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  1. Using the “search” feature of this hair restoration discussion forum is an excellent way to see what patients are saying about doctors you are considering for surgery. But wouldn’t it be convenient if all of their hair transplant photos, videos and results could be found in one place without having to scroll through hundreds of forum topics that may not even contain the results you’re looking for? Hair Transplant Photos Well, our hair transplant photo gallery on the Hair Transplant Network possesses more photos and results then any other place on the web. Moreover, you can view hair transplant photos by category which includes by hair restoration surgeon. To view hundreds of hair transplant photos by any category, which includes results by a particular hair restoration surgeon, click on the link above. Other categories include: men results only, female results only, FUE results only, strip results only, hair transplant repair cases only, eyebrow/eyelash results, etc. Alternatively, if you’re looking for photos presented by a particular recommended doctor - visit our list of prescreened hair restoration surgeons, click on the doctor you are interested in and then click the “patient results“ tab. This works on both computer and your mobile device. Hair Transplant Videos You can also view results on video presented by a particular surgeon by visiting the “hair transplant videos“ section of our page and selecting a category or by clicking on the link above to our list of prescreened hair restoration surgeons, clicking on the Dr. you’re interested in and then clicking the “patient videos“ tab. Now, the discussion forum will always contain additional photos, videos and results then the galleries due to the number of posts made by patients. However, the galleries do contain hundreds of photos and videos that make it much easier for prospective patients to view results presented by surgeon as they are considering. Best wishes, Bill
  2. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Dr. ALCAIDE - BHR Clinic / 2292 FUE

    Daniel, Thanks for posting another impressive result. The front went from completely bald to what appears like true density. What is the actual density of the transplanted area? i look forward to seeing more best wishes, Bill
  3. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Warning! Getting A Hair Transplant With Unstable Hair Loss Is A Bad Idea!

    Good article Melvin. I agree that it’s important to stabilize your hair loss prior to undergoing address surgery. Otherwise, you’ll be chasing after me and frankly, never be satisfied. Any other thoughts? Bill
  4. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Dr. ALCAIDE - BHR Clinic / 2214 FUE

    Daniel, Thanks for taking the time to introduce Dr. Alcaide to the community and present your first example of his results. This patient result is clearly top notch. I really like both the thickness and the naturalness of his hairline in particular. I look forward to seeing more examples of his work and results in the coming days and weeks. Best wishes, Bill
  5. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Are All Low-Cost Hair Transplant Clincs Bad?

    Selecting a hair transplant surgeon or clinic based on cost is not a good idea but it doesn’t mean that low cost clinics are necessarily bad. But, in my opinion, to ensure you Greg the best results, you should select s surgeon based on a proven ability to produce outstanding results rather than cost or location. Great article. What does everyone else think? Bill
  6. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Is FUE Scarless?

    Melvin and all, Even today, too many prospective hair transplant patients think that FUE is a scarless procedure. Now, it clearly lacks the linear scar associated with strip surgery however, shaving their head completely will likely reveal thousands of tiny round dots all over the sides and back of the scalp. These will be more or less visible depending on the patient’s physiology and wound healing properties however, still, many prefer it over the linear star because patients can typically wear their hair cropped just a bit shorter with FUE then they can with FUSS. Personally, I was never overly concerned about scarring. I was just so happy to be able to restore so much hair on top of my head that the thought of a pencil thin linear scar was far from troublesome to me. Today however, a lot more people seem concerned about this which is why they choose FUE in the first place. Thankfully, the procedure has advanced substantially and many world renowned hair restoration surgeons are performing FUE hair transplant surgery with outstanding results. Best eishes, Bill
  7. Dear forum members, Our two distinct bi-weekly newsletters include valuable information about our sites and community including the latest hair loss related news that you won't want to miss. Below are instructions on how to register for our newsletters: Bi-Weekly Forum Newsletter Note: Upon the initial joining of this mobile friendly forum and social community, there was an option to select that you want to receive the forum newsletter. Read below to subscribe to our forum newsletter or or check to see if you already subscribed: Toward the top right hand corner of the forum, click the "Settings" tab and then "Account Settings" and then click “notification settings“. At the very top there will be an option that says “send me a News and notifications”. Make sure that is selected and then click “save” at the bottom of the screen. It's as simple as that! Bi-Weekly Hair Transplant Network Newsletter 1. Go to the Hair Transplant Network main site and scroll down to the bottom of the screen Where the folder is. There is a section to put in your email address for the newsletter. Simply put in your email address and click “subscribe” 2. Check your email and click on the link to confirm you want the newsletter subscription. That’s It! We look forward to sending you updated news :-) Onwards and Upwards, Bill
  8. Bill - Managing Publisher

    My Hair Loss Journey

    Melvin, what a phenomenal video and even more outstanding transformation. I guess I didn’t realize that you had that much hair restored given how thick your hair is today. I look forward to seeing some of your next videos since I know you’ll be doing many including answering several hot topic hair loss questions. We are all looking forward to it 🙂 Bill
  9. Dr. Jerry Wong shares a story of a real patient and how surgical hair restoration changed his life.
  10. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Is Microneedling Effective For Treating Hair Loss

    @Phil36fromaus I’m sorry, I meant to address @LaserCap Yes, you are right, that’s what SMP is. But this topic is about micro needling so I’m not sure what @LaserCap was talking about. That’s what is confusing us @LaserCap Click on the link at the top of this topic and it will explain what microneedling is. Best, Bill
  11. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Is Microneedling Effective For Treating Hair Loss

    @LaserCap it sounds like you are talking about scalp micropigmentation rather than microneedling. Bill
  12. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Is Microneedling Effective For Treating Hair Loss

    Personally, I couldn’t imagine wounding my scalp over and over again with a dermaroller. But the theory sounds interesting and I would love to hear from people who actually had this done. Have any members or guests reading this post tried microneedling? If so, how do you feel about the results? And how many times have you had the procedure done? I am certain a one time procedure would do nothing but wound the scalp. But potentially after some time, maybe there was an affect? I look forward to hearing from people on this. Best wishes, Bill
  13. Bill - Managing Publisher

    How Many Grafts Are Needed To Achieve A Dense Hair Transplant

    Melvin, great topic. The answer to this question definitely does Barry so I appreciate you sharing this. For me, it took 9600 grafts to restore my hair too what it is now. Of course, I was a full-fledged Norwood 5K, borderline Norwood 6. Considering it takes about 25,000 follicular units to restore truth density on a scalp as bold as mine, I have pretty damn good results. For an adequate illusion of density should be consistent all over the top of the scalp, I would need about 12,500 grafts. That’s why my crown is still relatively thin although I know longer have a bald spot that’s for sure. But if I put another 3000 grafts and the crown, it would be pretty thick looking. Sometimes I think about going for it 🙂 Bill
  14. @cwolf, Things are looking really good for only three months. And you’ve obviously heal very nicely and your pictures alone should silence your critics :-). Your donor area has healed very well with no signs of scarring. Please keep us posted and I look for to seeing the results when they grow in. By the way, feel free also to create a patient website which is still the best way to chart your progress with journals, photo albums, videos, etc. You can even read and review your surgeon. Just go to Www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/blog Note that we are in the process of creating and finalizing new patient websites which will look and function beautifully on both a computer and the mobile device. Everybody’s patients websites will be upgraded so even if you create this website on the old system, it will be on the new system all optimized when complete. So I’m looking for two showing everybody in a short bit. best wishes, Bill
  15. Guys, let’s not forget the Dr. Panine has proved himself and is a highly esteemed member of the Coalition. Members are certainly allowed to have their preferences in terms of which doctor they prefer, but Dr. Panine did meet our demanding standards and patience did approve him for membership. Not only that, but let’s not forget that the standard punch size for FUE is between .7 mm and 1.1 mm. There are circumstances where larger punches are needed and required and even though these punches appear larger, they don’t appear any larger than 1.1 mm which some doctors use on a regular basis under certain circumstances. Frankly, the donor wounds have healed very nicely with no signs of scarring so those who have concerns should feel better knowing that his daughter area looks quite good. It’s also proof that large of punches can be used without any problems when appropriate for the patient. I understand everybody’s desire to see smaller and more refinement incisions and punches but sometimes, it’s just not possible and it largely depends on the patient. Remember, the smaller the punch, the more fragile the follicular unit because it will lack the necessary tissue surrounding the follicle that protects it and provides optimal growth yield. So let’s not forget, that larger punches often healed better quality follicles while smaller punches may look nicer after surgery but could jeopardize the quality of the grafts. Don’t get me wrong, obviously under many circumstances, smaller punches can be used quite successfully bought and some patients and in some cases, larger punches are required. The best thing to do here is to focus on the patients progress and results that are still yet to come. I personally feel confident that he will get excellent results. Best wishes, Bill
  16. Dear forum members, As many of you know, we gather as much information as possible about a physician, their staff, technique and track record before they are even considered for recommendation on the Hair Transplant Network. Part of our review process involves getting input from patients and the members of this forum community. To learn more about this review process, click here. We’d like to gather your input and opinions regarding the potential recommendation of Dr. Kapil Dua of India on the Hair Transplant Network. At this time, Dr. Dua is only being considered for recommendation, not the Coalition. To see our standards for recommendation, click here. Dr. Kapil Dua has over 7 years of experience and performs exclusive hair transplant surgery at his own clinic in India. He specializes in both FUT/strip surgery and FUE and performs other hair restoration procedures such as BHT (body hair transplantation), eyebrow reconstruction, repair procedures, etc. He also provides free in-depth consultations and prescriptions for Propecia. Dr. Dua uses all the most advanced techniques and tools at his clinic to ensure that his patients obtain the best results. He has the staff and experience to perform large, densely packed sessions exceeding 3000 grafts via strip when appropriate for the patient and operates on only one patient per day. His FUE sessions are typically smaller and range between 2000 to 2500 grafts in a single day. Dr. Kapil Dua is very active in teaching which includes giving lectures related to hair restoration worldwide. He is highly respected amongst his colleagues and has either led or attended dozens of hair restoration related workshops. In fact, all the input we received privately by physicians currently recommended on the Hair Transplant Network regarding his potential inclusion has been overwhelmingly supportive. Dr. Dua uses singled hair grafts for the critical hairline areas in order to recreate a natural looking appearance and uses minimally invasive blades as small as 0.8mm to maximize density and reduce trauma to the scalp. Dr. Dua uses dense packing up to 55/60 FU/cm2 when appropriate for the patient. All donor extractions and recipient incisions are performed by the physician and grafts are cut/trimmed when appropriate and carefully placed into tiny recipient sites by his experienced staff of ten. Dr. Dua uses the Harris Powered SAFE scribe for harvesting the donor area via FUE and uses minimally invasive punches as low as .8mm to reduce trauma and resultant scarring to the skin. Dr. Dua makes all the incisions and his experienced team uses forceps and needles for implantation. Follicular units are stored using a Ringer Lactate solution and are only kept outside of the body for approximately one hour in order to minimize dehydration to the follicles. Dr. Dua views both FUT/strip and FUE as complementary procedures that work harmoniously for the long term benefit of the patient. Dr. Kapil Dua feels that a well done FUE procedure is as good as strip however, surgeons and their team must be more careful when handling the grafts and less hair can be moved in a single day. Dr. Dua is a member of many professional organizations including the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), AHRS (Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons), AAHRS (Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons), ACSI (Association of Cutaneous Surgeons of India), IMA (India Medical Association) and the AOI (Association of Otolaryngologist of India). Given Dr. Dua's experience in performing state of the art hair transplant surgery and providing only the best results, in my opinion, he should be considered for recommendation. In recent weeks, Dr. Dua has presented several examples of his procedure and recent results on this forum. Some of Dr. Dua's Recent Patient and Surgical photos can be found below: 2500 Grafts via FUE with Dr. Dua 6000 Grafts via FUE over 2 Session with Dr. Dua 3100 Grafts via FUE with Dr. Dua 5500 Grafts via Strip over 2 Session with Dr. Dua 2200 Grafts via Strip with Dr. Dua 2800 Grafts via Strip with Dr. Dua 1500 Grafts via FUE with Dr. Dua 2300 Grafts via Strip with Dr. Dua 5200 Grafts via FUE over 2 Sessions with Dr. Dua Dr. Dua and Staff Performing FUE Dr. Dua and Staff Performing FUT/Strip I welcome input and comments from forum members regarding his potential recommendation. To view our standards for recommendation, click here. Onwards and Upwards, Bill
  17. Dear forum members, As many of you know, we gather as much information as possible about a physician, their staff, technique and track record before they are even considered for recommendation on the Hair Transplant Network. Part of our review process involves getting input from patients and the members of this forum community. To learn more about this review process, click here. We would appreciate your input regarding the potential recommendation of Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal of Mumbai. At this time, both physicians are only being considered for recommendation, not the Coalition. To see our standards for recommendation, click here Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal are a husband and wife team of surgeons that work in tandem on each hair transplant procedure at their clinic in Mumbai. They perform hair transplant surgery exclusively and operate on only one or two patients per day between the two of them. Both doctors perform both FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUSS (follicular unit strip surgery) although at this point, they perform very few strip procedures. Their primary technique is a modified version of FUE referred to as Direct Hair Transplantation or DHT. During this technique, follicular units are extracted using a motorized device and planted simultaneously. They started performing this technique in 2012 and published a scientific paper in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Science (JCAS) about it in 2013. Both Dr. Sethi and Dr. Bansal are members of several well respected professional organizations including the ISHRS, AHRS, IADVL and the ACSI. Dr. Bansal is also a board certified diplomate of the ABHRS (American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery). Dr. Sethi and Dr. Bansal have just under 10 years of experience performing hair transplants and have been performing exclusive hair transplant surgery since 2013. They specialize in FUE (DHT), BHT (body hair transplantation), eyebrow transplantation, eyelash restoration, beard transplantation, scar repair and other repair procedures, etc. They also provide medical treatments for managing male and female pattern baldness. Dr.Sethi and Dr. Bansal have the staff and experience to perform large, densely packed sessions of ultra refined follicular unit hair transplantation exceeding 3000 and 4000 grafts when appropriate for the patient. Typical session sizes range between 2500 and 3000 grafts. Large session sizes may exceed 5000 grafts for patients with an optimal donor area. The surgeons use a motorized punch used called the MPCID Marathon typically ranging from .8mm to 1mm depending on the patient and the size of the graft. This reduces trauma and resultant scarring to the skin while eradicating damage to the surrounding follicles. Dense packing typically ranges from 35 to 50 grafts per square centimeter (FU/cm2) which they feel provides an adequate an illusion of density while preserving vascularity to the scalp. Dr. Sethi and Dr. Bansal use all the latest techniques including the trichophytic donor closure technique for strip procedures, microscopic dissection and minimally invasive tools to minimize trauma and maximize dense packing. During both procedures, the surgeons pre-make all recipient incisions and then grafts are simultaneously excised and implanted into tiny recipient incisions ranging from .9mm to 1.05mm. In order to create the most natural looking hairline and result, Dr. Sethi and Dr. Bansal select only the finest 1 haired follicular units for placement in the first two rows of the hairline. Given Dr. Sethi's and Dr. Bansal's vast experience in performing both state of the art FUE (and some FUSS) and providing only the best results, in my opinion, they should be considered for recommendation. In the last couple of weeks, Dr. Sethi and Dr. Bansal presented several examples of their procedure and results on this forum. Their recent patient and surgical photos can be found below: 2815 Grafts - DHT (Modified FUE) with Dr. Sethi & Dr. Bansal 5604 Grafts with Dr. Sethi & Dr. Banal - DHT (Modified FUE) 3500 grafts with Dr. Sethi & Dr. Arika, DHT (modified FUE), 6 months 2742 grafts with Dr. Sethi and Dr. Bansal, DHT (modified FUE), 1 year 7892 grafts with Dr. Sethi & Dr. Bansal, DHT (modified FUE), BHT (Beard Hair Transplant), 9 months 6386 grafts with Dr. Sethi & Dr. Bansal, DHT (modified FUE), BHT (Beard Hair Transplant), 9 months 8584 grafts in 2 sessions with Dr. Sethi & Dr. Bansal, DHT (modified FUE), BHT (Beard Hair Transplant), 8 months 5000 grafts with Dr. Sethi & Dr. Bansal, DHT (modified FUE), BHT (Body Hair Transplant), 1 year 3900 grafts with Dr. Sethi & Dr. Bansal, DHT (modified FUE), 1 year 4980 grafts, Dr. Sethi & Dr. Bansal, DHT (modified FUE), BHT (Beard Hair Transplant), 6 months You can find additional examples of their work by visiting the “Results Posted by Leading Hair Transplant Clinics” forum and by using the “search” feature. I welcome input and comments from forum members regarding their potential recommendation. To view our standards for recommendation, click here. Best wishes, Bill - Managing Publisher of this Community
  18. Thanks to everyone who provided their input on this important topic. Frankly, given the overwhelmingly positive feedback that we've received from several of his patients, forum members and other highly respected physicians recommended by our community, approving both Dr. Sethi and Dr. Bansal for recommendation is a no brainer. Thus, let's congratulate both Dr. Pradeep Sethi and Dr. Arika Bansal for being approved for recommendation. You can view their profiles below. Dr. Arika Bansal is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network Dr. Pradeep Sethi is reommended on the Hair Transplant Network Let's congratulate and give a warm welcome to both physicians. We look forward to seeing more outstanding results coming from both doctors for years to come. Best wishes, Bill
  19. Bill - Managing Publisher

    2968 Grafts - Koray Erdogan

    Members and guests, There are certainly times that a topic has to be locked but we have never locked a topic just because someone had shared an experience that was less than optimal. For example, look at this thread. Not only is the op not happy but we’ve allowed some posters to criticize us openly while we try to explain our reasons for our actions on s transparent environment. Ironically, very few topics have been locked and only when a poster becomes so obsessed about their own bad results that they begin condemning their doctor in every topic, even on another patient’s topic where they’ve shared positive results have we stopped a poster from ongoing posts. We are very fair and allow all members to share their genuine experiences and opinions on this forum. But derailing a topic like this by making false claims of censorship (especially given that we clearly are allowing this topic to continue) is not appropriate. If a member has a problem with the way something is being handled, I encourage you to contact me privately. But please keep this topic preserved in talking about the op’s results. Thanks, Bill
  20. Right on @Niko1, I look forward to Reading all about your experience in viewing your photos.
  21. Bill - Managing Publisher

    3000 grafts (FUE) by Dr Villnow

    @Mathe, Is there something I can help with? If you lost access to an account, I can help you get back into it. Did you try using the “forgot password“ option? Or has your email address changed? Send me an email at help@hairtransplantnetwork.com with your user name and email address you registered with, let me know what the problem is and I can help you. best wishes, Bill
  22. Payam, I request that you contact me privately and send me the URLs to each result you feel is considered poor and I will look at each one and evaluate them. Again, I don’t want to turn this particular topic into this discussion so please send me a private message as I requested. Thanks, Bill
  23. @harin and @BlackPanther, I see that both of you have also shared your experience and results from these surgeons on our forum and both of you are impressed and happy as well. That’s very encouraging. So in addition to the highly impressive examples we’ve seen from the clinic themselves, that’s 4 patient members who have shared their experience in photos on this forum long before we’ve even present of them for potential recommendation. I think this must be some kind of record 🙂 It’s almost all necessary to continue asking for feedback at this point however, since we did just send the newsletter asking for input, we will wait a couple more days for additional input. We do want to be thorough in our evaluations also, given the accolades for these doctors, it hardly seems necessary. But, our community is the only one that is very thorough in the way we prescreens surgeons which is why our recommendations at merit. We leave no stone unturned - which frankly, is another reason why we haven’t presented any doctors for awhile. Many hair transplant surgeons want in and to be recommended hear but not many want to take the time to go through the process because they just want to pay a fee for advertising. But that’s not how our community works. There are tons of other websites that will just take their money and list them, but we prefer to be thorough and make sure our recommendations are of surgeons who have a proven track record of producing outstanding results. Best wishes, Bill
  24. @Ashishmehta, Thank you for chiming in as well. As I said above, as one of their patience, your input is one of the most highly value. While all member input is appreciated and considered, Direct patient input, especially those we’ve verified are patients and who has posted there procedure, experience and results to date on this forum his most valuable because you have direct experience with the clinic and both doctors. Personally, I’ve been very impressed by both physicians and all the feedback I’ve gotten so far has been highly positive, including private input I received from other members and recommended surgeons. We will wait for a little more import over the next couple days before making a final decision ( especially because we just send out a newsletter to garner more imput) but everything looks great so far. Best wishes, Bill
  25. @budhair, That is extremely encouraging, thank you so much for sharing your experience… As a patient of theirs, your input is of most value since you have direct experience. While all member input is highly valued, clearly a direct patient will have the most experience. I’m also very impressed to hear that most surgeons thought that you weren’t a candidate but yet they felt you were and you are satisfied with your results and are likely going back for a second procedure to get more. Of course, this doesn’t dismiss any other surgeon this recommendation however, it speaks volumes of their impressive work. Best wishes, Bill