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  1. Yes you can do FUT after having FUE. You will get less grafts from the FUT strip than you normally would because some of the grafts along the strip have already been removed during the FUE procedure. What is the goal? Did you get poor growth and now deciding to try FUT to get better growth? Did you get good growth, but worried that another FUE will leave you with a very thin donor area? Do you already have a depleted donor from the FUE?
  2. It's shock loss from the 2nd hair transplant. It's temporary and it will grow back. It's like you have to take a step backwards and then take two steps forward.
  3. You're always going to be losing hairs and having new ones grow in. Unless it's excessive or starts to have a noticeable difference in density then I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. Wow. They make it sound like they are the founders and owners of the forum. I would mail them about that if I were you. I don't know if it will make a difference, but I'd certainly let them know that it's been noticed.
  5. Looks like you are right on target. 3 months is usually when it just starts and you will get some new hair popping up for the next several months. It takes months for it all to start growing.
  6. Can someone please point this out to all the women who think men are privileged.
  7. Are you talking about Melvin? All he did was give his opinion that it looked like it could be alopecia areata and you should check with a dermatologist. Nothing overzealous that I read and you were asking for advice. Anyway, I'm glad to see it's all growing back in.
  8. I actually been doing good with the eating and lost two or three pounds so far. It's not because I'm eating less. When I'm at work everyone brings in cookies, chocolate, cake, donuts, etc. and I drink a lot of soda there too. At home I hardly have any junk food, so my junk food intake is way down. That's definitely a plus for me.
  9. I think they are going to be too backed up due to a lot of postponements that they will need to fit in, but who knows really.
  10. Yeah. I think the guys who have the hardest decision to make are the ones who are NW5 and up who have been buzzing or shaving their head for a while and are sort of OK with it, but would really prefer to have hair. These are the guys who buzzed early on when their hair was just starting to get too bad to bother trying to style it and they just took it all off. For these men even if they have a good hair transplant it may not be thick enough or cover enough area for them to like letting it grow and they'll just want to go back to shaving it off. If they go for FUT to try to get more coverage/density then they can't go back to buzzing/shaving. If they go for FUE hoping that they can go back to buzzing in case they have to then even if they can go back to buzzing/shaving you have to wonder if it was even worth the time and cost.
  11. Do a home workout. Pushups with varying arm spacing (arms in close to your body and then a set with arms far apart), sit ups, running in place with high leg lifts, jumping squats, etc. It's good to do something different for a while than you usually do at the gym anyway. It's something your body isn't used to and you use muscles a bit differently.
  12. It looks like you had a bleeder that oozed out over a few other grafts and thus the scab lasted longer since the blood had to dry out first. It doesn't look like there's any other issue
  13. In the USA the number of deaths from the flu during the flu season of 2017-2018 was 61,000 people. That is in about a 7 month period from October to May. This comes to 290 people per day dying of the Flu, but nobody ever panics every winter because of the flu. I'm not saying the coronavirus is nothing, but it's been way overblown compared to other causes of death that are considered normal.
  14. In the USA the mortality rate of those under 50 is about .2%. It's mostly killing older people who already have other health issues. One reason why the rate is so high is because for the most part the only people who were getting tested initially were the ones who have severe enough symptoms and end up at the hospital. Of course those are the ones most likely to die. They are telling those who came in contact with the ones who are hospitalized to self quarantine, but they aren't actually getting tested in many cases. Over 80% of people have very mild reactions to it, so they aren't getting counted as a case.
  15. Shifty, I'm not sure if you may have mentioned this.... I'm curious if others such as family, friends, and coworkers have noticed your improvements and if so, what have they said about it, especially if they didn't know you were doing anything.
  16. My company closed for at least two weeks and I'm getting paid for the time off. I been getting things done around the house that I been wanting to do for a long time. Did some yard work, put up a shelf in my laundry room, and cleaning out all my closets and drawers throwing out a lot of junk and trash.
  17. That's one day down. How about tomorrow? 😃
  18. Right. I don't get into calling people names when they don't agree with me. I try to have normal conversations. Everyone's experience with hair loss, transplants, and medical therapy is different, so it's good to listen. Just because one persons experience is one thing doesn't mean it's the same for everyone. Some guys don't get hair loss at all and others end up at NW 7 before age 30, so there's going to be a big range of what and how well different treatments work on everyone. I agree with most of what you are saying. I think a lot of guys should try medication first especially if they are in the earlier stages. There's been a few people on here that have had excellent growth with a combination of micro needling, rogaine, finisteride, etc who end up, in my opinion, not even needing a hair transplant.... or at least a much smaller session. But I think the men who have extremely aggressive balding are probably going to end up NW 7 anyway over time.
  19. I don't necessarily agree with this. 1. Every NW 6 and NW 7 person had a full head of hair at some point in their life. If a NW 7 is not a candidate for a hair transplant and you don't know who will be a NW 7 before hand then how can you plan for that when the patient is at a NW 3 and getting a hair transplant. I sometimes see Drs write that they always take future balding into consideration and plan for the worst. This is obviously not true because the worst would be that the patient is not a good candidate. Any Dr who actually planned for the worst with all patients would never do a single hair transplant. Then there are some NW 5s who have thinning in the donor area, but they didn't have that when they were NW 4 or NW 3. What if you did a transplant on them when they were NW 3 even if it was very conservative? They would still be losing transplanted hair and as their area increases to NW 5 or greater then they will absolutely end up with a bald rim between the native side and back hair and the transplanted hair and it would be very hard to do much about it because the donor area is losing hair as well, so you can't transplant any more of that. 2. I took finisteride for 11 years. I think it may have increased my hair very slightly for the few few years, kept it the same for the next couple of years and then I lost hair the last 3 or 4 years. After 11 years of using it I ended up with less hair than than when I started.
  20. Something else to consider is whether there's an expectation issue. If you're a NW 5 at 24 years old and want a low hairline with thick coverage over the entire area then you're probably not a candidate and the Dr may be telling you "No" based on that type of expectation. If you are willing to lower your expectations to a higher hairline, medium density through the front half, and leaving the crown alone for now, then you may be a candidate for that.
  21. I took finisteride for about 11 years, but stopped taking it about 11 years ago because it was no longer working for me as my hair started falling out again anyway.
  22. For anyone who recently had a hair transplant done, this is probably the best time ever to be going through the ugly duckling stage as most people don't have to go to work for the next few weeks and even if you do it probably won't be busy and you won't have to see hardly anyone.
  23. Spacing out the cost over a few years also helps some guys who may have trouble affording 5000 grafts all at once.
  24. Not putting you down or anything, but I worry what this will look like in a few years with the midscalp and crown already thinning.
  25. These are hairs that should have shed, but haven't fallen out. Sometimes a more rigorous rubbing when showering will get them to come out and sometimes you will just have to wait a little longer until the new hair underneath starts growing and pushes them out. It's all normal.