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    Thinning Hair Loss All over the Scalp
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    10 years +
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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  1. Hello hsrp10 yes i was for 10year before the tp ..
  2. spanker ,i dont have a camera right now.i will post a final result pic, however i still have hair growing at 12 months..i dont mean hair getting thicker i am talking about new hair.. i cant believe it myself.i know this cause about 3 or 4 very very fine singles hair have showed up this week right in the front of the hairline ..my result is not yet final..i will post a final picture or a updated picture soon as possible .. i am very thankful to dr dorin..
  3. hey jetfan i would have to say that both shock loss hair and transplanted hair come in at about the same time..i do feel that the shock loss hair thicken up faster then transplant hair. as far as telling the difference between hairs you really cant .all you can do is look at the before photos ..jetfan why are you thinking negative about you new hair growing in ..think positive ..shock lose sucks ,it bugged the shit out of me.i have never in my life felt the need to wear a hat until shock loss hit ..the goods news is that time flys by..also the members on this site were awesome they help me huge..i hope i answer your questions .feel free to ask me any another question..i have got a lot out of this forum ,i am always happy to get the chance to give back. take care......
  4. yes 100 %..try not to let it get to u..my shock loss was very very bad..much worst then the frist two.yet this ht (3rd one) clearly turned out the best by far..hope this helps..take care..
  5. Your right it is very big step..i bad transplant can scar you for life.it my case i feel i wasted alot of hair with my frist 2 dr,s..dr dorin is great dr.i wish i found him sooner ..
  6. Hello,i have had 3 transplants and with question for me dr dorin was my best by far.,
  7. rmovie,u have to relax its is way too early for you .i am at 10 month and i still have new hairs popping.i cant believe it my self .10 month and hairs are still coming.they say that after 12month it then gets thicker..so sit tight you already got thought the worst part (ugly ducking stage) you r now in at the best part of your ht try to enjoy it,take care...p.s... for what its worth for me dr dorin was clearly my best choose of the 3 dr i used..good luck on your next one.
  8. rhello fritz,can you remember if on months 10,11 and 12 did new hair sprout of did it just give thicker thank you
  9. Shabs,best of luck . You have made an excellent choice ..i was there back in march of this year ..i could not be happier ..looking foward to see your result.. Take care.....
  10. hello olmert,i also have tried many shampoo ..the one for me with out question is jason thin to thick ..you have to give it a good month of use ..the reason i know it works for me cause when i stop using it i noticed a big difference .. i use both there shampoo and conditioner ..its about $10 ..to me worth every penny...take care
  11. hello capelli,your result thus far is awesome....can you tell me in your opinion from the 7 month mark to the 9month mark did any new hair apear or did it just thicking up ...thanks
  12. Wishing you all the best,your dr has showen us some great results.....
  13. Hey lexie,i have had 3 ht so far..this is a very easy question for me to answer,.out of my 3 different dr i have use. Dr dorin is without question the best .i am at 6 1/2 month my result so far is better then my other 2 trasplant result at 12 months..dr dorin was also incredibly patient with me.i went to consult with him 3 times.i did not use him the for my 1st or 2nd ht i am so happy i did for my 3rd..when i went to see him for the 3rd consult i felt very uneasy cause i kept going back to him to consult yet i never use him..i can tell you that dr dorin treated me the 3rd time as of it was my frist ..at the very least you should at least go and see him..one more thing,the amazing part about what dr dorin did for me is that i did not give dr dorin much to work with cause my donor is kind of low.yet he got the job done anyway..i cant imagine what my hair would look like if i went to him for all 3..i regret it big time..best of luck to you ...