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  1. Dr. Richard Keller

    Richard Keller/NSHTS/Chicago/3,615 FU

    Hello Dave, I see my patients at 3 months , 6-7 months and12-14 months to keep them informed. Every patient is different, but most do not see significant growth until 6-7 months. I would not be concerned at this point in the process. I do encourage my patients to follow up as directed, so they understand their own hair growth. It is very difficult to wait, but well worth the time to see the end goal. I would suggest you schedule an appointment, so you feel comfortable with the process. It is not unusual to be impatient at this stage and I like to guide my patients through the stages, so that they are comfortable. Sincerely, Dr Keller
  2. Patient is a 48 year old who had 3,615 FU transplanted. A modified trichophytic closure was performed because the wishes to wear his hair short. The patient's hair will thicken over the next 4 months. Photos shown are pre-op, 8 months post-op & post-op donor scar. I will post his 12 month photos. Regards, Dr. Keller
  3. 35 year old patient with a class 5A hair loss pattern wished to have a conservative hair restoration because of his family history of class 6 hair loss. Photos shown are planning stage, pre-op, intra-op & 6 months post-op. Hair is cut very short with no visible scarring. Patient just finished his shedding phase and is starting the regrowth phase. 3334 FU were utilized. Lateral framework was created due to the patient's wide forehead. I will post the patient's 12 month photos. We welcome Dr. Aranas to the practice. He will be a great asset for our patients. Regards, Dr. Keller
  4. Dr. Richard Keller

    Richard Keller, MD./Chicago/NSHTS/3,650 FU

    Hello, Thank you for the positive comments. The patient is very happy with his results. 3650 follicular units were utilized due to the patient's donor laxity and the his budget for the procedure. Melvin, approx. 900 FU were placed in the crown region to match existing hairs. 6000-8000 follicular units are not possible in one session unless you split the follicular units into smaller grafts. If you split the follicular units into smaller grafts you could injure the follicular sub-structures, which decrease the longevity and survival of those grafts. Approx. 10,000 follicular units exist in the donor region. Donor laxity does not allow 8000 true follicular units to be extracted in most patients-this would cause donor depletion, which would not allow for future restoration if the patient continues to lose hair. I consider the patient's family history an important part of his plans. My results made a great improvement in this patient's overall appearance. Regards, Dr. Keller
  5. 63 year old with a class 6 hair loss pattern who wished to have a more youthful appearance. The patient states he is extremely happy with his 1 year results and his wife is ecstatic with his new look. Patient has previously been on medical therapy without much success. Photos shown are pre-op, intra-op, and 1 year post-op using 3,650 FU. Comments welcome. Dr. Keller
  6. This 32 year old patient received 3213 follicular units. He has a family history of a class 5 hair loss pattern. The transplanted hair is not even 1/2 shaft thickness, since he is only 4 months post-op. We are looking forward to his 6 and 12 month follow-ups. Photos shown are pre-op and 4 months post-op. I will post again at 12 months. Regards, Dr. Keller
  7. 40 year old who is 6 months post-op with a class 5V hair loss pattern. Patient has temple hair regression, no temporal parietal angles and a scant double frontal tuft, which creates the image of a very large forehead. He also has a very large crown area. Moving approximately 1/3 of his safe donor area without signs of donor thinning was accomplished with a 2 layer donor closure and artistic feathering and placement of the follicles. 3233 follicular units were utilized. Photos show pre-op and 6 months post-op. Patient is very pleased with his results. I will post the patient's results at 12 months. Regards, Dr. Keller
  8. 40 year old who wanted improvement of frontal hairline. Class 3 hair loss pattern. The patient's family history has a similar hair loss pattern. Patient wished for a conservative hairline using the FUE method. (Nevus noted on right hairline pre-op.) 1800 follicular units were utilized. Photos shown are pre-op, intra-op and one year post-op.
  9. This patient has a strong family history of hair loss, so he waited for hair restoration until his hair loss slowed down in his forties. The patient wanted a strong frontal hairline, mid scalp density and thickening of his crown. Patient is extremely happy with his results and wears his hair on the shorter side. 4018 follicular units were utilized. Pictures shown are pre-op and 5 months post-op. I will post his 12 month follow up. Regards, Dr. Keller
  10. 30 year old whose objective was to have a conservative frontal hair restoration, thicken mid scalp & to reduce his crown area from a class 6 vertex to a 3/4 class. After an extended consultation with me to discuss his class 6 family history of hair loss we decided on a FUT procedure, so that in the future if he loses more hair another procedure could be performed. 3125 FU were utilized and a two layer closure of the donor area was performed to limit scar expansion. Photos shown are pre-op & one year post-op.
  11. Thanks for the compliment brahmabull117. Finasteride starts stabilizing the hair in 3-6 months/ most agree that 8-12 months is an approriate time to see consistent results. My patients who have no side effects after 3 months are followed at 6 months and 12 months. Those patients that have no side effects after 1 year are much less likely to have side effects in my clinical practice. I see everyone every year and request self monitoring monthly after that by agreement. What is your age? You are welcome to email photos for my review or schedule a complimentary patient/physician consultation. Regards, Dr. Keller
  12. Dynamic 25 year old man with a Class 4A hair loss pattern who requested frontal hair restoration. Patient expressed a desire to have a competitive edge in business with a great hairline. Photos shown are pre-op and 6 months post-op. 3,314 follicular units were utilized. I will post his 1 year results to demonstrate his progress.
  13. 56 year old female was cleared for hair restoration. 2,275 follicular units were utilized to provide more density and a youthful hairline. Photos shown are pre-op and one year post-op.
  14. The post -op photos show this patient's results at 6 months. His hair growth is just beginning and he feels comfortable wearing his old hair style until further results are seen. Attached is an intra-op photo for your review. Dr. Keller
  15. 60 year old patient who wished to have a conservative procedure and possibly 2nd procedure in the future to maximize his results, donor laxity permitting. Shown are his pre-op and 6 months post-op photos. 3,088 were utilized with a two layer closure. Patient is very pleased with his transformation. 1500-1600 FU grafts to be considered if the patient has 2nd hair restoration procedure. Regards, Dr. Keller