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  1. @Zoomster A absolutely fantastic journey, the results are really good👏🏻🥂🍾😊 it was a while since l check your thread, but you were planing going back for a touch up? I am due to go, but with current COVID status, l will have to wait later during this year for my visit. All the best!
  2. Nice to hear that the results are improving for you @Zoomster🙌🏻😊. I had not heard about this with Anagen desynchronization before, but l think especially using different type of hair sources can perhaps contribute. But it’s good hear that it’s thickening up😊. It’s re-assuring for myself, as l will visiting Eugenix myself this year😊. Thx for sharing the update
  3. Looks really good👍🏻😊. Can you please take overhead pics would be great. Thx😊
  4. I think there are many people who has been waiting to go😉😄Are you set for a date yet?
  5. Zoomster you have come very long way, the results are fantastic, considering where you come from😊. With a touch up, it will top notch🤩. Happy new year! Next year l will also be joining the Eugenix hair club🤩🥳
  6. The hairline placement looks great👍🏻😊. Will be interesting to follow final results
  7. Looks Great👍🏻😊. Would be really nice to see some photos showing the hairline from side as well top and back of the head. Thanks😊
  8. Thanks @Zoomster for sharing the top view picture, good coverage for the amount of grafts on that big area👍🏻😊. I noticing as well that you are really good responder to Fin😊. I am myself considering to look into topical fin as the l previously had sides effects from the regular fin.
  9. Looks great @Zoomster🥳😊. Would be great if you would a top view as well😊.
  10. It’s coming in nicely l must say👍🏻😊 Would be great with another donor and top overview picture
  11. I had a consultation with HLC. They have a good response. But being on the 4/5 with 2 previous Strip l was asking about using BHT, but there was and still is silent response from them. I’m just if this is how they are treating a potential customer/patient, how will they be acting post op in case l need help?😊 My feeling so far is that HLC do great job, but they are bit cherry-picking and want the nice hairline job patients which can produce good final results. if you are 5/6 l wouldn’t focus on HLC. I haven’t seen barley any results for such high Norwood patients from them. i would definitely look into Eugenix, which have repeatedly delivered on high Norwood patients. On top it, they have so far given very detailed and fast response in their consultation. I am to in search for FUE/BHT combo😊
  12. I must be frank and state, l have never seen such a severe shock loss in one spot. Typically when you face shock loss it goes into several patches in the donor. This doesn’t look as the usual shock loss. I do think you will recover, but l wonder if they have harvested a lot in this region or why only in that region. But l would say in the coming months (sorry, it will probably take some time) it will grow back. Hang in there, it’s not uncommon to occur😊
  13. Thanks for posting backwards pictures😊. The hair looks great, the hairline looks natural. Looks great. in my view you look better when you have the hair combed backwards👍🏻😊
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