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  1. @AB2000 Thanks for sharing your results! Looks like you have covered really good on your head. Now obviously trying to increase the density further. From what l see from the pictures the BHT looks really natural. They are a bit more curly compared to head hair, which at least to seems as your natural head hair also is curly? Seeing in real person, how natural do rate the BHT hairs, do you feel there is no or minor difference? Would be great to get your own assessment so far. thanks a lot!
  2. Thanks for sharing! Looks nice and clean. Would be great if you can start your own thread so we can follow your case😊
  3. Would be great to see some pictures😊. Can you pls your story? Thx
  4. Yes, correct, should be coming additional density in the coming months. Usually the transplanted hair grows in gradually. I am also considering Dr.Cinik but need to use BHT quite a lot. I following him to see his capabilities for BHT transplants as well.
  5. Looks great results so far! I think you should expect further growth until 12/18 months.
  6. Looks good. Was those 3000 grafts head hair or BHT combined?
  7. Looks great! How your back head? Can you take a pic showing the graft extraction area? Thx
  8. Looking forward to follow this thread! Looks good so far.
  9. Looks great so far! You can expect growth and additional density to fill in up to 18, 24 months. I think you should wait further until making the final assessment.
  10. I am sorry to say, but during the more than five years i have been reading these forums, I have yet to see ANY great or even good result from a doctor from UK or even Europe for that matter also. Baboon
  11. In that area you have Dr.Armani and Dr.Rahal. Dr.Rahal is situated in Ottawa. You can check out my result with Dr.Rahal, My HT with Dr.Rahal I am thus far really pleased that I choose Dr.Rahal. If you have any questions, just ask me. Baboon
  12. Michaellovesnyc, Your hair looks great, you must be pleased with that hair. Do you feel that you are done, or have you gotten hair greedy and want more hair
  13. TomA, Yes, the shedding has alredy begun. I remember the last time l shedded almost al my newly planted. We'll see if l keep them or not, l will keep you informed! Michaellovesnyc, Thank you, I am quite extaic myself l must say.