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  1. thanx Bill! Marko yes that would do the trick! u will ger hair in the laungs!
  2. I have found this infos, me too I was actually looking for the differences and the effects of these other ingredients! I came straight here by Google search! : * Finasteride: (marketed as Proscar, Propecia, Fincar, Finpecia, Finax, Finast, Finara, Finalo, Prosteride, Gefina, Finasterid IVAX) is an antiandrogen that inhibits type II 5-alpha reductase, the enzyme that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT * lactose monohydrate: widely used as a filler or diluent in tablets and capsules * microcrystalline cellulose: used as a binding agent * pregelatinized starch: used as a binding agent * sodium starch glycolate: super-disintegrant used to promote rapid disintegration and dissolution * hydroxypropyl methylcellulose: enteric film coating material * hydroxypropyl cellulose LF: an aqueous binder * titanium dioxide: used for pigmentation * magnesium stearate: a lubricant and stabilizer. * talc: used as a filler * docusate sodium: belongs to the family of laxatives known as stool softeners * yellow ferric oxide and red ferric oxide: used for pigmentation
  3. here is almost 1 week with minoxidil 5% , of course no result yet ! but I feel my hair there has better condition. I use minox 5% , Dercos (the pic above) and I bought today aloe vera shampoo! and some vitamis/minirals. what do u think!!??
  4. I just saw the photos, she indeed does a clean job but I dnt know something is missing when comparing her with the giants Doctors H&W, Feller, Shapiro... maybe the number of grafts in one session is small.. she should consider 3000+ grafts/session , it would boost her reputation and achieving best results. but as I said she did a nice job very clean.
  5. thanx bro! It just crossed my mind .. since I thought everything goes to the blood anyways..
  6. I would go there just to transplant ONE graft! and collect the items! stay away from butchers!!! you will regret
  7. what happens if someone put some drops of Rogaine liquid in water or juice and drink it, and also sniff dutas or proscar?!!
  8. what happens if someone put some drops of Rogaine liquid in water or juice and drink it, and also sniff dutas or proscar?!!
  9. well said Bill! thats what I wanted to write also. in between, Bill, I know that you become a real professional in hair loss domain! why dnt you study some years and be a doctor ? I will be your first patient ! take care
  10. man! which is easier, to brush your teeth or to swallow a pill!!? the shedding is a good sign for hair cycle and that new hair will grow! why u stopped!! but one month should be fine.
  11. Hello, I have read many posts and what I tell you is DO NOT quit if you dnt have any side effects! some guys got improvements nearly after 2 years. the shedding is normal and is a sign of hair cycles. just continue using it, and it is advised to use minoxidil 5% at same time. maybe some Vitamines, and some shampoo like Nizoral. hope this help!
  12. wow! amazing change !! even your face skin looks live and shining !! no more stress happy for you !! waiting our turn to make it
  13. hey welcome to the family and to the hair factory forum! here is an answer to your question : Genpharma in an other thread of the forum
  14. thank you very much Dhoose for your support ! yes me too I believe that this meds will help ! I still have very thick hair except for the crown and the frontal! my bigger brother (44 years old) still has thick hair on the crown but his front is almost like me ( he didn't use any meds) ! maybe because he doesn't smoke cigarettes! I also always color my hair for years almost every 3 months! to cover some gray hairs.. I dnt know if that is healthy.. yes the HT is the last solution! I just want to delay it little bit maybe when I am 45 or so. otherwise my body is very responsive for the Vitamins or proteins for instance if I train bodybuilding only 2 weeks you can see lots of volume on my muscles.. I dnt know but I just hope this meds would act the same way!!! I will post my new pics after I accomplish one month of rogaine, I may start next week also Proscar when I get it. take care!
  15. Thanx Dab for your reply! yes thats my plan too.. I will buy Nizoral anyways also and alternate it with the other shampoo(dercos). I already started rogaine yesterday ! until now everything is OK, no itching no red scalp. I am just waiting now my Proscar, I will send an update picture next month if there is some improvements!!! hopefully