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  1. I just read a string of posts from guys who HAVE had regrowth following Shock Fallout. Also, I just read my 2nd post to you and it WAS confusing. Sorry - from now on I'll stick to posting my experience only
  2. Got to thinking... What I described would technically be considered Shedding. The area you described as thinning quickly would be subject to Shedding. At 38 that is also what I was experiencing. I either did not experience any Shock Fallout or could not differentiate between it and Shedding. I hope I didn't further confuse things. Maybe some other veterans out there can chime in. Good Luck!
  3. It is my understanding (and experience) that the hair you will lose from shock fallout is the hair you were going to lose anyway in time. The surgury just speeds that loss up a bit. I have never heard of (nor experienced) any regrowth of that hair. The thought of losing $1,000 is nasty, but so could the work this guy does on you. The front hairline is the MOST difficult area to make look natural! Have you e-mailed Pat to verify this guy's story? Pat may have "approached" and REJECTED him?! Rick M
  4. My FU's were mainly ones and twos. If you have many threes and fours, you may be even happier with your results!
  5. I am 38, a 6, and had 2000 FU's done 8/22/01. In my opinion 3000 would give you pretty decent coverage from the front hairline to aprox. 4-5 inches back. If your hairloss is still progressing, you might want to do 2000 or so for the first session and then use the additional 1000 in a follow up session where you want to fill in (That is what I am doing). I am very happy with my results. You can read of my experience on this site under "Hair Transplant Experiences". Good Luck! Rick
  6. Slim, Glad to hear of other satisfied HT patients. I too have been very happy with my results. I had 2000 FU's done by Dr. Hasson of Hasson & Wong back in August ('01) and like you did the "fill in" between my existing hairs before I went bald in the front & top. No one noticed, and now I have a slightly fuller look than before, even after the loss of the previously thinning hair. The best thing is knowing I get to keep this hair for a lifetime! Way to go & good luck! Rick
  7. Alex, Are you sure it is regrowth? I am at day 24 and there is certainly a lot going on up there. I too have some "buds" but I can't be sure they aren't just the transplants that have broken off at scalp level? I have been brushing the last few days, making contact with the scalp, to get the "fallen" trees going the same direction as the rest of the forest. I was thinking some of my shed hairs may have broken off rather than completely shed. Also had my first "bleeder" today (don't know if I pulled one out or if it was an ingrown hair). Anyway, I hope for the sake of both of us that they are new growth. I can see where the impatience starts to creep in! Good Luck! Rick
  8. Today is day 7 post op for me. I used the last of my Graftcyte spray mist (4.5 oz I think) yesterday. I lost all of my scabs this morning with a prolonged shampoo and scalp massage. I had heard the Graftcyte shortens the healing from 7-9 days to 5-7 days. Well, at 7 days for me I guess you could argue either it did or didn't help. I did (either psychologically if not physically) enjoy the refreshing & moistening, and would use it again. Rick