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  1. Thank you for contributing everyone. Ill make arrangements to see a dermatologist. Has anyone been to a trichologist? what do these people do? and how do they compare to dermatologists?
  2. thank you Bill for moving this thread and for your reply. Alot of people are saying they think its MPB, but it seems so weird that this has all happened since i was diagnosed with my stress disorder and started taking an anti anxiety medication. Have you ever heard of stress, speeding up mpb? (i know that stress related hairloss is different to mpb) But because of how my hair is acting, it has a mpb pattern, yet the timing seems more consistent with stress - so im wondering if there is a relationship.
  3. Thanks for your response, its very helpful. just to expand on what you have said. is my understanding correct? there is no need to apply rogaine to the safe area(back of head and sides) It works best on the vertex and if im very lucky it may work towards the front/hairline? So i only need to apply the rogaine from my vertex up to my hairline? and BTW just for your information the australian dollar = 90 cents american, so it doesnt seem i got a great deal.
  4. I did see my gp. He has mpb, and has shaved his head. He told me to do the same and not to bother worrying about it. If i have to shave my head i will i guess, but i wish to deplete other otpions first. He told me nearly all hts are shit, eventually most people have to shave their head, then they will have a donor scar. He also said, that he took propecia, but worried about having deformed babies so he stopped taking it. He did give me a prescription for propecia though. I will probably go back and see him, i think some people on here may have a better understanding of hair loss than a gp. Besides a gp? who else is appropriate to go and see? an endocrinologist? dermitologist? hair surgeon? Is there different characteristics between mpb and stress related hair loss? Is there some way that a professional could tell by hearing my story or assessing my head? I will post pics on here, which may also stimulate your thinking. Thanks everyone.
  5. I read on some other site, that although dht is a testosterone derivative, that estrogen is actually one of the major factors in dht production. Problems in the liver, create excesses of estrogen in the body and that in turn produces higher levels of dht? The idea proposed was for some people, they could reduce mpb to some degree through improving their diet and flushing out their liver? Accurate or just another load of bull shit?
  6. thanks for the reply. i dont think my normal body hair would work. Are pubes a viable option, maybe the ones near the upper leg, that are a mutant between pubes and leg hair? I wouldnt want to use pubes on my hairline, but maybe just to fill in the crown in the future. are body hair transplants usually successful? are there any additional factors that need to be taken into account?
  7. I was reading about something in australia. As i understood the proceedure, i believe they cut a chunk of hairs from the back of your head, and transplant the chunk of hairs in one go to the recipient area? rather than individually. has anyone heard of anything like this? Is this usually cheap? is it effective? what are the positives/negatives of this? They were also discussing transplanting body hair and how, when you transfer it to the head, it takes on different characteristics, such as leg hair grows faster and grows longer when its on your head. Has anyone on here ever transplanted body hair? I know this sounds stupid, but would pubes, since they are thick and long, can they be transplanted? and straightened - espeically if they were kept short. Does anyone know why body hair transplants are more expensive?
  8. Hi Bill, i know you have told me fake hair is illegal in the states and is generally shit. I respect your opinions. In australia however, (where i live)i am pretty sure fake hair transplants are allowed, according to my research. Since it is an option for me. I was wondering if anyone has done any research on this or has actually undergone a fake hair transplant? Does anyone at all, think its a good idea ?
  9. thanks guys. My dad has a very good head of hair, very full. (im extremely envious ) His father had a great head of hair. My mum has a proper hair of hair. However her father had some baldness, but he was 80 years old, and he still had some hair. Come to think of it. my brother has mild receeding hair. But its receeding, i dont think its particularly thin etc. Like how mine is now. I have recession from atleast age 18, but it has been mild, very slow, and i have had a pretty thick head of hair. I feel i am breaking a world record in hair loss, its very rapid. From the crown to the front it has really thinned out. and the sides have receeded a fair bit. this has prety much ahppened within 1 year or maybe less. Is there a way i can differentiate between mpb and stress related baldness? anyone know?
  10. Has anyone been to a dermatologist to discuss their hair loss? are they usually very knowledgeable on this subject? Has anyone been to any other health professionals? or just GPs and hair surgeons? Bill, sorry to be a pain in the ass, but could you please move the *Please diagnose my problem* thread that i started in the *hair drugs* section below, to this section. Would you also please throw your 2 cents in, with your diagnosis. What would you do if you were in my shoes? I have rogaine - which i havent started. And a prescription for propecia, which i also havent started. I am also very happy to get a HT. if my hair evetnually settles down. Thanks
  11. i purchased 4 months worth of 5% rogaine. I am pretty sure its not the foam, its the liquid i think or whatever the non foam is, i havent opened it up yet. It cost $160 australian - is that a good price? Should i have got the foam instead - is that more effective or just easier to use? What do i have to do with the rogaine to get the best effects from it. Do i have to put it all over my head including on the safe zone? or just in the areas that are balding? Is putting it on once a day enough? can i put it on once every second day etc? What is the best time to put it on? Is it ok to put other products on top of the rogaine? how long should i wait to let the rogaine soak in before putting on gels etc? I heard rogaine works better if you have shorter hair? if you put it on the actually hair, rather than the scalp? does it damage the hair? Again if you have any tips or tricks that you employ to improve the effectiveness or ease of application, i would appreciate your insight. thanks.
  12. Do you know if its possible to reduce the inititial shedding associated with propecia/rogaine - by starting on a smaller amount? and slowly building up to a higher dosage? Over a few months?
  13. Hi everyone. I am 29. I am a norwood 2 probably 3 (I will post pics very soon) I have serious recession on the sides. I have aggressive hairloss. My receeding hairline has excelerated and the top/front of my hair has thinned a lot. I dont think i had much thinning before the last 12 months - although i had slow recession since i was 18. 12 months ago, i was diagnosed with a Post traumatic stress disorder. I still have symptoms from the stress disorder, and take a small amount of zoloft (which is an ssri/antidepressant). I take 25mg per day, I think many people take 100mg and over per day. (Im at the absolute minimum - although i have increased it for short periods of time to test its effects on my stress disorder) My 3 theories are -------- my hair loss is --- a)Zoloft related b) A result of my Post Traumatic Stress Disorder C) its all a coincidence and im simply sufering MPB The nature of my hairloss seems consistent with MPB ie greater recession in the front and then thinning on top. (But because of the timing -- im sure there is some relationship with either my stress disorder or the zoloft) I have not noticed substantial hairloss in the safe zone, nor have i noticed any loss in body hair. Out of A, B or C -- WHAT DO YOU THINK iS causing my hair loss? Anyone have any ideas on how i can isolate the cause? Do you think a hair surgeon or dermatologist would be able to isolate the cause?
  14. thank you everyone. There seems to be alot of controversy about the long term effects of propecia. Do you guys think rogaine is alot safer?
  15. thank you, that helps alot. I am looking at going on rogaine, have you heard of any problems that can occur if someone uses dematch and rogaine together?