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  1. Thanks Fellas! You have helped me out here. I was seriously considering signing up with these folk in a couple of months, (After visting the clinic in person of course) but I think I am just going to forget about this place. The general advice seems to say that don't let money be a factor. It seems that the good doctors mentioned here cost between $9-12 dollars per graft. $2 just sounded too good! lol I know you guys are not doctors but are you able to distinguish how many grafts a person needs by looking at someone's scalp? I assume that the different doctors will have different opinion on how many I need. Should a consumer be weary of being oversold on how many grafts he actually needs? Energize
  2. Guys, Thanks much for the feedback. The $2 Grafts is very eye-catching. I need about a 1000 grafts (but even about 700 would do) and I thought "Wow, I could pay $2000 on my credit card and get this done in two weeks!" Then I found this forum and the advice seems to be to research doctors for months and months. Is there that much butchering going on? Some questions: Is it Standard Operation Procedure for doctors to provide references? i.e. Satisfied happy patients whom I can contact personally instead of looking at a photo album? Bobman, your results are amazing. This questions will sound very amateurish, but I don't know where else to ask: How do you fill that much hair on top of your scalp without completely depleting the back of your head? The Bspot, thanks for the info. I just might stop by this place to find out what they are all about. This place claims they do about 5 per day. You mentioned what type of equipment? What sort of equipment should I be on the lookout for? I was referred to this place through a guy who gives hair treatments, by putting a solution on your scalp and then placing a heat cap over your head for about 15 minutes. I could write more details about this place if anyone is interested. I have been going there for a while. Is it working? I don't really know. I am not losing hair but then again, this may be completely irrelevant to this place. Much appreciate, Energize
  3. Guys, I am thinking about doing a HT at this clinic. 2 DOLLARS PER GRAFT! Seems a little too cheap but they claim they save on advertising and pass the cost down. No doctors named in this. Does anyone here have any experience with this place? I am considering signing up but thought I'd consult with guys here first. Website is: www.TheLordClinic.com If no one has info, I can make an appointment to visit and share what they say. Thanks