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  1. I wish True and Dorin got more play on this forum. Yes I get people are cost conscience and travel for a hair transplant is common to save $$$....but after consulting at different places and having work done a True and Dorin I was thrilled. They are damn expensive relative to getting travel cosmetic surgery done so I guess this is the problem for many but they are top tier IMO. I'm in talks to have a beard and scalp FUE HT with them in August at the practice to better a rather hopeless situation I have been in. They already successfully resolved a scar issue via FUE that was an absolute failure the time it was attempted at another clinic. Having done FUE now at 2 different clinics I can tell just how much more refined it was with them. They also utilize PRP at the time of my procedure to assist in growth/healing. I think that was huge for me. But again...$$$$ dictates alot but it is never a good idea to put $$$ ahead of good HT work.
  2. Yes that is correct as far as yield…but understand, that practice is really FUT above all. I find them antiquated in their approach but that is my opinion. It was valid in the early 2000's but more and more FUE is proving its worth. Feller has a history of talking down about FUE and Bloxham is his protégée so to speak. Do the math there.... If you search my name you can see my posts that indicate my story.
  3. Is a FUT really what you want? That scar ear to ear is no joke. Plenty of FUE docs are out there that are top-tier that may be able to help you. Bloxham seems to do sound work via FUT but FUE is a no go there IMO. I did not have good results at that practice but that was back when it was Feller only. Early 2000's Got a badly stretched scar twice from 2 FUTs at that practice that resulted in a 3rd procedure and a failed attempt of FUE into the scar there as well. "0" growth occurred. Felt completely dismissed by the practice as a previous patient of 3 procedures upon return there last year for help. I was actually questioned twice as to if I had a procedure at another clinic since the scar looked very stretched and the hair was sparse. Was eventually simply told my physiology was to blame but was offered a procedure again at $6/graft via FUE as a "we are sorry" approach from what I gathered...went to True/Dorin instead after the debacle. FUE into scar at True/Dorin was a success. Hoping to finish up at True/Dorin but Covid is screwing everything up. Just be careful OP. I think Bloxham is doing very good FUT just to be clear, but that was my experience at the practice. You can imagine the fallout I have experienced over the years. Don't be another case like mine. Choose wisely.
  4. Do you regret getting FUT? Yes. My scar is stretched and has been an absolute burden on my life. I went to a reputable dr recommended here 3x with poor results. 1 of the procedures was an absolute failure attempt at FUE into the scar which netted 0 growth. Im told years after its just my physiology by this same clinic. Hair on the scalp from the FUT grew yes but has never measured up to what could have been if I just shaved my head or did FUE from the get go. Its been years of fussing with Dermmatch and Caboki to even being able to go outside and look normal. Thankfully Dr Dorin was able to FUE into the scar this past year and everything grew. Im still very thin on top but the scar is more bearable with the SMP I had done. Overall it has been a nightmare. How's the scar? See above^...an absolute soul crushing result. Im not exaggerating here. How was the recovery? Not bad but FUE is a 100x better with less pain Do you feel good about the results? I need a lot more grafting. Id have been better off shaving my head but Im unfortunately im mired in the fact I went forward to have a HT to begin with. How is your laxity? (before and after) I was told my laxity was very good...then my scar stretched out terribly 2x with the same dr after a promise of a thin line result. Overall....my recommendation is unless you are an extensive Norwood is to use FUE and suck up the cost. There is an SMP industry that exists which has a huge customer base of HT patients having their horrible scars camouflaged. Do not be one of them.
  5. Thank you, I hope that the laser procedures can still help the dark line. I have one session this Thursday. I'm also consulting another Dr (True/Dorin) specifically for the scar with possible FUE via beard and chest hair. If that can disguise it better...I will be set I think. I'm hoping to just end this nightmare. Some have suggested a plastic surgeon for me for the scar but I'm not sure about that route. If anyone wants an SMP tech recommendation just PM me.
  6. I have to agree we are our own harshest critics. Here is the crazy thing... I actually like the shaved head look for me though. Its just the damn scar is so there and noticeable. It feels like its the subject of everyone in the room whose eye falls on it. The pics really don't convey it. Its more the dark line of the scar than anything. The SMP was such a godsend otherwise.
  7. Yeah, I know the feeling regarding the career and appearance. I had to make a move recently and have been fighting a huge uphill battle because of the bad HT. Wish I never did the HT now. However the SMP work was top-notch but still I am having issues.
  8. Hello all, I'm reaching out to the forum for suggestions and asking for help. I was here years ago to do research on hair transplants and know this is the best place for answers. I had the "in-title" procedures done and ended up with very poor coverage and a huge gaping scar which occurred both times in each of my strip procedures. It has devastated my well-being, relationships, and ability to function in many respects. I have used a combo of Dermmatch and Cabokie over the years but it has been in reality so time consuming to apply and thus increasing difficult to manage. I would spend several hours prior to work or before going out trying to use the concealer to get to an acceptable look, often skipping social events. I did this for years. Its been a living hell! My bathroom is a mess from it all also. Nevertheless, I managed for years to do this but recently finished my masters degree thankfully but now am no longer able to manage the daily application of the concealer combo due to what my job will entail. I simply cant spend hours daily in the morning applying this concealer. I was going crazy with it anyway trying to manage it. Incidentally, I kept my hair grown out during this time because I had the terrible scar. I returned to my Dr from prior procedures recently and was met with skepticism that I actually had all my procedures done at that clinic as my results and scar were so poor. The Dr in the consultation asked me several times if I had procedures anywhere else. I was angered by this as this was all this clinics work! In the end they realized it was there own work and told me that my scar was a result of my physiology and I would heal again this way if it was revised. They offered to address the scar @ $6/graft FUE. However, I contested that I had FUE work done before there for the scar and the scar was not improved. Again, devastated! I was however referred to an SMP tech and as a result there received a much improved look. Still, as a result of poor scar healing I have a hyperpigmented dark line from ear to ear that cannot be hidden with this new shaved head look I now have. As a result of this I have been undergoing fractional laser therapy to decrease this dark line (3 sessions so far). However, this is not reducing the line as much as hoped and now that I must shave my head with having SMP done I still have this noticeable dark line from ear to ear. Further, while the SMP has helped the top of the scalp greatly, I still actually have the gaping scar that is hard to manage as the texture of no hair is evident with my hair grown out even a bit which results in a very noticeable 2D/3D dynamic. I do have a consultation upcoming for beard and chest hair FUE into the scar at another clinic. I'm not sure if this will help as my prior FUE into the scar seems to have yielded no benefit. Truly, this hair issue has devested my life, career, and relationships. My self-worth is really shot having gone trough this for years. As mentioned, I did thankfully manage to get my Masters during this time but I cannot go into my career this way and am currently without work. Attempts to address this hair/scar issue have failed in the past or not completely addressed the issue and now at 40 years old I want to move forward and try to find a good outcome. I want to try and have a relationship, career, and friends. This hair thing has made all this so hard. Please, any suggestions from you guys would help. Pics: Pics with longer hair are the result of the 3 HT procedures starting in 2005 and now in 2019 Buzzed side-by-side are the improvement with SMP in 2019 Buzzed bathroom pics are the dark line attempting to be addressed by the fractional laser currently in 2019
  9. Hey Bill I never really left I have been lurking in the backround. Seems your "the Man" of the message board now. Congrats! I was going to contact Dr. Feller about my pics and see if he wanted to put something together for the site. My camera took a dump so we'll see.
  10. I had all three of my procedures with Dr. Feller who I can't recommend enough. Top notch work! Dr. Feller had told me in the past that when the staples come out you can start up your gym routine again but you will hear many different opinions on this. I am a little worried with this being my 3rd about starting up again that soon so I will verify with Dr. Feller beforehand. As far as styling goes to me its only a matter of if you have coverage in the areas you want to style. You are not going to get your "teen hair" back but with the correct amount of grafts you can do anything as far as styling, perhaps just not as dense/full as you might expect. You know what this got me thinking I have seen so many after shots of guys who got 2 or 3 procedures and went from bald to hairy but during the time they didn't have hair to style they forgot how to style it! I mean come on, you shell out all that hard earned money to get a nice head of hair but you get that stupid greasy combed to the side look. Come on guys you got hair now rock out!!!!!!
  11. Whats up everyone its been a long time since I posted here but to bring you up to speed I had a 2,000 graft procedure, my 3rd, on Dec 4th. Of course everything went beautifully but I am at that point where the lack of physical activity is making me nuts. I am off from work and of course have not been to the gym. Yep I am sitting around getting a big fat a$$. Oh what I wouldn't give for a chest workout right now with a half hour of cardio. Arggg what did everyone here do to pass the down time and how soon did you start your gym routine again?
  12. Whats up everyone its been a long time since I posted here but to bring you up to speed I had a 2,000 graft procedure, my 3rd, on Dec 4th. Of course everything went beautifully but I am at that point where the lack of physical activity is making me nuts. I am off from work and of course have not been to the gym. Yep I am sitting around getting a big fat a$$. Oh what I wouldn't give for a chest workout right now with a half hour of cardio. Arggg what did everyone here do to pass the down time and how soon did you start your gym routine again?
  13. I had a transplant back in September and have been tanning since. I use a stand up tanning booth and just keep my hat on. Not all the way on mind you, just enough to cover my scalp. Have not had any problems at all and I have a nice tan!
  14. Ya I had surgery on Sep 13th with Feller. He is definetly one of the top docs in hair restoration. I had 2500 grafts done and am starting to see the results. I think you paid WAY to much for your first procedure! I paid 8500 for my procedure and my second will be with Feller as well. He is the Man.