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  1. A possible haire line / forehead (skin) reduction may of been the way to go at the start , depending on family history of hair loss , or just having a natural high forehead . looks to be coming in now anyway , happy growing !!!
  2. Im guessing the surgeon gets a discount at the local hardware store
  3. Don't see why you could not match that up with a soft and natural looking temple point , your good side looks fine
  4. What does the other side look like , i'd say a Conservative temple point well let say curvature via fue or mfue could do the trick
  5. Seems like some hair brain idea (ahem).. in where some how the healing fue holes would constrict the already scar tissue and narrow the strip scar.
  6. Looks to me it Does need another little pass along them temple points , Left side more so. Would the doc be kind enough to do though that is the question
  7. yes its only early , but how many others hair transplants do u get to see live in athletic , sports HD action every week. i mean people show photos on here and some folk go crazy about how good a "still" perfectly combed hair picture situation is at so many months , yes theres still a long way to go and i wll be watching it very closely and will give a honest opinion on it , im just saying i think the harline looks Very good so far.
  8. concealer debates aside I was watching the game the other day , and i was looking at it as best as possible and dare i say scrutinisig , trying to look for imperfections , and to be fair there wernt any , i have to take my hat of and say , up to now it looks the making of a Truly world class F.u.e Hair transplant
  9. I dont want to go to much lieutenant columbo on rooneys HT , but as said rooneys head/hair is usually drenched during games , but now his head remains dry looking as if he hasnt even been playing at all , im wondering if he has had botox injections into his scalp. to reduce the sweat glands from working as much as they normally would (it does get used for that under arms etc) , therefore making and concealers stay in tact and looking pretty perfect all the way through these initial games, its just this new dry look to the usually drenched head is strange.
  10. Ive watched many a game with rooney playing and his head/hair is always soaked from sweat all over during games , so im pretty sure concealer would reveal itself at some point , i did say in this or another thread , if it is concealer being used it must be some heavily lackerd based stuff pretty much glue like , as his hair in the two games of this new season has remained having a dry look , and in good shape
  11. Fifa 2012 video game (october) wastes no time either Wayne Rooney receives hair transplant in FIFA 12 | Metro.co.uk