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  1. This is an excellent example of why I'm still in favor of FUT over FUE.
  2. This looks very good considering it was all body hair. You mentioned before about the possibility of using leg hair. Can you tell us which areas of your body the grafts were taken from?
  3. looks very good. It doesn't look like a hair transplant. Nobody would ever know it's a hair transplant unless he tells them.
  4. It depends on how old he is. The hairline may be a bit high. I think covering the eyes may be making the hairline look lower than it actually is.
  5. Oh believe me I have some VERY bad days. I just don't post about it. It's been a 30+ year nightmare and I don't know when it will really end. All I wanted was to be able to be early 20s without having women my age thinking I'm some creepy old guy trying to hit on them and thinking I'm as old as their dad and then having women twice as old as me in their mid 40s wanting to date me. It was horrible and I just wanted to fix that and all I needed was more hair. My face was fine. I went from having women say I was cute to being the old, ugly, creepy guy in probably less than two years. It's sooo depressing when I think about how many years I lost going through the hair transplants.
  6. Thank you for the compliment. As for having a repair section, I used to think this as well since I am a repair patient and really wanted a place to see how others were handling their repairs. However I eventually realized that almost everyone these days who wants more work considers themselves in need of a repair, so a special section for it would be of no real use as it would just be the same as the current results posted by patients section. That "repair" word gets thrown around way too easily. Most people will need more than one procedure to get results and density that is acceptable to them. You are not a repair patient if after one session your hair isn't as thick as you'd like it to be or if you decide you don't like the design of the hairline and want to adjust it. There was a lengthy thread about a "botched" result because the front wasn't thick enough and then the original poster showed about 4 different patients from the same Dr with similar low-ish hairlines with a thinning look to the frontal area. I didn't post in that thread, but I really wanted to ask why he went to that Dr if he is showing us the work that Dr does and doesn't like it. That doesn't make any sense to me. That's why this forum exists. You can look at other patients results and decide which Dr fits your style of hairline and thickness you are looking for. There was nothing wrong with any of the patient results that he posted as far as what the work looked like other than they were all a bit thin. Perhaps that Drs idea is to to give the patient a nice hairline placement while being a bit conservative on the number of grafts used. You can always add more grafts in another session if you think it's too thin for you. There is nothing wrong with that and any patient going there should realize that. If you are someone who wants a lower hairline, but also concerned about future loss and want to conserve donor hair, then that may be a good fit. I personally prefer a slightly lower hairline (not too low) with a slightly thinner overall density rather than getting a high hairline with thick density, so I saw nothing wrong.
  7. Wow! Is everything OK with Bill? He's been a part of this site for a lot of years. I know he doesn't post so much anymore. I hope everything is OK.
  8. Price is obviously going to be a big factor for a lot of people because of the large cost. If you are looking at lower priced countries in order to afford it, just make sure you view a lot of their results and try to talk/text some of the previous patients if you can. Find out how involved the Dr is because if it's more of a tech driven operation, especially one that does multiple hair transplants per day, then you should probably stay away from that. You don't want to be going to a hair mill even if it's free. Heck I wouldn't even let a clinic pay me for them to ruin my head. Also check prices for other clinics in that country to get an idea of what a normal cost for the procedure is in that country. This way you can have a better idea if the clinic you are looking at is cheap even by that country's standards which can indicate they aren't that great. You should also get a consultation at one or two clinics near you even if they are too expensive for you. That way you get more opinions on how many grafts you need and what the design should be.
  9. Great video, Melvin. Most men going for hair transplants have a tendency to compare themselves to others and while that's understandable and fine, you also have to compare yourself to the previous you. Take a look at Melvin's pre transplant NW 6 pictures and compare that to his hair now. Which hair would you like to have if those were your choices? I'm sure Melvin would like to have thicker hair, but what he has now is so much better than where he was a few years ago. Nobody is going to look at him today and call him the bald guy.
  10. It should be singles only. Some FUE clinics aren't using microscopes these days and end up putting a fairly large number of doubles in the hairline. Unfortunately this seems to be becoming acceptable to patients because they are so focused on getting FUE rather than FUT and forget about what really matters which is how natural (or not) it looks. Now if you do get maybe 1 or 2 doubles in the hairline, then that's fine. Nobody is going to notice that except for you.
  11. I can take a few guesses based on what I see. Probably started losing some hair in the front and decided to have a hair transplant. The Dr went very conservative and basically just filled in a somewhat high, thinning hairline rather then lower it. A few years go by and he has continued hair loss. He realizes that he is headed to NW 6 and will probably never get a decent amount of hair and doesn't feel like spending many thousands of dollars and multiple hair transplants trying to get there. He tries shaving his head and decides he is OK with that as lots of men are doing that these days. That's it. No FUEing any grafts out. His transplanted hairline was high and in the center and maybe not even very full because he probably still had a bit of hair there, so the hair transplant he did have probably wasn't a very big session, just a small frontal center tuft. You can see it in some pictures. If he shaves good enough, you won't see anything.
  12. If you're thinking about how to reverse it to go back to what it was before the hair transplant then you should seriously be asking yourself if you really need it at all. I mean if you're thinking you'd be OK with how it is now if it doesn't work out, then why not just be OK with how it is now? That's much cheaper and easier. I'm not trying to stop you from having a hair transplant, but I do think some people should really think more about what they are trying to achieve and what they are willing to accept or not accept. I'm saying this because there have been a few other posts where the person hasn't gotten the best results or maybe still has some thin areas and wants to go back to how it was before they started even if another procedure would most likely solve the issues. If you don't want to continue down the road of hair transplants, then you probably shouldn't start. Most people are going to need more work as time goes by even if the first one looks great because people continue to lose hair.
  13. From what is shown, it looks like most of the grafts grew. That's the good news. It's obvious that they did not put any grafts in some areas that required it. Go somewhere else and get some grafts placed behind the new hairline to correct it. Don't go to the same place as they don't know what they are doing.
  14. I would imagine, just like a current transplant, if they are adding hair to where you are losing it, then in a few years you may need to add hair in additional areas of continued loss.
  15. Why would anyone pay thousands of dollars plus a monthly fee for what could be many years just in case you lose your hair, especially since the actual procedure to multiply the follicles and put them back into your head is not yet available? That makes no sense. If and when they are actually able to perform the procedure, that's when a balding person should go and have them take the 100 follicles and let multiply the cells for implantation. It makes no sense at all to do it beforehand. What if you are losing your hair now? You pay the money and pay each month and yet you can't have the procedure done because it doesn't exist yet.
  16. Are you just trying to fill in mostly the corners and maybe slightly lower the hairline? If you are already keeping your hair long and combed forward to cover that area then you should be able to keep the long hair on top and continue to cover the transplanted area just as you covered that area before the transplant. Take a look at Legends thread and see how he handled it.
  17. I don't really agree with that chart. Although everyone will grow differently, I think it seems to be somewhat more like: Month 3 - 10% Month 4 - 30% Month 5 - 50% Month 6 - 70% Month 7 - 75% Month 8 - 80% Month 9 - 85% Month 10 - 90% Month 11 - 95% Month 12 - 100%
  18. If you have CVG and are going to have a hair transplant, I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to try having one or two scalp reductions first to eliminate the ridges before transplanting over the area. It's one of the few times I think scalp reductions may still make sense to do. I don't how successful that would be in eliminating the ridges as I've never had CVG, but I imagine it would work.
  19. I was on finisteride for about 11 years, but stopped taking it long ago. I'm sure it slowed my hair loss down and possibly stopped it for a while, but I eventually continued thinning anyway which is why I decided to stop taking it. If it had kept working, especially if it was growing some hair back, I probably would have stayed on it longer.
  20. What I imagine happening at some point in the future is that they will be growing your hair in the lab and then transplanting it to your head at a later time. For example, you go in for a consultation or pre procedure and they take a few follicles or cells and then begin growing them in their lab. In 6 to 12 months time, you go back and they can then transplant those follicles that they grew in the lab to your head. It wouldn't really matter if the hairs are growing in different directions in the lab because they will just be doing FUE to extract the lab grown grafts and they can place them at the correct angles into your head just as they do now. That's what I imagine happening, but who knows.
  21. I think you look like you could be a very good candidate for a hair transplant because your donor hair goes very far up on the sides and back. It really depends on whether the bald area has been expanding or not over the past few years. If it hasn't been getting larger, then I think you can really end up with some great hair.
  22. Transplanted hair will last as long as it would have lasted in the area where it was taken from. So if the hair in the donor area starts thinning, then the transplanted hair will be thinning at the same rate. Some people's donor hair will remain thick until relatively old age and the bald area will not expand very much, so their transplanted hair will last that long as well. Some people, such as myself, will end up at NW 7 with only a very small "horseshoe" rim of hair left around the side and back of the head with very thin hair even in the area of hair remaining and thus, most of the transplanted hair will (and has in my case) fall out. What you need to try to figure out is where you will end up. Take a look at older relatives and try to find pictures of them when they were younger and see if you find anyone who seems to have your hair loss pattern and progression. That can be a good indicator. If you don't have any relatives that have very advanced hair loss then you are probably pretty safe as far as whether the transplanted hair will last or not.