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  1. It's a thickener...not a cure. Don't read into it too much. I'm pretty happy for the cheap fix. It's no miracle, but if you have some thinning, the stuff works pretty good. You can see the reviews on Amazon and such, stuffs been around a while and seems pretty popular. No big deal, just sending along in case anyone wants to spend a few bucks (literally) to give it a shot. -a
  2. Hi Guys - just bought "Thicker Fuller Hair" thickening serum. It's just a spray that you work into your hair. Been using it for a week and I really like it. It seems to get good reviews on consumer sites and I can see why. I comb my hair forward but lately my temples (horns) area has been thinning and harder to conceal. This stuff seems to do the trick. It's really cheap too...picked it up at my grocery store. I use their shampoo and conditioner as well which I also like. I have zero affiliation with this company, just gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised. Figured I'd pass it along. Best, Andy
  3. I see. Ok, the donor area would be shaved, yes. But I'm talking about the surrounding area that could be shocked. So I was asking if the rest of my head isn't shaved, could I hide the HT sufficiently enough to go back to a job where I have to face clients. Thank you again for your time
  4. From reading various posts it seemed that there are doctors who are willing to not shave the donor/recipient areas. So I was thinking, perhaps foolishly, that if I grew my hair long enough, I could hide a good amount of the HT work. I have come across the "ugly duckling" phase many times on this site. I was wondering if it's at all possible to skirt that...or at least lesson it...if you have a decent amount of coverage/length. I'm also familiar with shock loss from both the transplanted and native hairs...again, thinking if your hair is long enough, perhaps you could hide a good amount of this. Does that make sense? Or am I dreaming here...
  5. Hi guys - I'm seriously considering an FUT in the new year with one of the top docs who don't require shaving the donor area. I was considering an FUE, but after a recent post, and your responses, I'm rethinking this. My situation: The front third of my hair is thinning, as is my crown a little bit. I'm no expert, but I'm guessing 1500 - 2000 graft FUT would do the trick to add some thickness. I'm not trying to rebuild my hairline, just make what I have thicker. From what I've seen on this site, probably closer to 1700 ultra fine dense packed grafts would hold me over for a while. Since I have to face clients weekly and can't go through an awkard phase (beyond the 14 - 18 day mark), concealing a potential HT is paramount. I'm truly scared about the donor area. I comb my hair forward so, along with thickening agents, I'm pretty confident I can hide the scabs in the receptor area. So, if my donor area is 1 inch in length, will that be enough to hide the donor scar after 14 days? If it needs to be 2 - 3 inches, that will be tough for me. I don't like my hair that way so an honest answer would be greatly appreciated from those who have gone through this. Does anyone have any good photos/links (to your HT or to others) that shows the concealing of the donor area 2 weeks post surgery? I can't seem to find any good ones. Am I dreaming here to think that I can hide an HT convincingly after only 2 weeks? Thank you for your time guys, Andy
  6. Thank you for sharing your post with me Levrais. I've actually come across your pictures before. Really beautiful work, you must be very happy with the result. This is the sort of FUE pre-op to 2 weeks post op photos that makes me want an FUE. However, if anyone has an example of a FUT/Strip where the donar scar can be well hidden within 2-3 weeks I'd love to see it. Even with True & Dorin, the only donor area shots I can find are 5 - 6 months later. The work looks phenomenal, but again, I can't go 5-6 months with a noticeable scar given the nature of my job. Anyone have any examples? I've been searching and can't seem to find any. Also, at 31 y/o with the reality of losing more hair - am I shooting myself in the foot by not going FUT/Strip first? Again, thanks gents.
  7. Interesting. Thank you so much everyone. Everything I saw made it seem within 2 weeks, with FUE, it would just look like a close croped/shave hair style. At least looking at the work I saw from Shapiro. I appreciate the comments guys. Anyone have photos, or a link to a post, where a strip was concealed after a two week treatment? I feel a lot of posts/photos don't show the immediete - to two week - to one-month donor area. 2-3 inches of length in the back is pretty long, but I guess I'd be willing to try it. What doctors are willing to perform without shaving? True and Dorin?
  8. Hi guys, haven't posted in a while but am always reading. I'm 31 and have been on Propecia since I was 24. I halted the loss in my crown (even got some back) but am now thinning at the temples. I still have ok coverage, but the thinning in the crown and temples is getting harder to hide (especially when I sweat or my hair is wet). Side note: I used to take Propecia every other day, and it wasn't until this year that I started taking it daily...which sped up the thinning process. I was thinking of getting an FUE - 1500 - 2000 grafts - to fill in a little crown and my temples. I won't waste any hairs rebuilding the hairline, just want to get some density with what I have. I wish I could do a strip, but the nature of my job forces me to interact with clientele on a weekly basis...I can't afford to go through the "Ugly Duckling" phase as so many call it on this site. Also, I like shorter hair styles. However, I know in the future I'd probably need another procedure. So I wanted to know (and cant seem to get a clear answer) would an FUE procedure now prevent me from getting a substantial strip or another substantial FUE down the road? I appreciate any insight guys. It's been weighing on my mind a lot...
  9. Please, start propecia! Try it out...I started in my early 20's too. And now I'm 30 and still have my hair. Trust me...30 comes faster than you think! Give it a shot if you can afford it.
  10. anyone else have any experience with this?
  11. andy79


    I've taken Propecia (half dose, .5mg a day) for six years and haven't experienced any side effects...and I still have my hair. It's been a heaven sent. I think its worth trying, if it effects you in a bad way you can always stop with little to no damage.
  12. Thanks for sharing that. I appreciate it
  13. Hi guys - sorry if this has been covered in past discussions... I tried searching the forums and didn't get much. My perscription to Propecia ran out and I have been traveling for work the past 3 1/2 weeks without any meds. My doctor won't refill it w/o me coming in to see him first which is some BS...I just ordered more online...should come within a week or two. Question for you is: will 4-6 weeks off Propecia make me lose hair? If so, when I get back on, will it come back? Any advice would be so appreciated. Thanks guys. -a I've heard the good, the bad and the ugly with this drug, but I've been taking a half dose everyday for years now and it's been my (social) life saver...
  14. Hey Star - I started losing at around your age and went through the same insecurities. Propecia saved me...and my doctor had no hesitation in giving me a perscription. Kind of surprised your docs won't prescribe it. I'm even more shocked they've never heard of it...which concerns me. Did your second doctor know what the drug was? I would at least find someone who has perscribed it in the past before they pass judgement on it. Matt on this forum (who gave you advice) claims to have had a horrible experience...possibly from the drug...possibly not...either way it is EXTRAORDINARILY RARE to go through what he claims to have gone through with Propecia. I wouldn't necessarily take his word over the countless others who take the drug successfully and swear by it. To address Xandrox 15 - I think its great and have used it for months...but keep in mind I've been on Propecia too...so not sure how it works on its own. Just some food for thought - Even Dr. Lee who invented/sells Xandrox, recommends AND perscribes Propecia on his site. If you decide to buy from Dr. Lee (the only place to buy Xandrox) - I'd recommend his shampoo as well. I've been using it in my regimen. Good news is that you're young. The earlier you catch you alopecia and start on a regimen the better your results will be (typically).
  15. google the word and it will take you to Dr. Lee's site. pretty sure he ships internationally.