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  1. He's about to turn 30 now. How does FUE double or triple the amount of donor hair compared to strip?
  2. I'd really like to explore FUE further as well for my own future procedures if necessary and I'm sure several others feel the same. As far as I can understand the gist of it is this: FUE has the benefit of producing no scar, but has the drawbacks of higher cost and for the moment, a lesser degree of yield and density. I hope to be enlightened further on the subject.
  3. I don't think there's any correlation between the two. Balding is genetic. I have a thick beard, but, the thing with balding is it's caused by an overproduction of DHT, not testosterone in general. I think body hair/beard hair is genetic and so is balding, but they're genetic for different reasons. It's not like your hormones put hair on your body or face that's supposed to go on your head.
  4. Yeah, but that density is only from strip as far as I've seen from him, and he doesn't even do it anymore. I'm thoroughly unimpressed with any pics I've seen of FUE patients 6 months and on.
  5. More grafts, higher prices, and less coverage. If he's not telling the patient they can get better coverage for less money and more grafts with strip, then he's a dirt-bag. That is IF though.
  6. I know the FUE case is only at 6 months, but you can so obviously see the huge difference between the density of strip vs. the density of FUE. I would be incredibly pissed if I had to pay more for a procedure that didn't work nearly as well. For Armani to stop doing strip procedures and go FUE only is clearly a business decision. If he really had the patient's best interest in mind he would offer both and let them decide. I wonder if he tells patients that the density and overall quality of FUE is equal to strip? That's the only way I think a patient would rather do FUE and pay more, if they believed the results would be the same but no scar. Or they're total pussies and don't want to do strip for that reason. Damn, I've never really seen a direct comparison between strip and FUE from the same doc like that. For Armani do go totally FUE stinks of greed, and if he's selling his patients on guaranteeing equal effect in comparison to strip then he is unethical in my opinion. But, I don't know the guy and I don't know what he tells his patients. It definitely doesn't look good though. If he offered both procedures and showed the patient both results and let them decide, that would be totally kosher, but to only offer the one that costs more and is inferior in results is shady. Plus, he's got the biggest name inn the UK. It is elective cosmetic surgery, but that guy's a dick in my opinion. Even as a business man, he's still unethical if he's lying to patients and selling them on a more expensive procedure. He may be insanely wealthy, but he's a shitty human being if that's the case.
  7. Hey man, hope you're starting to feel a little better about everything. In my case, the soreness and tightness in the donor area went away somewhere around a month. It'll pass, just give it time and try not to think about it. Also, I don't know if you had sutures or staples, but I had sutures and wasn't able to see the doc again to have them removed for 3.5 weeks after surgery. Once I got the sutures removed the area felt better due to not having foreign objects strewn in throughout. Everyone heals differently. Try not to pick at it or touch it too much with your fingers, infection and whatnot. In the meantime, just rock out with your cock out and before you know it, all will be as it was, but with a lot more hair.
  8. It's hard to say. Of course there's shedding when you begin to use either of these products, and it can take up to a full year to discern the effectiveness of Propecia. I know when I shower there's a few hairs, but I haven't lost any density in about a year. I don't think counting hairs does anything but make you worry. Even if you are still losing hair, you may be losing it at a slower rate, know what I mean. Try not to think about it, but if after a year your hair loss is rampant and hasn't leveled off at all then you're wasting money. That's a personal call.
  9. He does have a point though. In a world where capitalism is God, it's hard to hold people to the standards that some of us find "ethical". You reap what you sow. I know when a person is desperate for a solution in this instant gratification society, they may be swayed even if they know the problems the future may hold. However, in the end, it is elective cosmetic surgery. I'm not saying it's not morally reprehensible. It's just that from birth we are taught to make money, so it's kind of hard to blame him for giving a patient what they want even though it may bite them in the ass in the future. A conscience isn't part of business.
  10. I'd like to see some pictures. What level of balding did you have or do you have on the NW scale?
  11. I have no idea who that guy is, but I'd say it's all of the above except the clothes and the voice. Looks like an NW 3 to me from the shading. Plenty of people look good with the shaved head that don't have those characteristics though.
  12. Two and a half months here. I'm getting some sparse sprouting. I have pretty long hair and bangs though, so all's well in the hiding the ht dept. I hope the next two and a half months go by as fast as the past two and a half. I'm really looking forward to getting my hair cut shorter and not wearing a hat as much.
  13. I just thought it was important to include that since he's young and no one ever mentions it. I think it goes hand in hand with the things going through a balding person's mind, and I happen to be somewhat knowledgeable on the subject, so I thought I'd try and help out. I posted the same sort of thing on the other side of the forum because you said something about it, and whether you state it was tongue in cheek or not, it's still a subject that affects bald men. Losing your hair and losing your confidence with women are parallel. Relax