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  1. I've had great success with Dr. Limmer. They have wonderful people there. Greg - Austin, TX
  2. Gentleman, You can find information on Dr. Limmer's team of techs at this link. http://www.texashairloss.com/team.asp They have all been there since the 90's, which is amazing in this day and age. That speaks volumes for the type of honorable practice that Dr. Limmer created. I look at it this way. When I go to my regular doctor, do I want him to draw my blood or his tech that does it all day long? That is an easy answer, the tech! I'm sure some doctors haven't drawn blood since medical school. The doctor is there to create, train and supervise. I've been a patient of Dr. Limmer since '93. You can trust them! Greg Santiago
  3. Thank you for the wonderful information. I wish the Limmers were my regular physicians. Just incredible people working there. Amazing what good ethics and morals can do for a practice. I'll be back for my 3rd HT later this year with Dr. Limmer. Greg Santiago Austin, TX
  4. I live in Austin and just went to see 1 of the top physicians in the country on nerve entrapment down in Houston. It's only 2 hours out of the way to see the best. I can tell you that my experience with Dr. Limmer in San Antonio was great. Make the drive!
  5. Hello, I can highly recommend Dr. Limmer. He performed a scalp reduction and a transplant on me back in 1993. He also did work on a fellow employee. We were both very pleased! I was impressed with his integrity and honesty. He's not a hard salesman like Bosley, MHR and others. I know he has even turned away business for one of my friends who really didn't need a hair transplant. In March 2005, I landed in the ICU from Septic Shock and fell into a coma for 10 days. I was in the hospital and rehab. for 2 months. The meds. used to save my life caused tissue breakdown at pressure points and the hair on the back of my head 'stuck' to the pillow while I was in the coma. It caused a massive scar and some of the hair that Dr. Limmer transplanted was now gone. I went to see Dr. Limmer in August of 2006 and he did another scalp surgery to reduce the massive scar. The compassion that I was shown from Dr. Limmer and his wife was incredible. It was great catching up with them after so many years. In November of 2006, I had Dr. Limmer perform my 2nd hair transplant surgery. I am very pleased. I will be going for another procedure in the near future! Good Luck! Greg