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  1. Thanks @Zoomster for sharing the top view picture, good coverage for the amount of grafts on that big area👍🏻😊. I noticing as well that you are really good responder to Fin😊. I am myself considering to look into topical fin as the l previously had sides effects from the regular fin.
  2. Looks great @Zoomster🥳😊. Would be great if you would a top view as well😊.
  3. It’s coming in nicely l must say👍🏻😊 Would be great with another donor and top overview picture
  4. I had a consultation with HLC. They have a good response. But being on the 4/5 with 2 previous Strip l was asking about using BHT, but there was and still is silent response from them. I’m just if this is how they are treating a potential customer/patient, how will they be acting post op in case l need help?😊 My feeling so far is that HLC do great job, but they are bit cherry-picking and want the nice hairline job patients which can produce good final results. if you are 5/6 l wouldn’t focus on HLC. I haven’t seen barley any results for such high Norwood patients from them.
  5. I must be frank and state, l have never seen such a severe shock loss in one spot. Typically when you face shock loss it goes into several patches in the donor. This doesn’t look as the usual shock loss. I do think you will recover, but l wonder if they have harvested a lot in this region or why only in that region. But l would say in the coming months (sorry, it will probably take some time) it will grow back. Hang in there, it’s not uncommon to occur😊
  6. Thanks for posting backwards pictures😊. The hair looks great, the hairline looks natural. Looks great. in my view you look better when you have the hair combed backwards👍🏻😊
  7. Looks fantastic with the amount of grafts used😊. Can you style your hair backwards or up so can se the hairline placement? Too Bad the doctor is not doing BHT also😊
  8. Looks Great so far👍🏻😊. I have HLC on my options for my next procedure
  9. Looks great for only 4 months😄. Are you using any meds as well? Would be great if you could take a side view picture as well😊
  10. Thanks for sharing pics😊Looks good. How is the hair direction would you say? Is that have a natural angle? yes, H&W is great and one of the best in the industry for sure😊. What do they take per graft FUE? If you are close, then it a good choice
  11. The results looks great! Can you please take a picture as well having hair combed backwards so can better see the hairline?😊 Are you satisfied with the results? Any reason why not going back to Dr.Cinik for the crown work?
  12. Truly amazing results🙌🏻😊. With a touch up procedure, it will be ready for Hollywood😄
  13. Looks geat Portugal👍🏻😊. I think you have achieved more or less spot on based on the size of area needed to be covered and with the grafts in range of 3900. As for next step, l would either go back for another 2000 beard/chest into that area and then be done. Or just use fibers as Melvin proposed. But l would be very tempered to get it done and then don’t need to use any concealers😊. But that just me
  14. Looking forward to see some pictures of the results😊
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