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  1. Thanks for the advice everyone, I will try to take better pictures. I suppose, what I would want is a mature mairline, and medium density behind that....I'm not so sure I could get that from the pictures, but when I feel back there it feels really thick....
  2. Simply, has anyone seen any examples of fair skinned (winter non tanned) and non black hair SMP (permanent and temporary)?
  3. Thanks for your replies... ..I have considered SMP, but have seen some terrible hairlines (way too straight) and the best results seem to be on meditterean skin toned men, with dark hair. I have dark blondish hair, and haven't seen any great results with this type of hair colour.
  4. Yeh that was the donor....attached another pic of donor, seems very had to take pictures of own head! lol
  5. Ok, I started losing my hair at 18, I am now 31 and I am on the upper levels of the hair loss scale. I have the money (well it would be this or a deposit on a house). Its hard to tell if its progressing or not as I Buzz to a number 1. I am not on any meds and don't intend too. Looking at my pictures, do I have any hope of getting a decent result, and how many grafts do you think i will need? (I dont expect my 18 year old hairline), a mature hairline with strong hair behind it is what I am looking for. Your help will be greatly appreciated. :-)
  6. Hi the question is in the title. Has anyone who is just using saw palemtto had any success with this product? any side effects, answers from users would be much appreciated. additionally, people from the UK who use this, where do they buy it from/how much do they use? Many Thanks
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