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  1. I think it will be better to take advise of your doctor on this. Really!
  2. Given your arguments, its difficult to disagree. Till now, that is before the advent of BHT, hair transplants were not even a cure. I think as BHT becomes more mainstream you will see the better doctors gaining the upper hand. Till then, its 2000 graft sessions followed by advise to the patient to have realistic expectations.
  3. Do not stop Minoxidil. Transient hair shedding at the start of Rogaine is a known phenomenon.
  4. Options- - you can have hair placed around the plugs, - you can have then excised and the wounds sutured close, - you can have the plugs excised and the wounds donor sealed with skin grafts, - you can have the grafts thinned by fue. A lot will depend on the direction of the hair in the plugs. Do you have any pictures of your head. That will help you get better advise. What do you expect to acheive and what is your donor supply like? How is your body hair growth?
  5. Body hair is an additional resource that helps acheive fuller restorations. Its only downside being that not everyone has good body hair that can be used. But, if your body hair grows >1 inch long, you should go for a small test session of bht with your next HT. Transplant that test session hair in an area where you can observe them. That way, when the time comes, you will know how your body hair looks like on scalp.
  6. First off, BHT is not unproven. Its just that its too much work and not many doctors are trained in it. Second, I am not against you or anyone else "settling" for thin coverage. I am against people being "forced to settle" for thin coverage thinking that more is not possible. There is a big difference between the two. You can have an option to choose between a Mercedes and Volkswagon. But to have only Volkswagon offered because Mercedes is costly is wrong argument. No one is going to spend a dime more than what they can afford to on their hair transplant. But they must know that
  7. Joe, There are many sites documenting progress. But they are all strip HTs. Scientist's is the first blog that extensively documents a BHT. I think bennstu was referring to BHT documentation. BTW, how is your bht coming along? I remember you had a few chest grafts transplanted.
  8. Given sufficient number of grafts you can pull it off- the non balding look in dry hair, I mean. Transplant at 45-60 FUs a sq cm over all the bald area and you can pull off any hair style. But for that a NW6 will need a lot of grafts. Say if the area is just 200 sq cms, at 50 FUs per cm that becomes 10,000 grafts. Without good, robust bodyhair being used in conjunction with scalp donor, that figure can not be reached. That brings us to the obvious question. What is your body hair like?
  9. That is normal and to be expected. Nothing to worry about.
  10. I would love to see some close up pictures. I suppose when you go to the good doctor, he will be able to take some. Looks good from what I can make out.
  11. Jodie, Hair transplants, maybe a few years later, will be able to help you. Not right now. Let the doctors refine body hair transplants further. That will be the time that you should consider any work. Not now. Reason? - A real natural Hairline requires finer hair. Not just the terminal hair that scalp HTs are going to give you. No matter what everyone says, an HT hairline can be spotted. I have checked the websites of many clinics. You are not the average balding guy who is going to be happy with some hair coverage. Tread very carefully.
  12. Hairbank, I do not want to make you nervous. You are in good hands. I am happy to see that you have a plan for future hair loss, if and when that occurs. Many people jump into hair transplants without proper planning. They think they will not lose any more hair. As long as you do not fall in that "happy" trap, everything will be fine. Good luck.
  13. Costs vary widely. Moreover, some doctors charge extra for repair. Best course of action will be to post some pictures or send pictures of your situation to doctors. Many of them offer online consultations and will give you the cost estimate if you clearly state your requirements
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