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  1. I seriously wish I could trade hair places with some people who think they have issues with their hair. 😒
  2. Yeah. I get a lot of light itchiness all over the donor and recipient area for months after that hair transplant. It's just a part of the healing process.
  3. How old are you? Why do you have to wait 5 or 6 years for a revision surgery? Even if you had the first one done at a very young age, it's already done, so waiting until a certain age to get it corrected doesn't make sense unless you are waiting due to finances on your end... or if the surgery isn't really that bad and you just want more to have a thick low aggressive hairline that the Drs refuse to do due to your age.
  4. BeHappy

    Can donor area regenerate new follicles?

    They are also claiming 99% growth rate in only 4.5 months rather than the one year it takes for other hair transplants. You should ask how they get hair to grow faster than hair has ever grown on anyone. They also claim less scarring compared to everyone else FUE and "almost always no visible scarring". It's all a bunch of crap.
  5. BeHappy

    Is A Hair Transplant Permanent?

    No. A hair transplant is not permanent. Hair that is transplanted lasts only as long is that hair would have lasted in the area it was taken from. As you get older and your so called safe area begins to thin with age, so will the transplanted hair since it is the same hair that was in the now thinning so called safe area. If anyone tells you not to worry about that because it doesn't happen until you are over 70 or something, don't believe it because it is not necessarily true (and besides, they then just admitted that it's not permanent. Think about that). It is certainly true that some people will pass away before the transplanted hair falls out, but this does not mean that will be true for everyone. If you are in these forums for a while you will see posts from people asking how their donor area looks and you will see responses that their donor looks weak or that they have retro-grade alopecia meaning they have thinning in the "safe" area. How is that possible if that hair is permanent? Many of those posts asking about their donor are from people who are under 40. Anyone who tells you that transplanted hair is permanent is either misinformed or lying.
  6. BeHappy

    FUE on grey hair

    I have a lot of grey hair and I almost always use Just For Men hair color. I also simply dyed my hair the day before surgery as the Dr said doing that would make it easier for him and we would probably get a better yield because he would be able to see the hairs better. No real issues if you just dye it.
  7. Some guys heal very quickly in the donor area while others get some shock loss and take many months to fully recover. All you can do is wait a few months and see if and how much the donor area improves.
  8. BeHappy

    FUE on grey hair

    On most skin tones, grey hair or very light colored hair is harder for the Dr to see exactly where it is coming out of the scalp from which makes lining up the punch tool a bit more difficult compared with darker hair. Darker hair (unless your skin tone is also very dark) is easy to see the spot it protrudes from the skin from.
  9. BeHappy

    Donald Trump's Hair Mystery Has Been Solved

    If you are going to try to make a serious video about what Trump did with his hair, you should not show fake video clips. This is the real clip from Jimmy Fallon. His hair does not look bad.
  10. BeHappy

    Dr. Hasson's Hairline Design

    In my opinion, many of the low, straight hairlines don't look right, especially if they curve down at the ends to meet the temple peaks. The more natural looking ones usually have more of a V shape.
  11. Wow. If I were you I would not even be considering a hair transplant anymore at this point since this is working so well.
  12. If you are completely smooth bald in the crown then the Dr can simply create a swirl pattern where and how he thinks it should be based on his experience. This is not an issue with reputable Drs and clinics. The swirl doesn't need to be in an exact certain location as long as the hairs are angled correctly and placed in the right direction according to how a natural head of hair would be.
  13. BeHappy

    hair clogs

    It's a good idea to leave certain areas at a lower density. It's all about strategically placing hairs where they will have the bigger impact. Even if you don't leave that area totally alone, you can still tell the Dr to go with a lower density there in order to get more where you really want them.
  14. If you're OK with having some length to your hair then look into doing FUT along the lower portion of the thinned out donor area to remove as much of it as possible and use the grafts from that to place them into the upper portion of the thinned donor area.
  15. BeHappy

    hair clogs

    Totally normal especially due to your curly hair. It looks thick once it's combed, so the simple solution is to comb your hair before going out 😊 I would leave the front alone and concentrate on covering the rest of the balding area.
  16. The grafts should all be falling out now anyway, so you may not need to shave it for a few months when they start growing in. However if some of them don't fall out, I'd say you can start shaving them after the 3 week point.
  17. Generally I would say yes you should do FUT, but since you don't have a large donor area left to use I'm not sure if that is the best choice. I think you should consult with some Drs who do both FUT and FUE and see what they say. (sorry about three seperate posts. I had a tough time with the quoting on here.)
  18. The beard area seems to heal better than the head. You can see this from other pictures of beard transplants. When I first started there weren't many Drs doing it yet. It's also not as easily noticed because the grafts are taken from under the chin which is harder for people to see unless they really get up close to examine you because the area is not facing them straight on as it would be on the side or back of your head.
  19. Several reasons. I had an email consultation with Dr Umar in California who wanted to do 6000 grafts in a 4 day session. This would have cost me $50,000 or more all at once which would have been a major hit to my finances. Also I probably would have had to take about 2 months off from work since my entire head would have been shaved with 6000 grafts all over and shock loss from all that. I couldn't get that much time off and really did not want to chance having to go back in only a few weeks. I was also worried about scars showing on my beard area. Contrast that to Dr Dorin in New York Who is only 2 hours away from me rather than over 3000 miles. They do smaller sessions without requiring me to shave the recipient area and since the donor was from my chest, I didn't have to shave any area of my head. That enabled me to go back to work a week after the transplant without anyone knowing. I tried chest hair first, so I could see how the scarring went before trying beard hair. I figured if I get scars on my chest, nobody will see it anyway in most situations, plus the small session made it easier to go unnoticed only a week after transplant. It also only cost me an average of $7500 per session which I was able to save up and pay as I went, so I never took anything out of my savings. I would have preferred something in between, meaning somewhat larger sessions than Dr Dorin has done, but not as large as everything in one shot, but I have been able to continue working without hitting my bank account, so it's not so bad. I could have had a larger session on the first one if I had gone with both chest and beard hair at first, but as I said I was afraid to try the beard until I saw how the scarring was from FUE on my chest.
  20. It does look like you have a large number of multiple hair grafts throughout the entire area, so it may not turn out very thin looking once it grows in.
  21. It all depends on if you have some decent beard and chest hair. If you can get about 3000 to 4000 beard and chest grafts and another 1000 or more scalp grafts, then you may be able to get some OK coverage over a lot of the area. I'm in a very similar situation and so far I've had about 3550 beard and chest grafts done over several sessions. I'm still waiting for the last one to grow in. The coverage isn't as great as I wish it was, but there's definitely improvement and considering the large area I have to cover (I wanted the lower crown area covered, the sides built up, and the frontal third). There really isn't any other option as I can't shave my head due to all the scars and I'm not a head shaving guy because I hate that look or else I wouldn't have had a hair transplant in the first place.
  22. I'm glad the hair transplant seems to have mostly worked out for you so far. Don't ever think that you need to let anyone else know about it. If having a hair transplant makes you look and feel better then you did the right thing for you. Everyone has their own issues to deal with and it isn't anyone's business what your issues are just as it's none of your business to know theirs. Some people like to tell others and that's fine, but some would rather keep their personal life to themselves and that is fine too. Sometimes when you need to get it out it's easier to tell people who don't know you, so here we are.
  23. It looks good and I agree that it would be a waste of his time, money, and effort to try to do more.
  24. This looks like some really excellent work. It's very clean with very small incisions causing only minor scabbing. Very nice. I hope it grows well.
  25. You have to remember that it's the same hair you always had before. It's just moved to another area. Whatever you did before the hair transplant didn't cause any problems to that hair when it was in the donor area, so just act normal and do whatever you would have normally done prior to the hair transplant. Of course you can be more mindful of what products you are putting in it and how you are drying it (don't use excessive heat on a blowdryer for instance) but otherwise it's just hair that grew fine before. The post hair transplant care is to make sure as much hair as possible makes it through the process and starts to grow. Once you are past that it's going to grow the same as it did when it was in the donor area.