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  1. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Recommended Doctors on this Site

    Everyone, I appreciate your comments and questions however, I’m a little confused as to why it seems that some of you are questioning the integrity of this website. Obviously, no pre-screening and recommendation process is perfect however, we do our best to learn as much about a clinic and a physician as possible prior to presenting them for potential recommendation. Once approved, results presented by the physician and patients are used as an ongoing assessment tool. I’m not sure how many of you are aware, but we have removed surgeons from recommendation when we’ve learned that they no longer meet our high standards. In fact, recommendation is not a one time thing and no surgeon receives tenure. It is no secret that physicians who are recommended by this community pay a sponsorship fee to support this patient-based community. This is listed on our physician standards page. In fact, we operate a lot like an Ivy League university. Just as students must possess a certain high GPA, SAT score and involve themselves in a certain number of extracurricular activities, so must surgeons meet our demanding standards for recommendation to be approved. However, students who choose to enroll in the university must pay tuition to keep the university running. Similarly, physicians who we approve for recommendation must pay a flat, monthly sponsorship fee to support our patient based community. The process may not be perfect and while the surgeons recommended by our community may not be an exclusive list of all the best surgeons in the world, the ones we do recommend have proven to meet our demanding standards and are doing top notch work. So the ones we do recommend are top surgeons although, we acknowledge there are likely others that have not been prescreened or recommended. Obviously, we are open to feedback and constructive criticism assuming that’s what people are doing. We are a community after all, and the recommendation process is a community effort. Regarding patients posting their results, we always encourage doctors to ask their patients to share their experiences and results on our forum. But we don’t have any direct control over this. Thus, we can only work with the information we can acquire which is why we ask surgeons to regularly present examples of the results on this community. Most of them do on a regular basis. Obviously, there may be a question as to One or two and how often they post, which is something we will investigate. I do appreciate those who have brought this to my attention. That said, I’m not exactly sure why a few newer members appear to be questioning the integrity of our community… especially given their lack of history and understanding of how things work here. As I said, I’m totally fine with questions and constructive feedback however, I’m starting to sense that newer members are beginning to criticize when I have no real idea or understanding of how things work here or how hard we work on a regular basis to keep things running and growing. As I said, feel free to offer any feedback on our pre-screening or recommendation process and if possible, we will do our best to implement it. Best wishes, Bill
  2. @ggutierrez Thanks for posting. However, I’m a bit confused because you have now reported this post twice with no real explanation as to why except one comment about posting pictures. I’m not sure if you are aware, but reporting a post means that you have a problem with something somebody said and would like a moderator to view it and take punitive action. In this case, I see nothing wrong with what anybody posted and people only suggested you present more photos. That is obviously totally fine and acceptable for people to ask that and in fact, we encourage it. So please let me know exactly what problem you have with a particular post or poster and we can evaluate it. Otherwise, let me know if reporting this twice was a mistake and we can move on. Thanks, Bill
  3. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Recommended Doctors on this Site

    Just to clarify, I think there may have been some confusion. I am saying that surgeons recommended by this community are required to post to bear photos in the “results posted by beating hair restoration clinics“ section of this forum. In addition however, one of our associates takes the photos that surgeons post on this forum and present them on their recommendation profiles. If you visit any one of the doctor profiles, you can click on the “patient photos“ tab and see their results. Like I said, the photos on the doctors recommendation profile may be not completely up-to-date because our associate he’s a little behind updating the profiles from the results posted on this forum. But, I feel like what I said was misinterpreted for some reason although I reread it and it seems like I was pretty clear. But I am saying the same thing you are. Results posted by surgeons are posted on this forum first. Then, they are taken by one of our associates and added to the doctors recommendation profile on www.hairtransplantnetwork.com. So, hopefully that makes more sense. If however, someone feels that photos are missing from this forum or a particular surgeon hasn’t been posting photos here, please let me know and I will investigate it. Thanks and best wishes, Bill
  4. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Recommended Doctors on this Site

    Trix, All surgeons recommended by this community post monthly examples of the results in the “results posted by leading hair restoration clinics” section of this forum. Exactly which surgeons are you saying don’t post monthly examples of their results? Also, photos posted on the forum are presented on their recommendation profiles each month by one of our associates. However, I know that he is been a bit behind and some examples have not been added yet. There are also some examples that are a bit older and while we do remove some older examples of results that we feel are outdated, some surgeons have requested that older examples stay on their profile. If there are specific surgeons or photos you are referring to however, please send me a private message and let me know and I’ll be happy to look at these. Otherwise, I’m not aware of any surgeons who don’t present examples of their results nor any surgeons who don’t have photos regularly added from the forum to the profiles. Best wishes, Bill
  5. Serdal, Unfortunately, the above post or John Baris has been flagged as a spammer. He has been trolling multiple topics asking members to contact him for additional help and then linking to a hair transplant clinic’s website. He stopped doing the linking after we called him out however, it’s obvious he is trying to get members to contact him in order to send them to the hair transplant surgeon he works for. Also, I am confused by your question and why your question even matters. I say this because no needle is necessarily superior over another and this is not a common question at all. So why would it matter what kind of needle a particular surgeon uses and why would you think this particular one is superior to others? It makes me wonder if you are working alongside this John guy and your question was to bate him to reply with why a particular surgeon ( The one he works for of course) he knows about is doing great work and using this particular needle, blah blah blah. I haven’t compared to IP addresses yet but John’s post and your response is quite suspect And indicative of an attempt to covertly promote some unknown hair transplant surgeon with no proven track record of producing outstanding results. If you are the same poster as John or somebody working with him, I suggest you cease and desist now because this will not be allowed here. Besides, our members are very astute and several have already brought this little exchange to our attention. Best, Bil
  6. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Deception in Laser Therapy Marketing For Hair Loss Does it actually work?

    Most people I have spoken to who’ve tried low level laser therapy as a hair loss treatment claim it does not work and I did nothing to give them an increase in hair. The only ones who seem to boast about how well laser therapy works for hair loss our clinics or marketers to sell a laser product or service at their center. Now I’m not suggesting that it doesn’t work at all, only that it likely doesn’t work the way those who sell it would have you to believe. What does everyone think?
  7. @John Baris, you seem to be new here and while you’ve provided some good advice you seem to be unfamiliar with our policies. Our moderator Melvin has already removed your link so I couldn’t see where you linked to. However based on your response I assume you work for a hair restoration clinic and likely hot linked to their website. For starters, linking to a non-recommended clinics website is against our policies. Secondly, if you work for a clinic you need to put a disclaimer in your forum signature stating this. So please respond to this topic letting us know who you are and then moving forward be sure to follow the rules you signed up for when you joined. Thanks, Bill
  8. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Dr. Suneet Soni honest review

    Toby, Nobody is questioning your intentions, if anything, I am just concerned as to why your initial post wasn’t addressed by any of the moderators at the time. When you posted, we had a different moderator and apparently he missed this post and I was never notified about it. Now that it’s been resurrected, I am now aware of it and trying to see what’s going on. Understand that we take our recommendations very seriously and we value and even rely on patient input to ensure a surgeon is continually producing outstanding results. In this case, it may not be as much about the results as it is about the fact that you underwent FUSS rather than FUE. Now, I did ask you to provide Dr. Soni with the necessary permission to share his side of the story. You did not respond to that so I ask you again, do you give him permission to share his side of the story? We do need to keep this forum balanced and fair and thoughts, we do need him to be able to reply. It’s also part of investigating the issue to determine what actually happened here. There’s always two sides every story and it’s important that the community gets both. Now, I have no idea what kind of conversation occurred between you and the doctor/clinic. However, your statement suggests that FUE was decided and agreed upon prior to you traveling to undergo surgery. So here are my questions. 1. What exactly did the doctor say about FUE versus strip in your case? You said that he would only provide you with strip surgery, did he say why? Did you ask why he went back on the agreement? 2. Obviously, nobody can force you to undergo a procedure. Once you found out that he wasn’t going to perform FUE on you, why did you decide to move forward with strip? Depending on the answer to number one above, there may have been a good reason why he didn’t want to perform FUE on you. But since you are adamant against having a strip scar, i’m surprised that you decided to proceed with surgery. This isn’t to take any one side, but you have to take at least some responsibility for moving forward with the procedure you didn’t want. Nobody forced you to undergo strip. My guess is that you figured that any surgery is better than no surgery since you’ve traveled and taken time off of work, etc. but you can’t necessarily blame the doctor for everything when you agreed to the procedure. So my question is, why did you agree to undergo strip if you were heart set against it? 3. You’ve used some very harsh terminology including calling him a scammer and a con artist. Frankly, I don’t think that’s fair given that you did agree to the procedure. Maybe you felt forced into it because you were already there, but you still could’ve turned it down and went home. If he was a scammer or a con artist, he would have performed whatever he wanted without telling you about it. But you clearly had the choice to proceed or not. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not putting the blame on you. But, I don’t think you’re taking any responsibility here when it’s obvious that it’s at least part of your responsibility since you agreed to the procedure. So realistically, your answer to My question number one is vital in determining why he decided to change his mind about the procedure type. I’m also wondering if he mentioned before you traveled that there’s a possibility that he could change his mind after he evaluates you in person. Most surgeons don’t make promises about performing a particular donor harvesting techniques until they see the patient in person. Most surgeons would say something like, “we can certainly do FUE for you if you are a candidate that we need to evaluate you in person first.“. So, did the surgeon or anybody from the clinic tell you that there’s a possibility that they might not be able to give you exactly what you want and will determine that once they see you in person? I encourage you to answer these questions openly and honestly and of course, we expect that you will allow the doctor to share his on the side of the story as well by giving him the necessary permission. Thanks, Bill
  9. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Dr. Suneet Soni honest review

    Toby, Melman and I are apparently exceptionally late to this topic and frankly, I don’t know how we missed it. That said, it’s obvious that you are very unhappy with your experience with Dr. Sony and I agree with Melvin that an explanation from the doctor is needed. We have already emailed the doctor in order for him to review and respond to this topic. However, we do ask that you give him the necessary permission to reply as appropriate. Patients who share their results may sometimes be required to privately identify themselves and allow their surgeon to share their side of the story. This can be found in our fair forum policies. If I’m correct, it sounds like you are primary concern was that you felt pressured into getting strip when you apparently agreed before traveling that you would undergo FUE. You talk about your concerns about permanent scarring however, I am a bit surprised that you haven’t posted any photos showing the scar. Can you please post some photos of the scar you are concerned about? Also, how did the hair transplant grow? You said something about being completely bald if it wasn’t for another FUE procedure you had bought that doesn’t really make a lot of sense unless the hair transplant from Dr. Soni completely failed. So if you could please clarify these issues and present some photos of the scar, I’d appreciate it. Moreover, we ask that you give Dr. Soni the necessary permission to share his side of the story. Thanks, Bill
  10. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Hairloss Concealers

    I’ve tried both Toppik and DermMatch. Frankly, I wasn’t a fan of either but I know both have worked well for others.
  11. Bill - Managing Publisher

    I'm really frustrated with my doctor

    @AnalogFeel, Ok so what’s your deal? I keep getting complaints about you but I don’t think I know your situation. It sounds like you’re praising Dr. Keller but on the other hand, you are his patient and you haven’t experienced any growth yet? Is that true? Can you tell me when the date of your surgery is and can you post some before pictures, surgical pictures and pictures of your hair now? This would help verify/validate your posting this, especially since people are complaining about your posts, claiming that you are a troll. If you are indeed a genuine patient, I encourage you to use this topic to share your full experience and post photos. Please do not continue creating topics to discuss the same thing. Bill
  12. Bill - Managing Publisher

    David Beckham FUE or Concealer?

    I suppose it could be both but my money would be on concealers. Best wishes, Bill
  13. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Sharing our experiences and Surgeon reviews

    @Andy18, If you are truly a genuine patient wishing to share your experience, then I apologize if I sounded harsh. However, you did include a hotlink to the clinic‘s website by using their name. That something that people typically do when they are attempting to add keyword baited links - an SEO strategy used to cultivate traffic and rankings. So it’s a little unbelievable that you are a genuine patient when you didn’t even share any details of your experience and you didn’t post any photos either. It was just an advertisement with a hotlink. Again, if you are legitimate, then go ahead and share your actual experience from start to finish with photos. . Best wishes, Bill
  14. Kraistoff, Where is your hair transplant journey posted? Obviously if you posted it and nobody responded, we don’t want that to be the case. Did you create your own topic or did you piggyback off of somebody else’s? It’s smart to create your own so make sure you’ve done that. Please post a link to your topic so that we can respond. Bill
  15. If you go on your account settings, you can change your subscription settings. I also believe there is an option at the top of the thread to unsubscribe if you are subscribed. In the future though, please ask the question as it’s posted above and don’t be using unnecessary profanity.