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  1. I would suggest continue on with the current regime.. pain will decrease and disappear gradually .. I too felt the pain with avodart but it was proper as I continued..
  2. Dr.Timothy, Just want to know whether Dutasteride or Finasteride help in holding the hairline..I am 23 and I am in NW3 stage .. What are my other options?Can you please shed some light on this..I am currently been using a combination of both i.e, alternately along with Minoxidil 5% on my Tricho's prescription.
  3. 2.5 mg is too strong I guess 0.5 mg may be perfect ..howz your regrowth been on the front now??
  4. If its genetic and if you are sure its MPB get a prescription from a dermo though not necessary here for Finax 1 mg of..its available in all medical stores..
  5. May be the DHT levels have increased..minoxidil does not inhibit DHT..its mechanism is unkown..better get a prescription for finasteride..
  6. Hey Markymarc..are you sure finasteride is regrowing hair in the frontal/temple areas..