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  1. I wouldnt agree with this. By no means will everyone progress to the top norwood level. Just look around on the street and you see plenty of people middleaged with isolated loss either at the hairline or crown. A good HT or 2 would sort these people right out. I will agree that young people with agressive loss need to be most careful when planning a HT as it could look odd if they contiunued to lose hair un attaching the transplanted area.
  2. Hang in there and be patient. And be prepared for growth bursts here and there and then for things to quiet down again. I had a lot of growth around 4-6 months. Then as far as i can tell things hardly changed from 6-8 months. Then 8/9 months can see more growth and maturing beginning to happen. Everyone is different but FUE takes little longer to come in. A good 12-15 months before you can get an idea of final result.
  3. Just read her Wiki. He is actually a male model too. Lol.
  4. That dude would prob pass for NW1 with his hair grown out to cover temples. In any event, do you know his financial status? This can supersede any amount of baldness with girls from what I've seen!
  5. Get your testosterone and free test levels checked too. These can be affected and very important to have base line data before your start. The fact that Dr's and others dont significantly advise people to do this is disgraceful. They just tell people to pop a drug powerful enough to alter your whole hormone endoctrine system like an aspirin.! People are left in limbo when sides kick in with no base line data to measure against.
  6. AS Hairi said people are saying good things bout Keratene Alphactive Retard with no sides. Your loss of libido is surely down to the Fin. I was on it for nearly 4 years OK until sides kicked in. You also have to realise every year your test levels naturally slightly drop too. So each year everyone becomes more susceptible to side effects. Fin affected my free test levels and lowered them significantly. It jumped back up after i ditched it. I for one wont be putting any crap like this in my body ever again. Madness messing with hormones.
  7. How anyone can say this is a fantastic result is beyond me.
  8. That patient must be delighted with that result from where he started.
  9. One of the best results ive seen. Mega dense from where he started.
  10. Spot on . I know of a few straight off. There are some people really taking advantage out there but this is only the tip of the iceberg. Its not surprising though, the industry is full of shill's and is in dire need of regulation.
  11. Absoloutly correct Fin will do nothing for your hairline. It mainly works in the crown and mid scalp area. HT is the only proper way to restore your hairline. And 100% get all of your blood work done before starting something like Fin. Get your hormone levels taken, Test , Free test levels etc. Speak to your GP / Urilogist or search around the web for the full list of tests to get done.
  12. The official % of side affects is bullshit , I don't think that's in doubt. There's a huge % who get sides, some more severe than others. Others won't even recognise their sides. It all comes down to personal educated decision. I he isolated loss in one region which I've treated with a ht. I do not need fin at this stage (am mid 30s). It did not give any regrowth but maintained a bit of crappy hair in front which was going anyway. You should look at your loss pattern , age , current minturisation etc before deciding. I would not go near the stuff again. I would look at another milder DHT blocker like 5 alpha kertane which people are reporting no side effects with.
  13. If Jason Statham was not an action movie star and working in the local factory you can be sure he would have nowhere near the female attention he gets. Therefore i find these comparisons a bit futile. In saying that he does rock the bald look good. Its true a good shaped head is key. However bottom line i think the sad fact is almost everyone looks better with hair or a shaved hairline.
  14. Hi, my 2 cents. When i had issues with Finasteride these treatments did not do much for me. It killed more crucially the 'urge'. Discontiuation of Fin was the only way forward.