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  1. I have been using soap as the main washer for my hair. Every 3-4 days I use Nizoral What I noticed is soap is drying my hair more than the regular shampoo and Nizoral. Any harm in using soap instead of shampoo?
  2. I understand the argument of same effect by either 1mg or 1.25 mg of finasteride. But the first month I was using 1mg Propecia with no problems and when I started finasteride heart murmur, erection and sleeplessness started. I am not making this up. For the last 1 week I am cutting the alredy cut finasteride pills by 2 and all problems went away. I know it is 5/8 of a pill maybe too small but I am happy with it. Do you think 5/8 of a pill daily is too small to have an effect?
  3. I start to take Finasteride by cutting one 5mg pill into 4. But that was too much, I lost sleep and got erections in the middle of the night and heart murmur. So I am cutting the already cut pills to 2. I guess it will be 5mg divided by 8 but I have no other choice. I wish there was a way to cut the 5mg pill to 5. Any ideas?
  4. It sounds like people don't mind taking overdosage of 1.25mg instead of 1mg Oh well, as long as it works fine with you guys I will do the same. I think the pill cutter does not cut into 5 pieces so I will cut to 4 pieces and overdose myself Maybe it will be better.
  5. My questions are 1) My doctor told me that cutting the pills will yield different weights of finasteride. He said this is a drug that needs to be taken 1mg everyday. So did you see any effects of taking different miligrams on your body? 2) Why are you taking every other day instead of everyday? 3) Pill cutters that I found can only cut in 4 pieces not 5. Can your pill cutter cut in 5 pieces?
  6. How do you break up 5mg pills? I am planning to buy a pill crusher but dunno how to weigh 1mg? I did not want to buy a pill cutter cuz my doctor said pill cutters do not cut it to 1mg exactly. So how was your approach?
  7. How do you break up 5mg pills? I am planning to buy a pill crusher but dunno how to weigh 1mg? I did not want to buy a pill cutter cuz my doctor said pill cutters do not cut it to 1mg exactly. So how was your approach?
  8. I looked all the pictures but can not see one taken from top I will have the stitches taken out this Tuesday and I will tell them to take pictures again and post it here Thanks
  9. I had a HT on 05/17/08 by Dr Arocha in Houston. It was a megasession and I had 4500 grafts transferred. I am very happy with the result, smooth operation, friendly and easygoing staff, it was an all day surgery but did not feel like that way at all. Please comment on my pictures below and any questions as you may wish. http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/showthread.php?t=147085
  10. I have my HT done. It was a megasession done by Dr Arocha in Houston on 05/17/08 and a total of 4500 grafts. Please look at my pictures and comment as you like. It has been a week right now and Ijust finished taking Prednisone and takinh Propecia everyday. Propecia really effected me, dunno and how and where but certainly something has chenged in my body. Slowly I am getting used to it.
  11. I called my insurance company and they said 90 day supply for finistride will be $12.67 This is Blue Cross Blue Shield, wow that is cheap I am amazed
  12. How can I get proscar without prescription? I thought it was not possible.
  13. My price for proscar thru insurance is $12.95 for 30 days since I can cut it in 5 peieces, I can use it for 150 days. Unbelievable cheap Now for the insurance pre-existing condition situation, I talked to company's HR and they said pre-existing is not an issue in our plan. So I can use whatever I want. Also, my insurance does not apply discount for propecia so proscar is the only way to go. Edit: I just found out that Walmart charges $10 for 90 day fillings. woow that will make it cheaper, dunno if they carry Proscar though.
  14. What do you mean how the insurance company will know? They are the ones who will be paying for my Proscar bill. But I think I will go with proscar since most employer's insurance companies do not implement pre-existing condition. Any other comments?
  15. My doctor said take propecia and do not take proscar. He said insurance companies claim proscar as a prostate drug and if I have prostate problems in the future, they will claim it is a pre-existing condition because I took proscar before. So he recommentds propecia. I checked with the HR in my company and they said our insurance company does not implemetn pre-existing condition. But what if I change companies and the new insurance company says it. What do you guys think?
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