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  1. I don't know how most clinics do it, but I can tell you how True and Dorin counted the grafts when I was there. While they are removing the grafts via FUE they send small batches to the techs who look at them, cut ff any excess tissue, and count all the good grafts. Then they write the number of good grafts removed so far on a board that the patient can see. This is updated several times as the day goes on and they continue to remove and count grafts. When it's time to plant them all, the Dr pokes the incision holes in the recipient site and a technician counts them as he is doing it and calls out each hundred to him to make sure they get to the number of grafts that are available to be transplanted. I can easily count along with them if I want to.
  2. I stopped taking it about 10 years ago because (1) I knew I would need body hair grafts and the propecia was thinning my body hair. (2) I didn't want to be taking daily medication for 30 or 40 years. Even if you don't notice any side effects, that doesn't mean your body isn't slowly experiencing them. You don't know what it might be doing to your organs slowly over a long period of time. A few years ago, my friends mother was dying and was said to be about to pass away at any time, so they took her off of all of her medications to just let her die and within the next few days she was doing much better. She ended up living several more years without any medication. In another case I had a relative who took aspirin every day for years to thin the blood to prevent heart problems. She ended up dying of kidney failure from years of taking aspirin. I don't take any medication on a regular basis at all, so taking propecia really bothered me as it's something I just don't want to be doing. These days there are a number of clinics obtaining grafts from both the head and the body. I don't think it's worth it to be taking propecia once you have a hair transplant if you have utilized beard or chest grafts as in my experience propecia has a negative effect on those grafts.
  3. If you are really set on doing it, Feller and Bloxam in NY used to do what they called "Lunchtime FUE" which was basically small FUE sessions of less than 300 grafts. I don't know if they still do those or not, but you can reach out to them and ask.
  4. Your temple points look fine to me. Don't try to get some sort of perfect temple point because there's no such thing as everyone's looks different. I personally never had temple points. My hair went almost straight up from my sideburns to the hairline. In my opinion it's not worth the risk for a few grafts that aren't needed. temple points are hard to get right. There's a chance you could look worse. Why take that chance for such a minor issue? Now if you had actual real loss of the temple points I would go for it because then it does make a big difference, but you don't have that issue.
  5. It' not great, but I don't think it looks horrible. It may still improve over the next few months if you have some shock loss. The #2 length doesn't really look bad at all, at least from the picture. If it's really bothering you then maybe try letting your hair grow out for another month and then buzz it down again and see if it looks better by then.
  6. BeHappy

    Should you Choose FUE or FUT?

    If you start out with strip it usually makes sense to go with another strip later. They will cut along the same scar line to get another strip, so you will still have just the one strip scar. Once you get to the point where you can't get any more strip surgeries due to lack of laxity or lack of further good donor zone hair then you can do some FUE.
  7. I definitely want to speak with the Dr who is going to be performing the procedure. It's fine to speak with a representative first to get some basic questions out of the way, but you should always be able to speak with the Dr. If you only speak with a rep then you run into the chance of designing a hairline and plan and number of grafts with the rep and then on the day of the surgery, the Dr doesn't agree with what has already been decided by you and the rep. What do you do then? Do you go with what the Dr thinks is best or do you try to get him to do something he doesn't agree with because you are there based on a plan that was agreed to? You may have chosen a different clinic if you knew the Dr wasn't going to do what was decided. I think the ideal way to have a first consultation is having the rep see you first, then the Dr to discuss your specific hair case and plan, then the rep again to wrap it up with scheduling and final costs, etc afterwards.
  8. BeHappy

    Should you Choose FUE or FUT?

    Good video. You pretty much covered it. For myself if I was starting out today I would go with FUT because I have a large area to cover and need the maximum number of grafts plus I don't buzz my sides and back down, so I would easily be able to cover a FUT scar.
  9. A lot of how someone thinks about it depends on how old you are when you have severe hair loss and how fast it's happening. If you have minor thinning in your mid 20s or later and you are losing it slowly then yes I agree with you, but if you have severe and rapid hair loss very early it is a very different experience. I was a NW 4 before I even reached 20 years old. Believe me there are no 17 to 21 year old women wanting to date NW 4 men. They won't even look at you as they will think you are at least 40. If you try to come on to them they will just think you are an ugly, old, creepy guy and they will run away as fast as possible. Believe me. Sure if you really want a date you can get a few 40 to 45 year olds because they think you are their age, but when you are 19 years old it is extremely depressing to think that the only women who will even look at you are more than twice as old as you. It's like dating your mom's friends. Then it gets even worse when the 40 something finds out that you are still a teenager. She will be PISSED at you as if you did something wrong. That's just the dating part of it. Outside of dating everyone thinks you're a loser because you are working an entry level job still living with your parents because they expect someone as "old" as you to be doing something with his life, but you are only 19 years old and the people telling you this are the same age as you and they are also working the same job as you and living with their parents. If you want to get into the feeling that life is over then think of it this way: If one person starts losing his hair at 20 and slowly loses it over 40 years and doesn't reach NW 6 until age 60, he is not going to wake up on one morning and suddenly freak out because he is bald. However if someone else also starts losing hair at 20, but wakes up the next day as a NW 6 you can be sure this person will be freaking out about it. The experience of it happening is completely different for both men. You would think the first man is crazy if he suddenly freaked out about being bald because he's been balding for years. However you wouldn't think the second man is crazy for suddenly freaking out that he is bald. I can also tell you that if you are having rapid hair loss very early you are so afraid every day to see what you will look like next year or even the next day. Not just as far as hair loss, but you feel like you are aging 10 times faster than normal and wonder every night if you are going to suddenly have an old wrinkled face and have to walk with a cane by the time you wake up in the morning. This is a nightmare every night to someone losing hair very quickly while still in their teens.
  10. The real potential problem and what you need to be aware may come later. Lets say you want FUE so you can buzz the sides and back without worrying about a linear strip scar, but you also think you will end up at a high NW level. You decide to go with FUE first with the idea that if it gets really bad at some point in time you will then do a strip procedure to get more grafts. This sounds fine in theory, but let's say you have a few thousand grafts in the first FUE. You later go back to finish it off, do some touch up, add a little here and there, etc. You are not going to switch to strip. You are going to do another FUE of course. OK fine. A few years later when you lose a bit more hair the Dr tells you that you can still get one more FUE and of course you do that. At that point your donor is looking rather thin although manageable and you know you don't want to thin it out anymore as it's already getting see-through. You lose a bit more hair and you finally decide to switch to strip, but by then it's nearly impossible to get any meaningful amount of grafts in a strip surgery and with the thin donor that's left you will not be able to cover the strip scar even if you keep your hair long. If you went with strip first you wouldn't have thinned out the donor above or below the strip, so if you needed to max out the grafts after several strip surgeries, you could still do some FUE strategically from areas to not let the strip scar be visible. I just wanted to throw that out there as something to think about. There's no real right or wrong way as you get more benefits of going with FUE first in the early years, but you get more benefits of doing strip first in the later years. But even then it all depends on how much hair loss you end up with.
  11. The area under the chin does seem to heal really well. My beard area scars are less visible than my chest scars. There is still some scarring, though, so it's not perfect. However because of the location most people will never even see any of the scars it because it's all under my chin except for a small section on both sides that extended out a bit and even then it just looks like I didn't do such a great job shaving or that I have a few pimples there. For the most part they would have to be looking for it to see anything and know what they are looking for. If I were to tilt my head back to show someone, the tilting back of my head stretches the area and makes it even harder to actually see that they are scars as they sort of disappear in the stretching with some of them looking like tiny stretch marks on my neck. So... yes the scars are there, but it hasn't been any real concern to me. It's been several years since my first beard area session and my family still doesn't know I had anything done there.
  12. If you look closely you can see what looks like small dots from the FUE punch.
  13. This sounds to me like he could have had a graft site that was a light, slow bleeder for a few days with the small amount of blood spreading around the nearby grafts. The scab then forms like one large scab covering several grafts and the healing/scab fall off from that area is a few days to a week behind the rest of the grafts as the blood was still fresh a few days longer in that spot. If that's the case then it shouldn't be a problem.