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  1. Holy Sh-- you must be one happy dude. Those pics look really great. Dr Feller did an outstanding job.
  2. Hey Indi, I know what your saying. People love to make comments about our hairloss and most of the time its only a joke but yet it still hurts. The only thing to do is grin and bear it. As for the propecia and Rogaine- have you started to use it? I think it will help you keep the hair you have all over your head not just the crown and it may help you grow some new hair. I think the it will not grow hair in the front if you are already bald or shiny. I believe they claim it will only regrow hair in a bald crown. I hope this helps. Good luck.
  3. How long has this Xandrox been on the market? I have never heard of it. Is the side effect of thinning of the skin bad for someone considering a transplant?
  4. Hey scarred, you should either stop crying and get your scar fixed or just stop crying ... yeah. Get a life dude. Your act is so old already.
  5. Posted August 25, 2006 10:53 PM August 25, 2006 10:53 PM Hide Post yeah i think it will definitely grow again! good thing i keept long hair in the back so i can cover my scar now. its only visible if hair is wet. fortunately i live in arizona so its never raining here! Hairbank- Just wanted to show you this post. I sent this guy a private message to ask him about his scar. Steve Posts: 71 | Registered: October 29, 2005
  6. I have seen pics of fue shaved down and there does not appear to be any scarring. Obviously you cant really judge by a pic on the internet. It probably depends on the doctor and how the person heals.
  7. Franklin, How is the scar when the hair is wet? I imagine it has to be visible.
  8. J- I have been researching for about a year now. I do know the downside of using Fue but at this time I do not wish to have the scar. I think to get it done takes alot of balls and most of the pics I see look great but my thinking is if it comes out bad I can never wear my hair short. At least if I dont achieve the look I want with fue can I then opt for strip if I really get desperate? I know this is thinking backwards. But if I give up I can just wear it short.
  9. Bill, Thanks, your post on strip vs Fue did give me a better idea of the difference between the two. As you know I am not crazy about the idea of having the scar but regarding fue I may not get the greatest results yet will still have some scarring. I really dont know what to do. For some people it is a simple decision but for me it is not. I feel with Fue if I am not happy with the results I can always just cut my hair very short. With Fut If I am not happy with the results I will never be able to wear my hair short again. And I dont mean shave down to sking but down to a one or two. Its a gamble.
  10. I appreciate any and all feedback and did not feel your tone was insulting at all. I do intend to do more research and will visit with fue patients. I have to see the results in person. Pics always look better. I almost made the plunge without seeing any patients and good thing I visited with some of Bernsteins patients because that is ultimately why I canceled. I did see some very good patients of his but Do not feel that I am the greatest candidate. Like I said before I am not looking for a full head of hair just a bit thicker than what I have now and most importantly a permanent solution.
  11. I would say a 5a. Its hard to say because I think we all seem to want to believe that we have more than what appears. I thought a five but I was told a five by True and a six by Bernstein. Perhaps it has gotten a but thicker due to the propecia. How long does propecia work for? Will it still stop the dht in say five years from now? Is there anything else on the horizon that may be even better?
  12. Bill, Bernstein informed me that I am a six. It freaked me out as well. Maybe my hair appeared a but thicker due to bad lighting. I am still undecided. Just worried about the scar since I shave to a 2 and sometimes one and a half. I am also worried about swimming and sweating with the scar showing thru.
  13. B-spot and Bill, Thanks for the advice.
  14. Bill, left out that I am using propecia for one year,5% rogaine around 12 years.