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  1. Hi guys, in my first research time my thoughts were the same like PGP. Why other clinics have not 5000+ cases ? Why other clinics can provide nearly the same results with less grafts ? I think an essential fact is the big team of Hasson&Wong. Which clinic have such a big team too offer megasessions like we saw ? Not many ! How many cases with 5000 and more grafts from H&W do we know ? Not many, if u consider, that H&W make 4 guys per day! I dont know, if they are splitting the multi grafts, but the fact is, that every man, who go to Hasson&Wong wish a high amount of grafts, cause they know, that they will get a great result. If they??re really splitting the multis to create these results, it would be OK for me. Even if i have in mind to pay more for this artistic work and extra hours. Just my 2cents
  2. Hi Spirit, i had my HT done with Dr.Heitmann in Amsterdam, near Shiphol. I am more than pleased with him. He told me, that 30% of his patients came from UK. Perhaps u look at him, too. He is doing Strip and FUE. Good luck
  3. It can be shockloss or shedding! On the website of H&W i read, that shockloss can happen after 6 month ... ! Sorry, i hope its temporary shedding. Take your medics, close your eyes and go on ...
  4. Try AloeVera 100% ! Perhaps cold as ice :-)
  5. hey, i have seen some nice results so far. Also they have an interesting price structure! Ask the doc, which blades he will use. What there strat is, when they rebuild your hairline. Normal is only 1 hair grafts, than 2hair grafts and at last all others to create the density. A big advantage of FUE is, that the doc can take many multi grafts with many hairs. So u can get a good coverage. With strip u get what your strip can offer. Good luck and research !!
  6. Spex, do u know of some patients, that some transplanted hair can fall out after 12 month ? thx
  7. I think he is one of the Top Docs for hairline work. Shapiro, Rahal, Feller, Alexander also. I would choose Hasson for hairline work.
  8. Looks good and amazing! do u know the number of hairs and the size of balding area ?
  9. Wanthairs, where can we see your result so far ? Thx
  10. Good luck to u bro, i hope for u that all will go well and perhaps he is doing more than 1500 grafts. NW5a
  11. Good luck to you ! U have choosen one of the best surgeons in this world :-) Can we see any pics of your result so far ? Thx
  12. Hi Aldo, your hairline looks good. Do you know the size of the balding area and the number of hairs u get ? Thx
  13. In Germany, we have not seen ONE patient of that clinic in the most popular alopezie forum. There are a lot of surgeons, where u can choose, who are offering FUE. from cheap to expensive.
  14. I am a big fan of Dr.Rahals work, but this time he did not a good job. We saw many men with high nw pattern, who get around 4k grafts only in the frontal third or frontal half. The docs leave the crown alone. So their faces are framed and all said, that it looks amazing. In this case, it the strategy was a failure to put all grafts over the whole area. It looks now, like an old woman with thinning hair. I think, he needs much more than 1500 grafts to get a good appearane from front and to restore the hairline and zone2-3. A good example is the member clock who get 4k grafts only in the frontal half or look my case. I get the same amount of grafts and less hair, but the appearance is better, cause all grafts went in the front. Good luck azza and i hope, that there will be coming many hairs the next month, perhaps u are a slow grower :-)