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Your Hair Loss Story

My name is Hans and I am the webmaster for Media Visions and work in the background to keep all the things up and running. I have been working with Pat for around 10 years now, so I do have a pretty good understanding of what hair transplants are all about.

I would welcome any suggestions and am also available for any of our members that may need help along the way, when it comes to the usage of the sites we have put together for you.

Do bear in mind that I live in South Africa (take a look at my photos to see where I live), so time zones will play a part in the speed of responses to any questions or need for help.

Please make good use of all the facilities we have put up here for you and on the other sites - links are all over the place, and in the header of the pages.

Best wishes in your pursuit of being hirsute.


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