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  1. I havent verified those figures but if that's true that's poor form in charging that much. It would be typical from the drugs industry though. Pity I just heard about this drug and was wondering would it also cure male pattern baldness got my answer though, no connection to Alopecia therefore very unlikely :-(
  2. Completely agree with Bill. I did order online (only once) for cheap proscar and it didnt work. I learned my lesson I now get Proscar cut into 4ths which doesnt cost as much as i thought and the most important thing is I KNOW its Legit.
  3. I bought from 4rx and they didnt work for me im now back for buying over the counter. More ?‚¬ but at least i know its legit.
  4. Hi T1wave, Same thing happened to me when i ordered. I learned my lesson im not ordering off the web again and staying local and buying from the chemist. Fortunately i dont have to rebook and ?‚¬100 appointment with my HT doctor he sent the prescription through the post which was pretty cool of him If you are ordering off the web i posted some tips here Regards, Irish
  5. Hi all, Going against the recommended warnings from many on this site (eg Bill) I tried to reduce the cost of my hairloss regime so i posted on this site to find a website that suited. I was recommended 4rx so i ordered from them. Delivery was ok however 3months later i noticed an increase in hairloss and a loss of small sides(meaning tolerable sides) that came from the over the counter finas(Which worked). I asked 2guys who also ordered from this site and they also felt the same abour the drugs. Also they DO SPAM. imagine opening up your email box with an email saying "your erection will be huge with using drug X" Im warning people (even though $$$) that the best solution is to buy over the counter(as they say in Ireland "to be sure, to be sure" cause you no that works) However if you REALLY want to beat the price here are some signs that you should look out for on online pharmacies: 1) When going to the order page it should read in the address bar in the top left hand corner https (s=secure) your ebanking accounts will have that indicating a secure webpage. Scam websites dont bother as it will only be http. 2) Also in Ireland customs regulations prohibit the sending of prescription drugs which is the same for many countries. Therefore when entering your credit card details. When it asks you to select the country you live in it should NOT show all the countries in the world but round a handful. Scam websites deliver everywhere for obvious reasons while the good websites should not supposedly. Hope this helps others. No real damage was done though for me and my hair im back to buying over the counter. Regards, Irish
  6. Seems like a lot of trouble, 2 tablets daily and a gel. You will have to pay $. I just bought a normal haircutter. Cheaper and You can style it the way you want(its not as hard as you think). Maybe RanchCorp could of made a way to stop hairloss rather than hairgrowth.
  7. Hi guys, Just heard about a new herb that works better than Finas and DUT called Red Maca and heard from an experienced source. Has anyone heard of this? and what do you make of this? any other info? using it and what not.. Claims made to reduce DHT significantly and increase libido. Regards, Irish
  8. Welcome to the site Mister, prescription in Ireland was ?‚¬100 and the proscar was ?‚¬50 for only 4 months so i had to do something to reduce my costs so i posted a while ago asking for some websites and i got references from experienced people of this website which recommended websites (here), i dont know how much it costs in America Regards, Irish
  9. I understand, Take into consideration the comments above but if you really want to buy generic dutasteride i posted on here a while ago asking where to buy and i got some websites recommended by experienced people on this website ( here ) Look at Leesons recommended websites Regards, Irish
  10. Hi guys, The average person looses roughly 100 per day. Does anybody know or is there an average amount of hairs you should expect to see in the shower/bath. A guy posted said that he was worried about seeing average of 20hairs in the bath tub but i didnt think that was a huge cause for concern as i think i my have on average a little more than that and i seem to be stable. Regards, Irish
  11. Hi Karthik, Good question i posted on here a year go asking the same question (here) I have been using a concealer with Minoxidil for about a year now the same way you have been doing and also washing my hair every 2 days (as recommended) with no problems. But i dont think there is any way around the problem. I have a apray concealer so it turns a little gooey but its still good. I do imagine though that the Minoxidil will dry into the scalp better without the concealer but i have been managing fine. good luck regards, Irish
  12. Hi CantDecide, If you experienced sides with finasteride then its very likely you will have the same or worse sides with Dutasteride as its a much stonger drug. Dutasteride is a better drug as outlined by Jojo but its pretty new so longterm damage is not fully assessed. Try looking into Minoxidil 15% on Amazon just google it, it claims its a DHT inhibitor but do your research on it. Regards, Irish
  13. irish-2008


    Hi Jojo, yeah should really update my signature its not 1/4 proscar anymore its now 1mg finasteride from 4rx. Those emails spam are so annoying!! Im a computer student and use my emails alot and they are pretty out there with regards to sex life emails Irish
  14. irish-2008


    Hi Jojo, Yeah i no what you mean about delivery. In Ireland they have a law blocking prescribes drugs entering the country ib customs. Because of this many websites dont deliver to Ireland. However some websites such as 4rx.com deliver to Ireland because they package it in a certain way. I too had my doubts about 4rx so i sent a private message to Peter88 who recommended the website and posts regularly here. He said the drugs do work as he had to stop using them because he was going to have a child and his hairloss came back and when he restarted his hairloss went away again which proves that the stuff is ok. I saved a bunch dont have to pay doctor for prescription ?‚¬100 and proscar ?‚¬50 for only 4 months. So i ended up buying from 4rx which so far they seem grand. My only complaint is that now i get spam emails from pharmacies not sure if its from 4rx but its really frustrating as the emails are about selling viagra and about what viagra could do for my sex life. When i was looking for websites that sell proscar i must of logged on or something to one of the dodgy ones. Anyway 4rx.com is the website i oredered off they seem ok and the tablets are similar to ones sold all legit websites. But its up to yourself Regards, Irish