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Hair Loss Story

  1. Hi, congrats on your op. Hope it all goes well. I too used Dr. Feriduni... i knew without reading your info and by a quick glance at the photos you'd used the same doc... i think i was in that room in the Radisson too!

    I'm about 3 & half months in. Have had a few problems as most people will but it's still early days for calling judgement. I'm hopeful but it's a rocky road to success as i'm sure you'll know from your research so just be prepared and try not to get too down if it's not 100% to plan!. I'm perhaps regretful i didn't go for the shave of the recipient area in terms of how that simplifies the procedure. But i just wanted to be able to conceal it. I hope you get a quick recovery time and avoid detection... i have thankfully! I'll keep an eye on how you're getting on. I'm overdue posting new pics myself!

    All the best.

  2. Yeah, i had this done by Dr Feriduni, he was just basically seeing how much of my existing hair was on it's last legs... Answer was about 10%. This enabled him to predict how liable i'm going to be to shock-loss apparently, and therefore what density he should aim for in the recipient region for a worst case scenario should i lose a percentage of my 'native' hair. I presumed they all did some sort of check like this... whether it be revealed to the patient or not. Which is a point perhaps... maybe he DID examine the hair for this just didn't deem it too bad? Either way, sounds an awful scenario. Like the others, i'll be interested to see any pics.
  3. Just a note to say that it's day 12 now, and scabs that looked like they were in for the duration have mostly come away now. Still a tad worried that in some instances there were definitely transplanted hairs embedded in the scabs but the numbers weren't huge so hopefully even if they are gone for good i'll still achieve my overall hair goals! Staples due out in 2/3 days and back to work in 5 so it's just fingers crossed now for minimal shock-loss and then all being well some good progress! Cheers.
  4. Thanks gents, just i'm back to work in 10 days so am getting a bit anxious. I knew i'd have a bit of pinkness etc.. as a given, but didn't think there'd still be actual dark scabs. Hindering my activity on my time off work too! I'll certainly give those tips a go. I don't want to aggravate the area too much though. Once i've made good progress before i get back to work i'm happy... just gonna take longer than expected. Cheers.
  5. Hi guys, I had my HT 6-7 days ago now and have a couple of questions for those who've had it done or any docs who feel like answering. I've got pretty bad scabbing in parts of the recipient area which were most traumatised. I had the HT done whilst keeping my existing hair at it's original length. I've been trying to keep it hydrated and using the couple of moisturising liquids given by my doc. He's abroad so i can't go see him again (not that i think this is serious enough that i need to), though i will ring him in the next day or two for advice coz the following is a little concerning. The reason i'm not more stressed is because it seems a common topic! Basically, with bad scabbing, is there a foolproof way to help them off? I don't see these leaving any time soon because of how thick they are. A few bits have come away now but only in the less affected areas. I tried to 'help' one or two small bits off that seemed to be coming away anyway but found an implanted hair or two running through the scab! At this stage (6days) if those implanted hairs were in the scab does that mean i've lost them? (no bleeding where they came from) Or have they left behind a healthy 'pore' that will produce new hair? Forgive my ignorance as i hope against hope!! I've also read (depending where you look) that the hair's growth may be hindered by such thick scabbing and it's best to make every effort to work them off? And on another page to leave the scalp do it's own thing as much as possible with no 'forcing' for better results (that being the case these babies are here for a LONG time!) Any response greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi falceros. Sorry having trouble trying to send a proper message via my iPod. Quick question- I had a HT today but can't recall if I should be using the moisturising spray straight away or after my clean tomorrow? I can ring my surgeon or his nurse but feel a bit silly asking what's probably a trivial question at 10pm (Europe)! Would be grateful if you could answer this? I'm sure I was told but was a bit spaced out and it was a long day! Thanks

  7. Hi, first time i've seen your website. Great pics and great results. Although not perfect you've got to be happy with the end product. I go to get a HT next week and am mostly nervous about shock loss and how concealable it is. I've seen alot worse than you got although it must have been stressful at the time. Anyway, just a note to thank you for the excellent and frequently updated pics and narrative... gives me a better insight than previous on what lies ahead. Fingers crossed. All the best.
  8. Thanks gents. Again more useful info. "Not Ur Avg" I've checked out your pics, all looks good. I'm not so sure about me getting away with that look where i'm from and at my age with regard to the headband under the cap but i'll see if i can achieve a similar effect! The headband is a good idea which i hadn't heard of before so will be putting that into practice. Spex, a good idea with the "remove your cap please" retort,... it should do the job. The neck pillow is a must too. Cheers. All i need to do now is my scalp laxity exercises (not doing very often yet) and keep my fingers crossed that all goes well. I return to work 17 days post op so hopefully i can conceal the work pretty well at that point. Most of it will be IN the hairline, coming just a few mm below in places... i'm not getting the recipient area shaved and i have SOME cover to help achieve that goal! Otherwise i'm in for some serious stick from friends and colleagues... which you don't mind so much.. it's just you don't want to be pointed at and people saying "yeah that's the guy who.." do you!!!
  9. Thanks guys, Very informative. I've booked my flight now to return the next day. You've made me pretty confident that this won't cause a problem and is my best option. I'm sure my surgeon will have his own ideas on suppressing swelling and pain too so thanks for that... saved me some hotel bills and it means i'll manage some relative comfort at home. "NotUrAvg".. Please do keep me posted on how your pain treatment and swelling goes for you (any pics too)... Hope you're continuing to enjoy your trip. Will you be having your staples out before you catch your return flight? Do you just wear a standard sports headband under a baseball cap? Is that in any way detrimental to healing? Also, Stamos, how was it going through security in the airport? Any problems? Did they ask for your headwear removed? Staples set the alarm off? Or was it all pre 9'11'? I'm thinking my departure post op will be in a foreign airport so not so worried about someone seeing me but when i land at home and go through passport control, i'm sure they don't allow head wear of any kind so it could be a tricky one! Thanks again guys for the responses. Cheers.
  10. Thanks goldilocks, will enquire about the anti swelling prescription and if he would give me something along those lines. I'm only getting 1800 grafts done so I don't think my surgeon feels I'm going to suffer too badly but I'd certainly prefer to err on the side of caution. I'm reasonably certain now from further research I'd like to try and get home soon as I can but if anyone can foresee a problem with that (particularly if any adverse effects to flying) I'd be grateful to hear. Thanks again.
  11. Hi, i have a HT procedure booked in for early August and would just like some clarification on my best options post op. I'm travelling abroad (only about 1.5hrs by plane) for the op, and have read conflicting information on what's likely to be my physical state afterward. I have a few options. 1) return home via short plane journey the day after the op, 2) hang on a few days (possibly hotel-room-bound) until potential swelling goes, or 3) make a bit of a holiday of things for perhaps 2 weeks before returning home! I realise every patient is individual and as such will experience differing after effects but some educated feedback would be appreciated. The reason i ask is that i didn't realise that post op swelling was so great a risk. Or atleast the degree to which swelling may occur. But i saw a couple of photos which were pretty bad and have been advised by the clinic (when i told them i may hire a car after the 2nd day to travel a little), that the swelling could be such that it may not be recommended to drive for several days post op. Unfortunately this leaves me stuck in a confined area with little to entertain me as i'm making the trip alone. So really, if i'm going to look like an orangutan after a boxing match i'd rather be that way in my own home with creature comforts. Does anyone have any experience of or advice on whether a next day (short) flight should pose any problems? The clinic seem to think this will be fine and not a problem as swelling should only really kick-in around day 2/3 and be gone by day 5-8 worst case scenario. I'm being put off staying there in case i feel like crap and can't do much anyway.. i'd just be throwing money into a hotel room and getting cabin fever! Please, any opinions welcome from people who've been in this position, know somebody who has, or indeed docs with any facts on the issue. I do realise that some decent R&R is necessary post op. The quality of this may be alot better if i can get it at home after some potential aggravation of a short flight?? Thanks in advance for your responses. Cheers.
  12. Hi, as i have seen several times on this site and experienced 1st hand, Dr Feriduni's clinic has something very amiss when it comes to emails. I can't understand it myself as i've been over for a consultation and everything was top notch and he's a great bloke. Just some sort of a black hole that they need to sort out where emails are concerned! Must be doing themselves out of serious money so it surely can't be intentional!! I ended up ringing and then had several emails after that responded to no problems, but i'm now waiting on an info-mail back to do with the consult i had... that's a full 2 weeks ago tomorrow! It's not as though there's THAT many people to deal with surely. But in short, i'd recommend ringing Daphne there (she's very nice), explaining the issue (from all of us on here), and i'm sure you'll get sorted. Cheers.
  13. Hello gents (assuming you're still keeping an eye on the topics you've responded to). I'm back from Belgium and my consultations with both Dr.Devroye & Dr.Feriduni. I have to say i was pretty tired on the day of the consults (a result of travel chaos due to volcanic ash cloud! and a traffic jam driving back into Brussels!) and not quite in top form, so my views may have been tainted as Dr Devroye was my 2nd appointment by which point i just wanted some food and to chill out! Dr Devroye was however very professional, amiable and undoubtedly from all that you can see about him and his clinic online- an excellent surgeon! As an added bonus i got to see that days' patient in his surgery, whose case coincidentally was very similar to mine. Everything looked really good, especially the donor scar which was amazingly neat looking. Dr Devroye after a quick inspection of me thought 2,300-2,800 grafts approximately would suit my needs. The clinic itself and all the staff have a really laid-back and friendly air which many will find just what they need. I personally however found Dr Feriduni to be a bit more on my wavelength in his ideas and concerns over my hair. His calculations of graft counts and areas were simple mathematics and his estimate for my needs was 1600-1800. Everything he did was quite meticulous, thorough, and highly informative. He was instantly easy to talk to, very tuned in and interested in the individual's case! I ultimately felt more comfortable after our discussions that he would be my preference into whose hands i would rather place my head! His results and case studies that he had to share with me at the touch of a button spoke for themselves. I wasn't sold by the stylish new clinic or anything (i can see past shiny-new-things!) but the whole time i was there it was a seamless meeting and i couldn't help but be a little impressed. What DID sway me was the man himself. I didn't have high expectations in advance because as with some others on here i'd trouble getting a response via email from the clinic... some complaints it seems going back 2 years (surely technical problems can be solved a bit quicker than that) But, from the time i entered until i left, i felt i was in a place i could trust. He just seems a really genuine guy, who happens to be a highly rated surgeon that gets great transplant results and is alot more affordable (through my research) than the vast majority of surgeons. Obviously, these are just my opinions. Having had the consults, I said i'd post my thoughts. Everyone to their own... I've had several online consults with U.S and Canadian docs that were also very good, and their results too are fantastic... unfortunately for me they're not a cheap airfare away so i'd have to talk with them via Skype or phone to form a truer opinion of them, and frankly from my research i'm not sure how much (if at all) more they'd have to offer. So whilst i'm not 100% on where i'll go, i'm happy i went for the consults to give me a bit more insight into what's out there. Ron Shapiro obviously is a doc that is perhaps the most highly regarded anywhere, and then i would also like to talk more with Dr Konior who i thought was very worthwhile. I'll keep on researching and stay up to date with peoples posts on here, and most importantly get some money together so that i can fix a date for my HT wherever the destination! Hope this post has helped someone, and maybe saved somebody else some leg-work! Cheers.
  14. Sounds great! That'll have the highest number of guinea pig trial volunteers ever heard of in medical history... sign me up!
  15. Hi Beardyweirdy, as have said i'm taking peoples opinions as they come.. alot seem to have grudges or agendas of their own so... Dr Feriduni is the only doc i have tried to contact without getting a reply... doesn't really bode well in my book in terms of customer care so don't know what to make of that. As a trip to Belgium is on the cards anyway to see Devroye i'd hope to see him too to kill 2 birds so to speak. May have to ring the clinic direct but am definitely using the right email and with no joy so it's a bit frustrating when i'm trying to gather my options to make the decision of a lifetime! As posted on your thread, some clearer hairline pics would be good. Your hair looks like it was very suited to a procedure anyway,.. and you'd more than me to start with too ya sw*ne! Looking good though, fair play.