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  1. Then why ask for people's opinions if you don't care as long as "YOUR HAPPY" ? MY opinion hasan't changed about Dr.Cohen and with just giving a 500 fu procedure shows he shouldn't be recommended here.
  2. How much did Cohen charge for the procedure ??
  3. Most people witness those same animations from years of late night tv with Bosley and now MHR
  4. Relief at last ---Fytzy the water trick may have worked except my left side from the curve on up were totally a pain in the neck LOL --I must be sensitive on that side cause those all stung !!! Anyway let the healing and growing begin !
  5. I drove from Seattle to Vancouver --- I personally didn't have a problem. It was about a 15-20 min wait going from the US into Canada --The wait was on the US side with local police checking cars --whenI got to the canadian customs I told them I was going to see a hair doctor and they let me thru and on my way back the next day I flashed my head and they gladly waved me thru
  6. Thanks for the advice because I can't wait untill tommorow to take mine out !!!
  7. I had my procedure on 5/8/03 and the scabs were gone in 6 days with graftcyte --- It does help alot --
  8. DR.Hasson didn't think the temple work would look good on me because of my donor hair -- I was so tired when he was talking about it I really can't remember still. I basically put myself in his hands.The small statement Dr.Hasson made when he was doing incision sites --when he said " Now where getting somewhere" thats when I knew everything was going to look alot better. I'm 3 days post op today ---No swelling at all,pain in donor area is none and the only problem i've had so far is the itchy head symptoms. I've been spraying graftcyte every 1/2 hr to an hour when i'm awake and thats helping.
  9. I was a 5A before my 2nd procedure done last year by Dr.Brad Limmer. I had 1500 or so FU's done with him --I say or so because NOBODY ACTUALLY COUNTED !!!! Anyway the coverage I got last year was ok for a first session of FU's but my right side on my hairline was way off and I didn't like it at all. I really wanted to get some temple work done but Dr.Hasson didn't recommend it at all. So we went to the beef up the hairline and even it out and coverage thruout.
  10. Picture of 2669 FU's done by Dr.Hasson on 5/8/03 [This message was edited by pdm68 on May 10, 2003 at 08:21 AM.]
  11. Picture of 2669 FU's done by Dr.Hasson on 5/8/03 [This message was edited by pdm68 on May 10, 2003 at 08:21 AM.]
  12. Fabe ; I've looked at Dr. Feller (I would use him),Dr. True (I wouldn't use him because they won't return calls or emails),Dr Ivan Cohen ( I wouldn't use him because of past experience and he STILL Uses Micro/Mini's),Dr.Bernstein ( I wouldn't use him due to price and only does small passes of hair ---you'll need more procedures with them),Dr. Beehner (I wouldn't use him because of mini/mico usage and prices)--If I were you I'd choose Dr.Feller because he's aggressive enough and cost wise is good. Better yet Fabe I would get on a plane and go to Dr.Cole in Atlanta or Hasson&Wong in Vancouver --
  13. I would use the drugs before starting the surgical route --- Why are these doctors operating on younger patients ???
  14. Fabe ; You seem like you have an INTEREST in Dr.Pastone for some reason ?? I've read a few of your posts and Dr.Feller answered questions for you concerning your hairloss pretty straightforward. Now the huge infatuation with Dr. Pastone and his practice and the defending of him when nobody is questioning him. I'll give you my 2 cents ...after seeing his work in the few pictures seen on here and his site ....I'm hardly impressed AT ALL. But that's only me. It seems like you have alot of other choices in doctors and would be wise in seeking the best fit for YOU. Myself I'm flying from NYC to Seattle next week and driving to Vancouver for a session with Dr.Hasson. Pictures to follow.
  15. I am going for a 3rd procedure. MY first was done in 91-92 by Dr. Ivan Cohen I don't know how many mini-micro grafts he gave me --I assume they were the best thing going back then BUT I was on 22-23 years old --It's now known that someone at the age shouldn't be worked on ---I had a 1500 FU procedure done Feb 2002 by DR.Brad Limmmer --I'm satisfied with there work but I need more hair than what there willing to do at one time and now May 8 2003 I am going to vancouver to have a procedure done by Dr.Hasson of Hasson&Wong. I've scanned these boards for years and they do some great work so hopefully I can get a good job done --I'm sure I will ---I will post my pics once I get home May 10 ----