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    Why Follicular Unit Extraction Has Become Increasingly Popular

    @Etika and @haircrown123, Well for starters both of you have the same profile picture or variation of it anyway which I’m assuming therefore it is a hair transplant clinic that you must represent. Both of you seem to be promoting the benefits of FUE without actually discussing it like educated individuals. FUE certainly has its advantages but both of you sound like talking billboards for the procedure and likely your clinic. Since you clearly are not aware of the policies, if you do represent a hair transplant clinic, you are required to disclose your affiliation in your forum signature. To do this, you’ll have to go under your account settings or profile settings. If you need specific instructions, I can ask our forum co-moderator Melvin to assist. But please keep in mind that this discussion form is not a place to promote, it is a place to discuss the pros and cons of various techniques. Frankly, those who sound like walking advertisements only serve to make their clinic look uneducated. So instead of trying to pretend that FUE is only way and there are no potential problems or pitfalls with it, why I tnot discuss the actual procedure like an educated individual like everybody else. Best regards, Bill
  2. Of all the recent advances within the field of medical hair restoration, one that seems to garner the most attention from both hair loss patients and hair transplant surgeons is follicular unit extraction (FUE). Thus, it’s no surprise that this popular procedure garners a lot more attention and discussion at each year’s ISHRS scientific meeting. View the “Highlights of the 2011 ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) Scientific Meeting in Anchorage, Alaska” for what leading physicians are saying about FUE and other hot topic hair loss related issues. But why is follicular unit extraction hair transplant surgery so popular? Will state of the art FUE hair transplants ever replace today’s “gold standard” follicular unit transplantation (FUT) procedures? Or can follicular unit extraction (FUE) and FUT hair transplant surgery peacefully co-exist? Whether it’s the less invasive nature, lack of the linear scar associated with the traditional follicular unit hair transplant (FUT) procedure, or potentially faster healing time, demand and popularity of FUE has increased greatly over the last several years. While most hair restoration experts believe that FUE has been traditionally overhyped or oversold to eager patients, it’s become evident that FUE is here to stay. The lasting power of follicular unit extraction seems to stem from both patient demand and the dedication of talented hair restoration experts who continue perfecting the procedure, researching new extraction mechanisms, and creating new, more precise FUE tools. By evaluating these dedicated physicians, refined methods, and unique follicular unit extraction devices, we invite you to learn more about “The Evolution of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), Physicians and its Tools” and why the procedure continues increasing in popularity and demand each day. To discuss the evolution of FUE with other hair loss sufferers and leading hair restoration physicians, you are encouraged to share your thoughts on this forum by creating your own topic or providing your input on others. Best wishes, Bill
  3. Gabreille, You are certainly welcome to share your genuine experience as a patient but if you do work for the clinic which it seems that you do, you are required to disclose this in your forum signature. You can edit your form signature by going under your account settings or profile information. If you need specific instructions, I will ask our forum co-moderator to post those for you. But just to be sure, you are posting your own results right? You’re not posting someone else’s? As long as you are genuine posting your own pictures, then you are certainly welcome to do that as a patient. But you do need to disclose your affiliation with the clinic in your signature. Thanks, Bill
  4. Legend, You are a longtime member so to be honest I am very surprised by your response to this patient who has share their experience and photos. For you to criticize them, in particular about their appearance is exceptionally inappropriate and is not going to be tolerated. I want to remind you that the doctor of this patient is recommended and has proven to do outstanding work. So I’m not exactly sure why you think that this patient is fake. But even if you do think so, it’s not your job to conclude this and then bash them online. If you feel somebody may be less than genuine, and feel free to send one of us a private message so we can investigate. Alternatively, you can share your concern publicly but you can do it respectfully without insulting someone. Please don’t let me catch you treating members of this community this way again. Best, Bill
  5. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Top 3 Things That Every Hair Transplant Patient Should Know Before Surgery

    One of the top things that I tell men and women considering hair transplant surgery is not to let location or price determine which surgeon you choose for surgical hair restoration. Now, if an outstanding surgeon with a proven track record of producing excellent results happens to be local and affordable, that’s an outstanding bonus. But to seek out a surgeon based on those alone would be a mistake. Great article, Bill
  6. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Dr Bisanga or Dr John

    Marco, Dr. Bisanga has a stellar reputation online and has long been recommended by our community and an elite member of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians. Therefore, I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to consult him and choose him as your next hair transplant surgeon. Please keep us posted and let us know what you decide to do. We wish you the best in your hair restoration journey. If you do choose undergo surgical hair restoration, we hope you share your experience and photos here on this forum 🙂 Best wishes, Bill
  7. Using the “search” feature of this hair restoration discussion forum is an excellent way to see what patients are saying about doctors you are considering for surgery. But wouldn’t it be convenient if all of their hair transplant photos, videos and results could be found in one place without having to scroll through hundreds of forum topics that may not even contain the results you’re looking for? Hair Transplant Photos Well, our hair transplant photo gallery on the Hair Transplant Network possesses more photos and results then any other place on the web. Moreover, you can view hair transplant photos by category which includes by hair restoration surgeon. To view hundreds of hair transplant photos by any category, which includes results by a particular hair restoration surgeon, click on the link above. Other categories include: men results only, female results only, FUE results only, strip results only, hair transplant repair cases only, eyebrow/eyelash results, etc. Alternatively, if you’re looking for photos presented by a particular recommended doctor - visit our list of prescreened hair restoration surgeons, click on the doctor you are interested in and then click the “patient results“ tab. This works on both computer and your mobile device. Hair Transplant Videos You can also view results on video presented by a particular surgeon by visiting the “hair transplant videos“ section of our page and selecting a category or by clicking on the link above to our list of prescreened hair restoration surgeons, clicking on the Dr. you’re interested in and then clicking the “patient videos“ tab. Now, the discussion forum will always contain additional photos, videos and results then the galleries due to the number of posts made by patients. However, the galleries do contain hundreds of photos and videos that make it much easier for prospective patients to view results presented by surgeon as they are considering. Best wishes, Bill
  8. Hello everyone and welcome! Thank you for visiting the Hair Transplant Network Discussion Forum. Our goal here is to help educate and encourage fellow hair loss sufferers in their hair restoration journey. Here you can not only find answers to many of your questions but talk to other members of our community through public and private messaging. I encourage you all to become an active particpant by clicking on the “sign up” button at the top of the computer or your mobile device. Don't be shy! Ask your questions. There is no such thing as a dumb question. Everyone here was once a novice! There are many knowledgable members here that are here to help you. If you'd prefer to have a question answered privately, feel free to email me at help@hairtransplantnetwork.com. I'm here to help in any way that I can. Sincerely, Bill
  9. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Can Saw Palmetto Stop Hair Loss?

    There may be an in between, but for the most part, I don’t think it really does much to stop hair loss especially if used topically. It may have some marginal affect if used orally.
  10. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Can Going Vegan Cure Hair Loss

    Well, any claims to restoring hair by switching your diet is either fake or because someone’s die it was so bad that they had extreme now nutrition and their hair loss was due to that. But usually, hair loss is due to genetics and switching to a vegan will not help. That said, I would like to hear what other people have to say… I am open minded as maybe there’s one particular vegan food that stops DHT for all I know. Let’s hear some thoughts 🙂 Bill
  11. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Progesterone Hair Loss Treatment

    I think more women have probably use it that man however, she would be interested in hearing from anybody who has tried this treatment. Best, Bill
  12. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Welcome GUESTS To Our Community!

    Oliver Smith, please send me a pm with a link to the survey so I can take a look at it. I’d also like to know where the survey is going and what you are doing with the results before I allow you to post the survey here. Thanks, Bill
  13. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Does PRP Stop Hair Loss

    I’d like to hear from anyone who has tried PRP as well.
  14. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Are Rahal results inconsistent?

    Keep in mind that consistency are not the same as perfection. In my opinion, his results are quite consistently not. However, no surgeon that’s 1000. There are always cases of less than optimal growth and potential problems that can occur. That’s why patients have to sign a disclosure agreement before they enter into surgery. It is an elective procedure that has a high rate of success in the right surgical hands. Dr. Rahal has been amongst the best for over 10 years in my opinion and if something has changed, then I would certainly like to know so we can investigate it. However, I have not seen many people complain about the results and post their full experience with Photos. I’ve heard couple people complain recently that they aren’t happy like Bman. However, I do encourage these people to contact the surgeon to discuss these concerns and if they choose to share their experience and photos on this forum which they are welcome to, they will need to allow the doctor to share his side of the story along with photos… As long as no identifying information is shown. Best, Bill
  15. Dear members and guests, Do you have an upcoming hair transplant procedure scheduled? Why not post it on our new calendar? Adding your scheduled hair restoration surgery on our calendar can help you get the best exposure and the highest chance of getting feedback and support from others. To add a calendar event, simply visit click on the "calendar" in the toolbar at the top of the forum or click here. Then, click "Add an Event" and select whether it's an all day event, ranged event, or a recurring event. On the next page, simply select a title and add a description for the event. When you're finished, click "Save Event". It's as easy as that! We look forward to providing you with maximum support as you embark on your hair restoration journey :-). All the Best, Bill
  16. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Are Rahal results inconsistent?

    Bman, I’m not sure if you responded to my private message or not, if you have I will go look at it now and then assuming everything is OK, I will take the moderation off. Bill
  17. Dear forum members, As many of you know, we gather as much information as possible about a physician, their staff, technique and track record before they are even considered for recommendation on the Hair Transplant Network. Part of our review process involves getting input from patients and the members of this forum community. To learn more about this review process, click here. Thus, we'd like your input on the potential recommendation of Dr. Emrah Cinik of Istanbul, Turkey. At this time, Dr. Cinik is being considered for recommendation only, not the Coalition. To see our demanding standards for recommendation, click here. Dr. Emrah Cinik has over 15 years of experience and performs state of the art FUE hair transplant surgery exclusively at his clinic in Istanbul Turkey. He has vast experience and uses all the latest techniques and tools, providing his patients with the very best results. He operates on only 2 or 3 patients daily depending on the size and has over 22 experienced staff members, the newest of which possesses 6 years of experience. Dr. Cinik specializes in FUE, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Mesotherapy, Eyebrow Restoration and Scar Repair. He has the experience and staff to perform densely packed sessions of ultra refined follicular unit grafting exceeding 4000 grafts when appropriate for the patient. He uses cutting instruments as small as .6mm to minimize trauma to the scalp and can densely pack up to 80 to 100 FU/cm2 when appropriate for the patient. He maes a combination of parallel (saggital) and perpendicular (lateral/coronal) incisions, depending on the patient, mimicking the natural direction of hair growth. During FUE, Dr. Emrah Cinik uses both a manual and a motorized extraction tool called Marathon with a punch ranging in size from 0.5mm to 1.1mm depending on the size of the graft (1 to 3 hairs). Grafts are further trimmed under microscopes as necessary and are stored in an ATP saline solution between the extraction and implantation process for less than an hour to minimize dehydration of the follicular units. Dr. Emrah Cinik and his staff use steel pincers to carefully implant follicular units into tiny recipient sites as small as 0.6mm. Dr. Cinik’s experienced technicians also employ the DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) method. It is similar to FUE in that the extraction process is the same however, the implantation process is different. With the DHI method, hair follicles are inserted into a pen implantation device (Dr. Cinik’s staff uses the Choi Implanter) after extraction. Then, with a single "punch", the recipient incision is made and the follicle is implanted into the recipient site. Normally, anywhere from 2-6 Choi implanters are used concurrently during a procedure, and the device comes in a variety of needle sizes to fit single, double, and triple follicular unit grafts. Dr. Cinik believes that the DHI method should only be used for those with minimal hair loss and in patients under 40. He typically uses the DHI method when dense packing high numbers in a small area. Note that the surgeon does not perform the actual surgery but does oversee and supervise the entire procedure. Dr. Cinik has a background in aesthetics and cosmetics and is a member of the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery). Given Dr. Cinik’s training and experience in performing both state of the art FUE and DHI and providing only the best results, in my opinion, he should be considered for recommendation. In recent weeks, Dr. Cinik has presented several examples of his procedure and recent results on this forum. Dr. Cinik’s recent patient and surgical photos can be found below: 3500 Grafts - FUE - Dr. Cinik 4500 Grafts - FUE - Dr. Cinik 2500 Grafts - DHI - Dr. Cinik 4000 Grafts - FUE - Dr. Cinik 6100 Grafts - FUE 2 Sessions - Dr. Cinik 3600 Grafts - FUE - Dr. Cinik 3000 Grafts - FUE - Dr. Cinik https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/50151-3500-scheduled-with-dr-cinik-1212/?tab=comments#comment-463171 - patient posted experience with photos from beginning to end https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52555-3500-grafts-dr-cinik-6th-november-2018/?tab=comments#comment-486343 - patient posted experience with photos including postoperative photos, results not in yet. https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52115-dr-cinik-4300-grafts-results-progress - patient posted experience, postoperative photos and progress https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52116-dr-cinik-june-2018/?tab=comments#comment-481551 - patient shares seven months progress photos https://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/topic/52116-dr-cinik-june-2018/?tab=comments#comment-481551 - patient shares experience, progress and results using scalp, body, chest and beard hair You can find additional examples of his work by visiting the “Results Posted by Leading Hair Transplant Clinics” forum and by using the “search” feature. I welcome input and comments from forum members regarding his potential recommendation. To view our standards for recommendation, click here. Onwards and Upwards, Bill
  18. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Does The Grow Band Work For Hair Loss

    Great poll, Although I’m sure there are some in between answers. However, in this particular case, I really don’t believe this product will work for anyone with genetic hair loss at all because they don’t even have an accurate understanding of what causes hair loss. Best wishes, Bill
  19. No he’s posting privileges have not been suspended however, I am in the process of speaking to him to understand why he was privately lashing out another member and being inappropriate towards him.
  20. Bill - Managing Publisher

    FUE - Dr.Rahal

    @bman3082, Again, I need you to reply to my private message before I allow any additional public posts. Bill
  21. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Nadimi vs H&W vs Rahal - Consults

    @bman3082, I need you to reply to my private message before I let you post anything else publicly. Bill
  22. Melvin, while your advice is truthful, you do know that Dr. Fargo is a highly esteemed Coalition member right? While travel is sometimes necessary, if you have an outstanding surgeon in your backyard, there’s no need to travel. Ahmeda, Dr. Farjo is amongst the elite and the shortlist of surgeons I would trust my own scalp with. You would do yourself a great disservice if you didn’t consider him for surgery. Best wishes, Bill
  23. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Hair Transplant Surgery and The "Illusion of Density"

    HLPToronto, You’ll be in great hands and I’m sure he will definitely create an excellent illusion of density for you. But even though it may not be true and density from your teenage years, if you have realistic expectations, you can be very satisfied with a hair transplant. Most people think I never lost any hair or at least only have mild thinning in the crown whereas without my procedures, I would be fully bald. So it really does work when you pick an excellent surgeon. Best, Bill
  24. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Feedback on Dr

    PlzRespond, There was never a lawsuit, however, many many years ago there were some issues related to his involvement on this discussion forum. We decided recently that we would allow normal discussion of him assuming that nobody is blatantly promoting him. Now if all of the sudden, the discussion form is flooded by posts about him, then it is clear that something else is going on And we would have to put a stop to it. Best wishes, Bill
  25. Upshall, Nobody uses .7mm punches for all follicular units. The smallest punches are reserved for 1 haired grafts and up to 1.1mm punches are typically used for 3 or 4 haired grafts. In any case, I don’t see anything wrong with the donor area and it obviously healed very well. Best, Bill