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  1. I think the work by Dr Wesley looks very refined and natural .It seems like he pays good attention to detail . I would recommend him .
  2. The donor harvesting looks like it could be covered up with the patients hair while healing . Pretty nice being able to go around without having the whole donor shaved down . A big plus if you have to be back at work soon after the procedure . Can you harvest from the same areas if the remaining donor hair density is real thick ? Nice results in the recipient area as well .Looks totally natural .
  3. I recommend him 100% . The work presented looks top notch . He is also gives great info when responding to questions on the forum .
  4. Dr.Lindsey the hairline improvement is excellent . Is it harder to place the grafts near big plugs due to scar tissue ?
  5. I am between months 4 and 5 post op . I feel stubble coming in some of the areas above the scar so it is hard to tell how much will grow . I would guess it is 25 percent grown back . Stretchback is the scar itself getting wider after the stitches come out .
  6. Hi Gunnar, I would say that the right side has gotten a little better not so much on the left side . It is still pretty red and I need to keep the hair long to hide it . I feel the hairs above the scar are a little like stubble . My instincts tell me that the right side will turn out better . I have had some stretchback . The healing takes time so I will wait and see what the next few months bring .
  7. Good luck with the revision . Keep us posted . If you get a chance can you describe what the acell procedure is like . Is it a liquid injection or a powder etc ... On your scar the smaller strip had the double layer sutures or did the main one have them ? Dr Cooley has some of the best looking results .(yours included) and he is a stand up guy I think you will have a excellent result .
  8. Try to schedule a few in person consults if possible . If in Manhattan you could see Drs True and Dorin plus Bernstien . Dr.Feller is close to them as well . I can say that True and Dorin are very skilled and are worth a visit .
  9. The result looks excellent .The patient looks younger as well . It is interesting to see those hairs popping out of the scalp in bunches . It makes me want to pluck them out with a tweezer .
  10. Dr. Pathomvanich this is an excellent repair result . The hairline looks soft while still hiding the big plugs . Good job in not creating a thick wall of hair but instead giving a natural looking transition . This patient has to be thrilled .
  11. I have experienced a lot of irritation from Kirkland Minoxidil . I diluted it with some alcohol and the itch subsided a great deal . I think it is the Propylene glycol % . I used to use regular minox from Dr Lee and the Propylene glycol% was lower and did nor itch too much . I just purchased some spectral dnc minoxidil creme . It is light brown and dries quick . I notice no itching .It is pricey but it should last a long time at once a day applications . Has anyone ever tried this stuff ?
  12. I have read different things on this . I think 3 months is ok but a little early. 6-7 months is more of a solid point to feel confident . Some people have more surgery at the 9-12 month mark .
  13. Dr. Lindsey that is some very clean looking work post op . It seems the patient had very little bleeding . Very impressive and refined .
  14. This look very natural . It is a nice use of grafts to get coverage of the majority of the scalp . The patient looks much better and must be very pleased .