only once a day, though I get good results with Minoxidil but too careless to be very regular with it. I am based in New Delhi and am currently in stage 3/4 (as far as I can make out). I am attaching some pics here. I need your advice as follows: 1. any info or reviews on HTsurgeons in Delhi would be much appreciated? Any idea about their costs would be helpful too (you can inbox me those details if deem fit). I am more inclined towards FUE surgery. 2. How much approx grafts I will require? 3. My donor area density is good, as is also obvious from the photos. Does that mean I can afford to have more denser looks in areas of hair loss. 4. Would you recommend me going for hair loss at this stage of time? Personally I am inclined towards HT for looking younger and for self confidence. Any other comments/observations are also welcome, Thanks in advance.