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  1. 34 y/o WM comes in with diffuse miniaturization in an early diffuse patterned hair loss. He seemed a good candidate for medical treatment before considering surgery. He was placed on finasteride 1.25mg daily along with 5% minoxidil foam twice daily. Results are at 14 months.
  2. 36 y/o WM with a 10 year history of gradually worsening hair loss came in wanting a transplant. We decided to check the response to medication first. The results at one year are presented, but it is currently just as strong 6 years later. Sorry I didn't take a "before" picture from the left side but I think the thinning was obvious. He is very happy and doesn't desire surgery at this time.
  3. This 72 y/o WM with modest donor hair had one session of FUT grafts. He was a NW 6 and just wanted to frame his face.
  4. 62 y/o WM with NW6 pattern with 3,500 FUT to top of scalp. Result at 3yrs. Plans are for 2nd session to increase density. Patient started dying his hair after the first session grew in.
  5. Thanks. She is happy with the result at this time and feels no need to have another session. Also, it has only been 7 months since the transplant so it should thicken some for for the next 5 months.
  6. 52 y/o female with 10-15 year history of gradual hair loss in the frontal scalp. 1300 FUT grafts were placed into the frontal hair zone. Results at 7 months.
  7. 52 y/o WM NW6 was treated with one session of 2600 FUT grafts. Before and at 8 months postop.
  8. 32y/o WM complains of 8 yr history of hair loss. Because of the large numbers of miniaturized hair he was placed on medical treatment before evaluation for surgery. He is happy enough with the regrowth to postpone hair surgery.
  9. The patient is a 52 y/o WF with miniaturization and hair loss in the frontal-temporal junctions. These sites and areas on the top of the scalp were injected with platelet rich plasma (PRP) and A/cell powder placed in solution. Results are at 3 months.
  10. The patient is a 40 y/o NW4a with blonde hair who had been thinning for 10 years or more. 2600 follicular unit grafts via strip excision and microscopic dissection were grafted.
  11. The patient is a 52 y/o caucasian male with NW4a loss. His hair was slightly finer than average, and density was average.1800 FUT grafts were placed into the frontal half of his scalp.
  12. 52 y/o caucasian male with 2,800 FUT grafts in a single session. Results at 16 months.
  13. Patient is a 38 y/o male with rapidly developing NW6 baldness on no medication. Medical Rx was begun with finasteride 1.25 mg/day, minoxidil foam 2x daily, Nizoral shampoo and Head & Shoulders shampoo. Results are at 1 year. While not full, he is very satisfied and is going to hold off on hair transplantation for now.
  14. The patient is a 45 y/o WM with frontal and midscalp balding. 2,800 grafts were placed. Results at 4 yrs.
  15. 38 y/o WM with very early loss in a NW6 pattern wanting surgical hair restoration. I convinced him to try medical treatment for a year before considering surgery. His hair grew in well at doesn't need surgery at this time. Treatment was with 1.25mg finasteride daily and topical 5% minoxidil foam twice daily along with Nizoral shampoo alternating with Head and Shoulders shampoo.