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  1. Gosh Pat, that's a little vague. I am still considering Epstein for my second HT. So was the problem over the quality of his work or other differences, like financial . . if you feel you can say of course. And Grow or whatever your name is. . . yea I know your opinion already . so thanks.
  2. Let me put it this way, if you are diagnosed with a disease such as cancer, you will find that ten doctors might have ten different opinions about how to treat it. Even whether to treat with chemotherapy or what type is often a guess. I'm not talking about the routine things most doctors treat, colds - broken buns, minor burns, I am talking about life threatening illness here. For all the money poured into things like cancer research, there is still a heck of a lot that science doesn't know and an incredible lack of knowledge by individual doctors for that matter.
  3. Grow, you keep bringing up these six or seven individuals with bad results. I know of only one for sure that I have found on these boards. Can you name the others so I can read their stories?
  4. Medicine may be applied science, but the fact is that medicine cannot predict how any individual is going to react to any given treatment. That's why it is also an art. . . trying to figure out what is going on and how best to deal with a particular situation. Medicine simply at this point does not have a good enough understanding of the underlying science of the human body for it to be anything more than an art.
  5. Definitely stay away from surgery if you can . . because surgery oftentimes makes things worse. But sometimes surgery is necessary, especially if you have numbness or neurological symptoms of ongoing damage to the nerve. Than you need surgery to relieve the pressure from the nerve or risk additional problems down the line. In that case, you want a neurosurgeon, not an orthopaedic surgeon. They are simply better skilled surgeons generally when working in areas where there are nerves. And do your homework. Some surgeons out there have much better results than others, who routinely maim their patients.
  6. Utterly ridiculous logic Leeson. Medicine is an art not a science. When you get into hair transplants you get into areas that are even more subjective when analysing a patients results. Its easy for a know-nothing poster who knows nothing about the doctor individually, never met him or his patients, to give ignorant comments about the success or failure of that doctor's work, but if you think about it, that person's opinion is worthless. When I started this thread, I was seeking the opinions of people who have had first hand experience with Dr. Epstein. If they had less than stellar results I would want to know why? Was there something about their physiology or body chemistry that made things worse? Or if they think Dr. Epstein did something wrong, what was it? I would expect from a poster who had no first hand experience to say something along the lines of there have been complaints from so and so . . not make ignorant comments about how good the doctor is or is not. By the way, if you can find me one surgeon who bats 1000.00, you will have found a doctor who has a supernatural ability. And with regard to your ridiculous comparison of our criminal or civil justice system, you can be pretty sure that juries get it wrong far more than just a few percent of the time. The innocent go to jail all the time, and the guilty walk free. Oftentime it is because of the lack of integrity of the testifying experts, or the lawyering or lack of lawyering or just the biases of the jury that make the findings of fact or guilt or innocence.
  7. I don't think you get it Bill. Epstein can not provide information for fear of violation of the Hippa laws and Florida's own laws regarding physician-patient confidentiality. He has no right to talk about anybody in detail absent their written release, even given the aliases here because some people may know their real names. So asking Epstein to respond to questions he is not legally able to respond to is simply not really fair to him or any other doctor. And by the way, I am no fan of doctors. Some of them are higly lacking in ethics and integrity . . where the only thing that matters to them is money, but generally these evil doctors are insurance doctors whose sole job is to screw the individual to help an insurance company profit. Epstein is certainly not part of this nefarious group.
  8. Exactly Hairworthy. People will complain when their expectations are not met or for anything at all. Many people are hard to please. If you expect a full head of hair after a transplant you are bound to be disappointed no matter who did the work. Also, if Epstein has had more than his fair share of complaints lately, I haven't been able to find them in the archives and I've looked. I see one or two guys complaining at best. So I have no idea where grow Grow is coming up with this stuff. Maybe he can prove what he says by giving us the actual names of the posters, making it easier to find them. Finally, unless Epstein did his own transplant, it makes no sense to judge his own work by how happy he is with his transplant itself. Maybe he is very happy because he is in the field and knows what to reasonably have expected given his own situation. That's the problem with this type of medium. It is great because there is now so much transparency. But on the other hand, no telling who the people are who are giving opinions, whether they have some sort of agenda or whether they are just malcontents. Any bozo with a computer can post on a site like this.
  9. I was only kidding. I do remember yeas ago going through some old "encyclopedias" my father had in his youth (My dad would be 94 if he were still alive). I wish I kept these books but I do remember reading a section on why men went bald, and it was because of tight hats. Seriously. As for the question on this thread, since there has never been a "double blind study" of whether men are losing their hair earlier these days, its actually a question thats impossible to answer with any accuracy. We can only guess. And then if so, the question is why?
  10. No, we don't lose hair earlier than forty years ago because back then guys wore hats that cut off the circulation to their hair follicles.
  11. Thank you for the changes to my account Bill. As to the comments about Dr. Epstein, I think when you run a site such as this, you have to play a balancing act between free speech and defamatory comments. I do find some of the comments over the line. Its one thing to say that some posters have had slow growth or whatever, its another to say something like "I wouldn't let him touch me even if it was free". Perhaps not legally defamatory as pure opinion, but over the line nonetheless. Therefore, I am glad you detected my post was insulting. It was meant to be.
  12. I had an HT with Dr. E. back in 05 and its about time for my second. I used to read this board but have not been here for a while nor do I have the time to read updates about the coalition doctors. So my intention is to go back to Dr. Epstein for my second HT since I live in Florida. Anybody have a different recommendation.
  13. Epstein did my HT, 2800 front third, in Oct. 05 and the results were excellent. Only problem is I probably need to go back and have the middle third taken care of, which I have been putting off as long as possible. By the way, my Dermatologist recently looked at my scar and asked who did the transplant since he is often asked for referrals and wants to refer to Epstein, given the quality of his work on my head.