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  1. Given their length and texture, as described above, they grew a few months after the transplant. If they are indeed transplanted hairs, they fell when they were supposed to (a few weeks after the procedure), because the edge is thin, unlike the edge of transplanted hair at day 1. Obviously I can't be 100% sure about it but my native miniaturized hair don't look like that, this coarse look is very much alike the newly grown transplanted hairs I've had. The pictures are just indicative and I was just wondering if anyone's ever experienced a re-shed and if this is something I should worry about.
  2. I had an FUT procedure and I had it done in Greece. It is said that if the follicle roots are touched when placed this results in a distortion of the hair texture, but in time (max 2 years) they texture comes back to normal. I am wondering if this wild character of the hairs led to their re-shedding so that they possibly grow back with a more natural texture. Also worried about a probably inadequate blood supply which could lead to the grafts dying off...
  3. Hello, It's been 9 months since my 4th HT. It was intended to be a thickening procedure in the forelock and midscalp, but I'm not satisfied with the results. I have shed a lot of transplanted, fully-grown hair from previous HTs so I can't tell a difference. While combing, I noticed those two really peculiar hairs falling off which made me wonder: is it possible that some transplanted hair might re-shed after a while? If so, will they sprout again? Has anyone noticed something similar? I know the quality of the pics below is really poor; the edges are extremely thin, the "body" of the hair is rough, curly and "kinky" (my regular/native hair are straight) and the part near the root is wiry, even more kinky and weak. I have also been using a laser helmet for the past two months. Could this play a part in anything? Any insights are more than welcome.
  4. Hello. For the last months ketoconazole hasn't been having any effect on my seborrhoeic dermatitis. I switched to another brand (sls free) but it doesn't seem to make a difference. This is bad news for me since interrupting it led to my losing a lot of hair and it generally had great results with both s.d. and maintaining my hair back in the day. I decided to use another pharmaceutical shampoo so as to cleanse the scalp first from all the sebum and then try afresh with keto. My question is, will keto have the "dht-blocking" effect it once used to afterwards? Has this ever happened to anyone? Any suggestions please?
  5. my bad. you will most probably have some shock loss, minor or major. given that you have your hair transplant in an area that still has natural hair, and not a completely bald one. i still blame myself for not using minoxidil and finasteride after my hair transplants, and i'm going to start on finasteride really soon, even if it is for the first time (already on minox now).
  6. there will definitely be some shock loss and medication is the way to prevent it.
  7. hello all, has anybody tried any homeopathy treatments? any results? thanks
  8. hello. I am having the same experience as well with a few newly transplanted hairs, as I am in the 6th month post op, just like you. Some of them were thin, short, 'fine', and they just had sprouted in an area that formerly was bald, some of them were strong, rough and curly, just like if they had continued growing since the transplant. I am worried too about if the grafts have been rejected or whatever, but i think they will grow back. However, I personally think 10-30 transplanted hair are too much to shed daily, if that's what you meant. I think this is too much time for a graft to stay at a dormant phase, maybe she was talking about the complete result? keep us informed, best wishes
  9. hello. is there some approximate amount of time the seasonal shedding may occur? for example 3-5 months or something? thanks
  10. from hassonandwong.com: I say have your doctor pop them, or if you do it yourself (if the thing is edgy), make sure you do it in a sterilized way (handkerchief and betadine). above all, make sure you don't abuse the area. and no nails at all! be gentle.
  11. I have. He told me to be patient and not to worry as he didn't go too far with the thickening as to damage the pre-existing grafts. He said it happens, rarely but it does, and that the hair will grow out again. I say seeing is believing :\
  12. hello gillenator, to answer your questions: -the second transplant was 3 years ago. -I don't use any medication for hair loss, neither did before the last ht. it's been years since i last used minoxidil, even before my first ht. -I haven't used pharmaceutical shampoos either, besides stieprox (when dandruff appears), which i have been using for years and hasn't caused me any trouble. -no, i don't take any other medication of any kind. i think i was on ssris when i had the third ht but am not sure, if this is the case I stopped them not long after the HT (and currently I consider starting them up again...). -all three of my HTs were FUT i don't think any pics would help, because the only pre-op pics I got are my previous hairline and this thing is in my midscalp and generally the area after the hairline. As far as I have noticed, dermatologist don't have special experience on HTs. Besides, is it really a matter of MPB this one? Because what's shedding is transplanted hair, which is hair from the donor area, and my donor area is fine as far as i can see (meaning that i don't have diffuse thinning). I think my last HT is going ok, but my serious concern is the previous HTs fully grown hair that is shedding. just thickening and widening the hairline that is very good to hear, my doctor also told me today but 6 months and still having shock loss on transplanted hair? shouldn't it have happened before? I'm sorry, I didn't quite understand that so, will they grow again? the doctor told me he didn't go too far with the thickening as to damage the pre-existing hair but this thing is going on.. ps: I can't find FollicleDeathRow on member search
  13. hello again.. can someone please tell me how long is a normal/expected seasonal shedding period? i think it's been three months since it started and i find that too much.
  14. HT number 3 was done almost six months ago. I think I have very little native hair and it's not these I'm that concerned about, otherwise I would have chosen the meds. It's the transplanted, fully grown, from the previous transplants that makes me worried. Just read the thread on seasonal shedding and I have to say a big thank you. Maybe it's a delayed trigger to seasonal shedding from the last transplant or something, as this is going on for at least a month. Although I recall that there was a serious thinning in my transplanted area at the time when I had the third operation. Any thoughts on this case?
  15. could you elaborate on "seasonal shedding"? is it about transplanted hair? I was always told that these hair never shed, however i had been noticing one or two shedding now and then. for sure no amount that would worry me. that was before my third transplant. What's for sure is that I am noticing thinning in the midscalp and generally the area behind the hairline. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics besides those of my hairline, which is irrelavant I suppose. I did not use propecia or mino because after 3 transplants of 3000 grafts each and at the same time not having a problem with my crown (which is the only area with no transplanted hair) I was hoping this would be over