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  1. Classic case of the vertex, young patient (30 y.o) with good density in the donor area. Single session FUT: 3.762 grafts/ 8.472 hairs
  2. Single FUT (correction) 3.280 grafts/ 7.208 hairs Woman, 44 years old, result after 1 year
  3. Single FUT, 3.228 grafts/ 7.046 hairs
  4. 61 years old, 1 session FUT: 2.546 F.U/ 5.270 hairs
  5. Baldness is progressive and often requires a second hair transplant over the years to maintain the result. Male, 40 y.o result double FUT: 1 year after First session 2012- 2.743 grafts/ 4.900 hairs Second session 2015- 2.530 grafts/ 5.017 hairs
  6. Norwood III, 57 y.o Double FUT 14.181 hairs/ 6.446 FU
  7. Whenever I imagined a robot working with humans, I thought of that friendly maid on the Jetsons and also on that robotic treadmill she entered every morning and exited showered, dressed and styled. Later my reference began to be those intelligent and friendly robots in the "Star Wars" series, performing complex tasks and with artificial intelligence. Well, mine, for now, is not that smart. And as all ARTAS must have a name, to facilitate communication within the company, mine is called R-2, in homage of R-2-D-2, the friendly cybernetic hero of Star Wars. Since the beginning I knew that the r
  8. Beard transplantation before and 10 days later.
  9. Patient 39 years old. Norwood I 1 Session FUE Artas 1.558 grafts
  10. Patient, 50 years, held a meeting with the t
  11. Patient, 35 years old, with good elasticity in the donor area and without tension. Was Removed a strip of 31,5x1,8cm the donor area. 3696 grafts were implanted.
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