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  1. I am a patient of Dr. Hasson and used to take proscar for many years. Decided to switch to topical finasteride per Dr. Hasson recommendation more than a year ago due to side effects. However, I can no longer order it from Canada as the topical gel is not FDA approved and cannot be ordered from Canada and imported to the US anymore.! I need some help as to where in the US I can order the Topical Fin Gel? I just don't want to blindly order it online! Would really appreciate all your responses. Thanks! KamCal
  2. Hello Everyone. I have a surgery with Dr. Hasson on December 18. I know he shaves the transplant area to work around my hair. However, I need my original hair to grow back to its normal length as fast as possible. I know there is a supplement that help speed up hair growth but don't remember its name. Does anyone know which supplement I am referring to?
  3. Thank you mav23100gunther and Dr. Bloxham for your responses. It makes my decision much easier. I am glad to hear Dr. Hasson is still on top of his game.
  4. Hello Everyone. I had a strip HT surgery with Dr. Hasson 8 years ago (my first one) for about 3700 grafts. I've been happy with my results; however, I would like to go back and do a second one with him to add density after 8 years. The problem I have is that I have been out of this for almost a decade and don't know if he is still one oif the best or not and if he still produce consistent great results. Back in 2007 he was one of the top 3 HT doctors in the world. Is he still considered the best after all these years or you wouldn't recommend him? Any sincere feedback is appreciated.
  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. I have to apologize for responding with a delay. I was out of town for a week and just got back home. It definitely feels great not to be bald anymore. Richie48: Thanks for your comment. You noticed it right. I shave just below my hairline to enhance the natural look. Those are my natural hairs that are still hanging there. I might consider laser them. FS: Thank you for the comment. We both have come along way in this journey. I wish you all the best for the second one. PGP: Well, I have tried to grow them in the early days right after my surgery but the grow in an upside down "T" shape and will not look natural at all since I comb my hair from front to back. I can grow them if I comb sideway (left to right). Bill: again thanks for the comment. Yes, I can still notice the difference as months go on. Thana: Your result look great as well. As a matter of fact, I decided to grow my hair longer. We will see how it tuns out. And Balody: Thanks. It feels good to get all these positive comments. Your hairs look pretty good as well. Enjoy it. I will keep you guys updated at the one year mark. Thanks everyone. Kam <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre"> </pre> <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre"> </pre> <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre"> </pre> <pre class="ip-ubbcode-code-pre"> </pre>
  6. Bill, look at the last 4 photos in the photo gallery. They are from 8.5 months post op and 10 months 3 weeks post op. I took the last two photo just a few hours ago in the morning. What do you think?
  7. Hello everyone...... Hope everyone is doing great. Just updated my photos. The result speaks for itself thanks to Dr. Hasson and his team. Please let me know what you think. KamCal
  8. Hi FS, How is it going man. I just happened to see your post here. I am so sorry that I have been out of touch for the last few months. But, I've been very busy here at work. I have not had a chance to take photos after I don't even remember maybe 7-8 months post op. I will update you guys for the 11 months and of course the 1 year mark. BTW, as others have said your results look terrific. One more and you should be set for life. I also plan go back in a few years to add density to my crown and refine my hairline a little bit more. I will definitely keep you posted in 2 weeks (11 months post op) Later. KamCal
  9. Hey FS, looking awesome buddy. You need to upload your 6 months photos. Did I miss it? KamCal
  10. Thanks Balody and Bill for the comments. I know I am very excited about my result and I see improvement pretty much day to day. However, I can definitely use some more thickenning and maturing to imrove the top down view. One question: if you guys look at my immediately post op picture, Dr. Hasson transplanted the hairs on the left side of my head like a "reverse L" shape. But, that's the area that still needs thickenning and improvement. I don't get why? Even if it doesn't improve I don't think I'll go for the second round as I would like to keep my donor in reserve in case I started to lose more hairs. I am 30 now and although fin seems to be working in slowing down my hair loss, who knows what will happen in 10 years from now. Dr. Hasson estimated that I have about 2500 more grafts via strip which totalls a little more than 6000 grafts combining with my 3650 first round. I am assuming I have another 2k via FUE, so I should be in good shape. Well, hopefully. Anyway I have at least 5 more months to go and improve with my first procedure. Balody, you definitely looking good yourself these days. I am happy for all of us. Congrats! I will keep you guys posted. KamCal
  11. Hello all. I have added my 7 months photos. The result looks great and I have had a huge cosmetic improvement (Thanks to Dr. Hasson and his staff) and I am very happy so far at the 7 month mark. Hopefully, the hairs become even thicker over the next several months. As you see, still the top down picture is not very thick and the scalp is see through. I am hoping that from 7 to 10 months post op my hairs become thick and mature. Feel free to comment. Thanks. KamCal
  12. Hair Bank, Congratulations on your HT with Master Wong Wow, 7500 grafts....I am happy for you. I am coming to you with one questions though. Did Dr. Wong up the fin. dosage for you or does he still feel EOD is working. I am asking this because I have heard the med might lose its efficiency after some time and you might have to increase the dosage. Just checking..... Heal and grow well Hair(y)Bank!!!! KamCal
  13. Hey, thanks Joe for the response. I have to say that I am very happy with my result with Dr. Hasson and I get comments on my new head of hair pretty much on a daily basis. That's a great feeling to be able to wake up in the morning and actually be able to brush my hair again. Thanks to everyone at H&W. Although more density won't hurt at all and I am sure it will come with time. You are right when you said the change is not that noticeable once the hairs are out. I had major hair growth around 6 weeks ago and since then I have not noticed much change in the hair diameter (density). OK maybe a little ng2gb: thanks for the comment. I know I am very excited and can't wait for the next couple of months to arrive to see my final result once my hairs have thickened and matured. And hairbank, glad to see you back here again I know I can't even believe how I looked like when I was 2-3 months post op. I have come along way for sure and am very happy so far. hopefully the hairs will thicken up and will blend in with the rest of my head. I will def. keep you guys posted. Thanks. KamCal
  14. "I AM SORRY THAT THIS PATIENT HAS NOT HAD THE GROWTH I WOULD HAVE EXPECTED AT 9 MONTHS. HE IS NOT THE FIRST. HE AND PERHAPS 3 OR 4 OF THE 500 PATIENTS ON WHOM I PERFORMED A PROCEDURE ON IN 2007 I WILL NEED TO BRING BACK TO THE PROCEDURE ROOM AND PERFORM A TOUCH UP OR WHATEVER IS NEEDED, DUE TO A LOWER THAN EXPECTED RATE OF GROWTH." Don't you guys think that 3 or 4 patients every year is a little too many. I know I would not want to go to the surgeon who knows every year perhaps 3 or 4 of his procudures are going to fail. What if I end up being one of them? Just my thought....
  15. Mikeb921, You have picked a great doctor with consistent amazing results. You will be in best of hands. H&W are truly one the best in this field. Congratulations again. KamCal