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  1. I've had great success with Dr. Limmer. They have wonderful people there. Greg - Austin, TX
  2. Thank you for the wonderful information. I wish the Limmers were my regular physicians. Just incredible people working there. Amazing what good ethics and morals can do for a practice. I'll be back for my 3rd HT later this year with Dr. Limmer. Greg Santiago Austin, TX
  3. I live in Austin and just went to see 1 of the top physicians in the country on nerve entrapment down in Houston. It's only 2 hours out of the way to see the best. I can tell you that my experience with Dr. Limmer in San Antonio was great. Make the drive!
  4. Hello, I can highly recommend Dr. Limmer. He performed a scalp reduction and a transplant on me back in 1993. He also did work on a fellow employee. We were both very pleased! I was impressed with his integrity and honesty. He's not a hard salesman like Bosley, MHR and others. I know he has even turned away business for one of my friends who really didn't need a hair transplant. In March 2005, I landed in the ICU from Septic Shock and fell into a coma for 10 days. I was in the hospital and rehab. for 2 months. The meds. used to save my life caused tissue breakdown at pressure points and the hair on the back of my head 'stuck' to the pillow while I was in the coma. It caused a massive scar and some of the hair that Dr. Limmer transplanted was now gone. I went to see Dr. Limmer in August of 2006 and he did another scalp surgery to reduce the massive scar. The compassion that I was shown from Dr. Limmer and his wife was incredible. It was great catching up with them after so many years. In November of 2006, I had Dr. Limmer perform my 2nd hair transplant surgery. I am very pleased. I will be going for another procedure in the near future! Good Luck! Greg