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  1. Blimey, i wont be cheering on those sheep shaggers, not after watching their players celebrate our loss....hodgson is a complete tool....inept. Back to rooney...just listening to talksport, andy jacobs is trying to fathom how rooney looked like he had hair in the match, and then the next day was bald. Lots of the papers have this story now, a dr has come out and said in the mirror, he is using concealer. 2 ht rooney has had now, its not going to happen for him is it. Talksport are now having a vote to see if rooney should shave his head. 75 per cent in favour
  2. Wayne Rooney looks like his hair has fallen out OVERNIGHT after Euro 2016 exit | Daily Mail Online
  3. He hasnt had fut...they arnt staples...he has had 2 fue operations
  4. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/1255974/wayne-rooneys-two-previous-hair-transplants-appear-to-have-flopped-as-he-prepares-for-euro-2016-with-a-threadbare-rug/?CMP=spklr-_-Editorial-_-TWITTER-_-TheSunFootball-_-20160610-_-Football-_-489161643-_-Imageandlink You cannot say that this is good and he has 2500 grafts left
  5. He is wearing concealer, its obvious.....he does for alot of games because he is under the camera. He has had 2 fue already....no surgeon will get another 2500 out of him. Even if the did its all minuterized hair, its dying hair.
  6. He made a poor decision in the clinic he chose, he obviously didnt do much research. He also had his op done way to early...24 or 25 wasnt it ? Any ethical decent surgeon probably wouldnt operate on him now. He will be lucky if he even has 1000 grafts left. It would be pointless. Sadly for him, it looks as though he just isnt destined to have hair.
  7. Sorry mate, i have to disagree. There are milions of fat people round the world that have a thick full head of hair, just like smokers. Hairloss is genetic.......yeah im a spurs fan, for my sins
  8. Smoking doesnt cause hair loss or your diet. Doubt rooney has got enough donor left for another Ht.....2 ops and he now looks like this. I just dont think he is destined to have hair https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/1255974/wayne-rooneys-two-previous-hair-transplants-appear-to-have-flopped-as-he-prepares-for-euro-2016-with-a-threadbare-rug/?CMP=spklr-_-Editorial-_-TWITTER-_-TheSunFootball-_-20160610-_-Football-_-489161643-_-Imageandlink
  9. I had 4500 grafts (well so they say) in one 8hr day. Im 13 weeks in, 20 perecent of the grafts still remain, so its just a case of waiting now to see if it was a sucess. I went to a turkish clinic, with my eyes wide open, knowing it was a risk. I hadmy concerns, because i dont think my donor was capable. I do feel looking back that it was over harvestedBut its done. With such a large fue session, be prepared for the event that your donor may take time to heal. 3 months in, 75 percent of my donor is now fine, but still onthe right hand side there is ab extraction pattern still showing wh
  10. Im no expert, i have had a ht and been researching for quite a long time now. In my opinion i dont think any clinic is going to be able to get you anywhere near the result i imagine you are looking for. I obviously hope im wrong,but your a nw7 with very thin donor. Pretty much the hardest case to take on. This is a tough ask,but good luck mate. Let usknow
  11. Its these places that need closing down. Who is the doctor ?.....time for a few wind up phone calls i think.
  12. Im 10 weeks into my ht from cosmedica. It is a no frills clinic. Its basic but as you say they do seem to hit the results from what ive read and seen. As far as a technician clinic, a doctor does the extractions and the slits, and the techs do the implanting. I had 4500 and then some because they stopped counting. I do feel that i was over harvested in certain areas as ten weeks in my donor does show an extraction pattern still, which im hoping is down to a bit of shock loss. My left hand side is looking good, but the right hand side is still a bit thin. It was the area that i felt the most
  13. No he was fine, he is a very laid back person. It was just a little smirk, and he said yeah when i asked him about fue. It was just me andmy mate with him, i wouldnt of asked him infront of a group of people. Because i had met him a few times before and i was going to get it done i thought id mention it I dont actually think anyone atthe club has realised. His team mates are all young lads and none of them have taken the piss apparently. He has definitely had crown work done aswell. His donor is very thick. But as i say, he is still in his early twenties, how he will look in ten years time
  14. I didnt ask, i should of really. I couldnt even make a guess to be honest. Im not sure what danish surgeons are like, but i suspect harley street. I have a friend who is always at the training ground, and is close to a few players, and he said no one ribbs him over it, before or after. I dont think a lot of the players have noticed from what ive been told.
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