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  1. thanks for your reply! the hairs i see in the sink that have fallen out are not thin miniaturized hairs, like the ones that fall out due to MPB... they look like normal thick fully mature hairs... so i don't think it can be due to being taken from the 'unsafe' donor zone... i guess seeing a dermatologist can't do any harm.
  2. has anybody heard of a case like mine? i was pretty happy with my result until about 10-11 months post HT, when my TRANSPLANTED hairs started to fall out and have continued to fall out gradually ever since, now i'm at 14 months post HT and i have new gaps in my transplanted areas, which weren't there at 5-10 months post-op... i am 100% sure it is TRANSPLANTED hairs because they are from areas right in the front and corners where i had NO native hair pre-op... and they are not miniturized thin little hairs, they are normal thick fully grown hairs... i have no idea what is going on - i have no health issues... any advice/help/opinions? thanks!
  3. i do understand this isn't about a poor result but rather about questioning a doctor's ethics, but even so - as this claim/accusation is grossly at odds with dr Feller's thousands of satisfied patients, many of whom post here, i think that by removing the topic and denying future readers the chance to make up their own mind, you are adding suspicion to an otherwise benign situation.
  4. i have to say that the idea of removing threads at somebody's request makes me very nervous... we are all adults here, and we can all read, read what both sides have to say and make up our mind... i don't see how a claim/accusation in itself can tarnish a doctor's reputation if he or she refutes it in his/her response posted here for all to see... as for people demanding pictures - what would be the point? from what i gather, dr Feller is not denying poor/no growth, so that is beside the point, i think.
  5. hello all i had pretty good results from my HT, especially months 8-10, then in september (cca month 11) i starting shedding like crazy and it has not stopped... i was on minox after my HT for about 7 months (dr Rahal recommends it for 12 months post-HT), but then stopped (due to various reasons), so the shedding would have started about 2-3 months after i stopped using minox. from this forum, i understand that stopping minox can cause a shed of native hair, but i've been losing the TRANSPLANTED HAIR as well... over the past 2 months it's gone from a really nice result to very thin and see-through, and it's continuing to thin... i don't understand - i thought transplanted hair was not supposed to shed, but if this continues, pretty soon i'll be back where i started pre-HT... has anybody else had this experience? or am i the only one? i would very much appreciate any kind of feedback, thanks!




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  7. great topic, and lots of good comments... i think a lot can be achieved by adopting the right attitude ourselves, i.e. instead of being embarrassed or hiding or feeling inferior/insecure, etc, just saying: "yeah, i use concealer, or i've had a ht, big deal, get used to it. you use 3 kinds of mousse/gel/cream in your hair, your hair is dyed, or you have highlights, or extensions or whatever, so what's the big difference, it's all in an effort to make our hair look better." i said on another thread - can you imagine what brad pitt and angelina's hair (and loads of other stars' hair) would look like if left just natural - un-dyed, un-highlighted, un-styled within an inch of its life by a horde of stylists??? it would look like yours and mine... society is what it is, like brent above says 'full of insecure idiots'... i think our own attitude is what should start the ball rollling towards change and ultimately getting rid of the silly taboo...
  8. slick, coming to terms with hairloss is very difficult, but if it is any consolation, i assure you it gets easier as you get older... and as for your pals taunting you - taunt them right back, i'm sure not a single one of them is perfect - one may be fat, another dumb, a third maybe has a small dick, etc etc... actually, the only reason they taunt others is probably because of their own insecurities... keep that in mind when it happens...
  9. Slick, i understand your frustration, but just imagine for a moment what brad pitt and angelina's hair and numerous other hollywood stars' hair would look like if it wasn't dyed, if they didn't wear extensions, etc, if their hair wasn't styled within an inch of its life by hordes of stylists, etc etc... i am not using dermatch (though, i will probably have to soon) but frankly, why should you be so anxious about it or even about people finding out about it - it's just another product that people use to make their hair look better... no more embarrassing than hair dye or extensions or highlights or all kinds of special gels, creams, mousses and special fancy hairstyles... sure, it's far from ideal, but really, your attitude should be - 'yeah, i use it, big deal, get used to it...'
  10. my point is - it's not necessarily about being 'age-appropriate', but also (and perhaps more importantly) about being 'face-appropriate'... i think... think of women and boob jobs - no size suits every frame... irrespective of age... (then again, imagine Pamela Anderson at 90 years old - how would that strike you? hehe...)
  11. sure, clooney's hair makes him look younger (and more attractive) than he is (even though it's grey) but how many people have hair like that at 48? i don't think i know a single guy, personally... he is a freak of nature that way... would i want such a low hairline? frankly, no! i don't think it would suit my face... i'd kill for his density, though... alec baldwin is another guy with crazily good hair... but these are such exceptions... if you look around you, such zero-recession hairlines practically draw attention to themselves precisely because they are SO rare... btw, forget clooney, i have it on good authority that pitt has had temple work done... and as for that judge's hairline - The Caveman Cometh... thanks but no thanks! give me Anderson Cooper's hairline any ole time...
  12. i agree with the others - being more confident and more relaxed goes a long way... self-conscious people (whether due to hair loss or other things) make people feel uncomfortable... also, don't forget, on campus, you're surrounded by young people, and looking 10 years younger than you are makes it easier for them to relate to you...
  13. if out of everything you have to offer as a guy and a human being, she focuses on whether your HAIRLINE is perfect or not, then, my friend, perhaps she is not as cool as you think and not really dating material... but very few women are like that, so i'm sure you have nothing to worry about... now, us men on the other hand... can you imagine dating a girl if you noticed something weird about her hairline??? now, be honest!
  14. also, sometimes a mantra or two can help, something like: 'i CAN be happy even if my hair is not perfect', 'i CAN be happy even if my colleagues at work are jerks'... i myself am a total control freak and perfectionist, so, for instance, my two mantras are: 'i CAN be happy even if i am not in control', and 'i CAN be happy even if not everything in my life or about me is perfect'... silly but helps...
  15. i agree with the others - life after coillege can be a bit of an anti-climax, psychologically and emotionally... you should know you are not the only guy this is happening to... i also agree that your hairloss, as tough as it may be, may not be your real issue... my advice, and this has helped me in the past, is to work on YOURSELF, from the inside out... happiness, as cliche as it may sound, really IS inside of you (as is misery!!!)... it's not the things around you, it's how YOU perceive and react to the things around you... so it's something you can work on and change, whether through some counselling, or medication, if appropriate, or both... it's great that you are talented physically - i often find that physical activity helps a great deal to keep one from slipping into anxiety and depression... another thing that helps is to try and force yourself to be/think positive, no matter what... it's not easy if it goes against your nature (as is the case with me), but it can be done, you can slowly re-program yourself to be more positive and relaxed... be kind to yourself, congratulate yourself on all the good things you've done in life, all you've accomplished so far, focus on the 99 things you have in life rather than agonizing over the one thing you don't: you have your health, you have both arms and both legs, you are doing well financially, you are young, you are educated, obviously, you have (at least) half a brain in that head of yours, lol... focus on that, and don't take everything you have for granted, like it didn't matter, and just worry and criticise yourself for the one or two things that you are missing right now... some people are positive and happy by nature (lucky bastards!), others have to work on it a bit, but i assure you, YES YOU CAN! lol...