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  1. That's how they advertise such fast shipping. Their trucks are already on the road getting it to you as you place your order. LOL
  2. My first hair transplant was 31 years ago, so I know what you mean. Back in those days the punch sizes were much larger, so they would have to bandage your entire head before you went home. Then you go back the next day to remove the bandage, clean the area, and replace it with a new bandage that you remove yourself at home. So yeah when you had to go to the bathroom it was a problem and they had to do a quick temporary bandage, so you wouldn't bleed all over. These days the punch sizes are so small that there's very little bleeding and it's not a problem to take a few breaks whenever you need to. You'll even get a lunch break. Where I go they let you order from a takeout menu before the operation starts and then they order it later and when it comes everyone takes a lunch break. Dr Dorin usually has a consultation scheduled either late morning or early afternoon, so they basically put in one of the bathroom breaks or lunch break at that time, so he can do the consultation plus give his fingers a break from doing the extractions as well. Breaks are really not an issue in todays hair transplants.
  3. Same with both. Plenty of people post lengthy transplant experience details with multiple photos the day after the procedure. If you're doing work on the computer and taking phone calls you shouldn't have any major problems with that. You probably won't feel like doing much the day after the procedure, but past that you should be fine. I walked 3 blocks to the hotel right after my hair transplant and the next day I walked back to the clinic for cleaning and then back to the hotel and then to the bus station to take a 2.5 hour bus ride home and then walked 4 blocks from the bus station to where my car was parked and then drove a few miles.
  4. It just happens to be a popular style on guys now. I imagine even more on some younger guys who have a new hairline from a hair transplant and been wanting to be able to comb their hair that way for a while and are tired of trying to hide their balding, receding, thinning hairline.
  5. Yes. You can move some of the hair under your chin to other areas of your beard.
  6. You know what Melvin, I took a look at some of them and it looks like they have been changed since I last saw them, so never mind what I said.... and great job with the forum.
  7. I think someone needs to really spend some time to go through all of the Drs listed and update their bios and info. The last time I really checked it looked like some of them were really dated. I realize that it's mostly up to the Drs to update their own info, but perhaps you should send them a link or something to easily allow them to view it and update it.
  8. Yes! I hate when 3 people quote all of the pictures that were posted. I really don't need to keep seeing the same results while I keep scrolling to get to the end. I usually try to select a section I'm responding to and quote that. I wish more people would do that. Thanks!
  9. Redness varies a great deal. Some people don't have any redness after a week or two and others will still have lingering redness for 6 months. Usually lighter skin with lighter hair gets the most and longest lasting redness. If you have an olive colored skin and dark hair you may not have much redness, but it varies. As for shaving the donor, with FUT they will only shave a strip of hair where they will be taking the strip out, so once they sew or staple you up you can usually hide it if you let your hair grow long enough. It's easier to cover with your hair once you get the sutures or staples out after about 12 days because it's just so much easier combing it then.
  10. Some men are happy even if they only get a small amount of hair back because it gives them a feeling that they were able to do something about their hair loss and they are no longer losing the battle. They are no longer helpless to it. It's like if you are in a war and the enemy keeps advancing and you have to continually retreat, but then one day you are able to hold them off and maybe even gain a small amount of ground back. Sure you still lost a lot of territory overall, but the feeling of finally stopping their advance is like a big win and you feel like maybe the war is finally starting to go in your favor. The morale increases and you no longer feel like you are in a lost cause.
  11. I don't understand why people would want to leave the forum based on one or two threads that they don't like or due to one or two people posting who they don't agree with. The simple solution is to stop reading and posting on that thread and/or stop responding to the person you don't agree with if you get offended by anything they say to you. If you think that there is no possibility of anyone having any opinions that differ from yours than the problem is you and not them. If you get offended by a topic, but keep posting on the same topic then again the problem is you not someone else. Stop getting offended by everything. This goes for everyone. I'm not singling anyone out. If everyone would stop getting offended by someone elses opinion and stop calling each other names for no reason then there wouldn't be a problem. It always amazes me when the ones who get the most upset about how they are being treated are usually the ones doing the most name calling.
  12. If you're working from home and don't care what you look like and it doesn't include any strenuous activity then you can probably be back to work in 2 days.
  13. This is normal during the first year of growth and it will improve over time to match the rest of your hair. It will also thicken up a bit over the next few months as well.
  14. I agree with you. My body hair grows back really quickly after I pluck it. Now that I've had over 4600 body hair grafts transplanted to my scalp I can say that my transplanted body hair grows faster and longer than my native scalp hair. It does take a bit longer to get started once it's first transplanted, but after about a year it really kicks in and the growth speeds up.