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  1. Upon receiving the adrenline, my heart rate jumped to 230 beats a minute! The doc had to give me somehting that put me too sleep for 30 or so mins!
  2. I am 6 weeks post FUE and my donor is undetectable. In regards to scarring, it is no contest that FUE is far, far, far. far superior.
  3. Kellybel, If you are looking to get 3000 grafts via FUE, you need to look no further than Dr. Armani. He is the best in the field of FUE mega-secessions. Second I would look at Dr. Feller. I recently had 3,500 FUE and Dr. Armani did it in 1 day! Look into it, he is about to release his new website that will showcase 50 new patients that had mega fue's. Good luck, Hairme
  4. Craven, I am glad you are taking steps to fix your psychological problems that hairloss has caused. A few things I would recommend is if you are NW5 I would suggest a higher number of grafts. I think you may need closer to 4,000-5,000 to reach your goal. I just don't want you to think that a ht is the cure-all. If you are going to swing for the fences, go big. That is if finaces are willing. Second, If you are not already doing so, I highly recommend seing a psychiatrist. Many people around these hairloss forums suffer from some form (mild or relevant) of body dysmorphic disorder. A ht will bring you joy if succesful, but you want to rule out another underlying issue if something else could be present. All the best and good luck, Hairme
  5. L'Anonyme, You know that bugs me that I didn't ask him about this. I am sure he has to use something for his strip surgeries but with my FUE he didn't measure my density. That is one of 3 questions I have found out I sould have asked that I didn't. I also wasn't very proactive in the hairline design stage which at first I wish I was but now I am glad I kept my mouth shut b/c I am sure I would have designed something that looked very unnatural. My hair used to dull scissors at the barber shop, My hairdresser use to complain about this all the time, my donor hair is still this thick. When the doctors were extracting they kept commenting on how good my donor was (given this could have been just small talk.) But I would like to have my donor density measured in the near future just to see how many grafts I could possible truly have for transplantation (which in all honesty I have no clue what the number would be.) I was amazed at Dr. Armani skills wit numbers though. WHen he was making the implant incisions. We had a full conversation for the entire 20-30 mins of the 3,500 cuts. I asked if I was messing his count up. He said he doesn't have to count individually anymore. He counts by the hundreds. HE can look as 100 incisions and just know that they are 100 incisions w/ out counting. I was impressed when he nailed the number 3,500 exactaly on the nose.
  6. NervousNelly, I couldn't agree more that confidence is invaluable. Something, I also hope my response wasn't one of these "if you don't like my ht go burn in hell." I like input be it negative or postive. I don't think everyone on this forum knows how much I appreciate all the information that you guys bring to the table. The only reason I am keeping a blog of my progree is b/c I feel I at least owe this forum that much. Keep up the great information (and I agree on the transected hairs bit, but I don't think it will be a graft for graft trade off or Armani would be out of business!) Best, Hairme
  7. thanatopsis_awry, Couldn't have said it better myself brother. Thanks for chiming in here and helping me explain to others. L'Anonyme, 1) Yes I believe he is closer than your estimate (7,000 grafts.) I believe I have at least 12,000 grafts total for use. But this depends from person to person. I have thick donor hair. I saw a patient while in Toronto that had 10,000 FUE extracted. My donor hair was thicker than his and his extractions were undetectable! He was a Norwood 6 or worse before his operations. 2) Armani does have hype attached to his name, but I would like to think for good reason. I know this board is a little more conservative than the other hairloss boards, that is why I love this place. People actually care about helping one another. I have seen around 6-7 patients of Dr. Armani. Not once was I not on awe. His is a artist. That is the best way to put it. He has more art skills in designing natural looking hairlines in this business.. I don't think anyone will even argue with that. But another thing, you know what I notice as a common trend? People that have met with, spoken too or seen other Armani patients love the guy. Most of the people on here that despise him haven't even seen a patient from him. It is a downright sin that he isn't in the coalition of surgeons on here. But I understand the argument to why he isn't. What some people are forgetting is, these hairlines that people are getting are what they want. I have researched for years about my choice of surgeon, this was not a uninformed decision. I didn't really want to bring this up, but I for one had the surgery for business reasons. I am going into broadcast meteorology. Do you notice a common trend amongst weathermen? Different people have them for different reasons. I think it is smart to plan for the future, but in my case I wanted while I was young for all kinds of reasons. There are so many things happening at my age, You are looking for an attractive mate, job opportunities, interviews etc. A good hairline gives me confidence, in return this shows others (women, possible employers) that I am a confident person. 3) Hope and sincere belief is part of my master plan because of timing. I am amongst the age group that is at the cusp of a cure. Do you truly believe there will not be something in 10 years from now? Be it BHT, cloning, meds. So many things are unfoldinf right now that in my eyes, the odds of all of these things stiking out is like 5-10%. I am playing the odds. Lets think where I will be in 10 years. At the age of 37, I will be married and already have chosen the career that I will most likely have for the rest of my life. I know older people will argue this, but isn't having hair in your youth a little bit more important than in your elder years. People are just more accepting to older people balding than people my age and especially people 8-10 years younger. Don't take this as a stab, I feel for all balding me. Balding isn't right. It can really take a toll on an individual emotionally. Something, Armani is not a cheat. He doesn't plan for the future as well as other docs, thats a given. But don't we want to at least have the choice, have the choice of getting a hairline back that we once had? This is where you are incorrect. He gives you the same density and if you please, the exact same hairline you had. I have seen his dense hairlines, they are amazing. Pictures do not do these hairlines justice at all. They are thick and designed beautifully. My hairline has a bit of receeding crafted into it. Rarely does Armani give anyone a perfect hairline. And the 80-90 percent density you see in my pictures is really 40-50%. I am a diffuse thinner. Luckly for me though, Dermatch works wonders with the hair behind my hairline. That is the single only good thing about diffuse thinning, concealers work well with them... With a strong hairline and Dermatch I believe I can wait out a cure. Call me optimistic, but I am laying all my chips that there will be a cure in the near future!
  8. If you have a comment or questions I would be more than happy to give you a honest answer, but please leave the sarcasm and ridicule at the door.
  9. probably NW3. I am a diffuse thinner though. My long hair in the before pics is deceiving.
  10. Baboon, Yes it is an option. For $14 a graft he will do the extractions. But 1/2 that gets you probably the same quality with a highly trained doctor that has probably done more extractions than the Doctor himself.
  11. Herman. Reseach these Doctors. 1) Dr. Alvi Armani 2) Dr. Feller 3) Dr. Rahal 4) Dr. Hasson and Dr. Wong of Hasson and Wong
  12. Never lie to your Doc. This is the one guy on eart you should be completely honest with. Go get the blood tests at your doc's office. Believe me this is the smallest part of the procedure. When you are in the chair for 10-12 hours you will laugh that you once worried about the inital blood work..
  13. Baboon, The techs do the extractions and the implantation. Armani designs the hairline and creates the angle and density of holes in your hairline (where the grafts are placed) himself. So he does the artistic part of the op as the techs(which all of Armani's 'techs' are actually doctors themselves. He uses only doctors on his staff, no techs) You are paying for his vision, design and angle of the grafts. The doctors working on me were more than qualified. They were excellent!