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  1. Scientists may have finally discovered a cure for baldness. Yes, snake oil salesmen have been offering spurious "guaranteed" hair-loss treatments for generations, but a professor in Germany, Roland Lauster, may have come up with a fool-proof method — using stem cells. Here, a brief guide: .............................................. Can stem cells cure baldness? - The Week
  2. Yes it helps. I had started drinking Kale juice (very high in Vitamin K) a week before surgery and did not bleed much. Dr. Feller (my doctor) even found this concept interesting. P.S Talk to your doctor before you start this though, for other drug interactions etc.
  3. Having lived in Sweden (socialized country) for 6 years, I can only say that their healthcare system was good, but if you have something major (but not an emergency condition ) like a hip replacement or something, you had to wait for several months. Other than that, it is not that bad. Prescription medications for the entire year would be less than 200 Kronors or ~ 30 dollars. People in Sweden are much more healthier than US.
  4. The only fish oil that is FDA approved is Lovaza and supposed to be pure. However it is only available with prescription. Nordic naturals is also good, but it is not regulated ........
  5. All Great Points. Doctors sacrifice lot of time on education and training and accrue huge educational debt as a result of it. Keeping them motivated has to be our top priority if we want good doctors to stay in US. Unfortunately, this healthcare plan does not seem to address that. Doctors might be expensive but it was the associated cost that seemed more excessive: e.g., Ambulance ride, ER visit etc.
  6. I agree with Dr. Lindsey. I recently fractured my leg, and was taken to a hospital (ER). I was billed approx. 5500$ for x-rays, ambulance, crutches and ~5 minutes with a nurse practitioner at the ER hospital. My insurance chipped in and paid them approx 500 $ for the whole thing, as per the negotiated rate. I was wondering what if I did not have the insurance ? It seemed like Highway Robbery for what they did. I was only there for two hours, and apart from X-Rays they simply bandaged my leg and asked me to see an orthopedist for further evaluation. If I would have opted to go to an urgent care clinic, I could have probably got the entire thing done for less than 500 $. No wonder Medical Costs are so expensive, bcos most folks going to these hospitals simply cannot pay for lack of insurance and we have to pay for them.
  7. Your healing might be compromised, if you have a flu. I would talk to the doctor to check.
  8. Agreed :-) This is the challenge, that we face ; hence the damn cap !
  9. Very tough to answer. It all depends on how much shock loss you have. I would try and keep the hair longer than 2 inches at the back, and then try and use concealers, if necessary. HOWEVER, there are various factors in play here - Like shock loss in the recipient (Front 1/3) etc, that can make concealment very challenging.
  10. My hairdresser had no clue, bcos I did not tell him ; and I got a pretty short hair-cut.
  11. It depends: I would say that you only feel confident of dumping the cap after 3-4 months, since there might be associated shock loss.
  12. I have heard this several times on this forum: 'The doctor is very GOOD but ....' Not sure if it means anything to the individual whose head has been messed up.
  13. HTInitiate

    Any advise after surgery?

    The pain or uneasiness will be there, till the staples come out. A neck pillow and a gel pack under the donor was very helpful. The gel pack does not have to be cold. Vicodin will most certainly help with the pain, however I just took it for the first two nights.
  14. Looks great Tubs ! I am nearing 5 months post HT. I went to the barber yesterday, and got a hair-cut. It being a new barber, he had no clue whatsoever. I was waiting for him to ask something, but he merrily went on, without noticing anything :-) I will post my pics shortly !