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  1. Excellent - WELL DONE ! Great when patients post results and pay it forward. Result looks great man. Regards Spex
  2. Hi, Get yourself on MSM and complex B vitamin as standard. This will help quality of hair. I work with a few hair care/product brands who all provide quality products too that help with hair health. See them on my site ( website in my signature ) Hope this helps Spex
  3. Yes indeed. A great FUT clinic. Regards Spex
  4. Hi guys, Ive had countless emails of late from guys wanting to obtain finasterdie and dutasterdie in the UK. A number of private GP providers have ceased prescribing due to a change in the governments insurance cover for them. GPs now need cover themselves privately, as prescribing privately, and this comes with a premium. This is my understanding. Therefore many GPs have stopped as unable to afford the cost or justify it due to the size of their practices or demand for their private services. For anyone in the UK who is struggling to obtain finasterdie or dutasteride due to t
  5. There are several fantastic surgeons in Europe to name a few, Bisanga, Feriduni, Devroye, etc etc etc Run a search as plenty to chose from especially if you are wanting FUT which i presume you want hence HW. My advise it though don't let travel get in the way of which clinic you ideally want to use. Regards Spex
  6. Hey, Theres several. Research , research, research! Regards Spex
  7. VERY early days, 4 months is ONLY the very very start of the action. Will take a further 12 months to obtain FULL effect and result. Be patient and try not scrutinise as a watched kettle never boils. Already NIGHT and Day to where you were pre op ! Regards Spex
  8. Hair loss is progressive and finasteride is a proven weapon against it. Too many patients wish they'd started it sooner after experimenting with everything else in the HOPE they will work. Difference with finasteride - It works ! Regards Spex
  9. Hi, Ive dealt with countless patients from the UK over the past 15 years and this is definitely possible. You just need sit down with a caring GP. You can then mould letter to suit you. Regards Spex
  10. Dont worry - Wash normally and you'll release them. They might simply just rest and then grow. Dont worry too much. Regards Spex
  11. Dude, Old topic but amazing that this company still fuck people over. I was stung by them years ago. Regards Spex
  12. Sorry I missed the question ! Thanks Shera. Regards Spex
  13. Personally I like the aisle but I'm over 6ft. It really make no difference what seat you get man. Comfort is important though. Some clinics recommend sparing saline but its not a deal breaker if you don't in my opinion. ( had 13 Hair transplants ) As long as possible to allow unhindered healing. Minimum 10days/2 weeks Regards Spex
  14. Hi Ashforce, You are in great hands with the Dr and the clinic. Both surgeons are very experienced and caring and their Athens Clinic is on all accounts superb. Keep us in the loop on your session. Regards Spex
  15. No doubt. Potential side effect... super fertile...
  16. I fathered twins whilst on it. No issues. Regards Spex
  17. All hair is in it's own cycle so at different stages you'll have all different spurts along the way due to the cycles. Spex
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