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  1. This is what I am trying to fix. What you see is the result of native hair after a transplant 15 years ago. It looked good for several years but as some of us have learned....you have to stay on top of the native hair loss. Right now you are looking at about 1800 grafts on the frontal 3rd from what the Doc told me. I'm guessing I need another 2000 to 3000 to fix this. The donor are looks pretty good to me, it's thick enough to cover the strip scars with a half inch cut. So what do you think? Do you think the doctor will recommend fut or fue?
  2. Thanks for the replies. The bottom strip scar looks pretty good. It's just a thin line and you can't see it unless I cut the hair down to a quarter inch. The upper scar was a harvest of about 1200 grafts. It's visible if I cut my hair below a half inch. I knew when the stitches were removed that it was wider than the first scar. I also remember the tightness after the procedure lasted for several months. I'm guessing that elasticity is at or below average. I will post picks in the next post to show you my donor area. My concern with fue is thinning out the forest too much. If my donor area looks thick enough however, perhaps a good alternative.
  3. I don't know if this has ever been discussed. I already have a couple of strip scars from previous procedures and have considered fue as a way to avoid more strips. One of my scars is pretty wide and I was wondering if during another fut procedure the doctor could harvest grafts above that scar then close it leaving only one strip instead of creating a new one. It would allow the doctor to create a thinner single strip. Seems logical but I'm sure there is medical reason why they don't do it.
  4. I'll try this again in 2019. Any good doctors that perform fue in the Dallas area? I'm not traveling to another city or state. I can't believe this thread is still up. Thanks.
  5. I can't seem to find any good information on this topic. If someone gets 1000 grafts will the actual number of hairs vary depending on the procedure (FUE vs FUT). From what I understand during FUE each hair is plucked out one by one. To me it would suggest that each FUE graft would contain a single hair. So you would pay for 1000 hairs. I am aware that FUT methods group hairs in 1, 2 and 3 hairs per graft meaning that 1000 grafts could contain double the amount of hairs. Can someone clarify this? I'm trying to figure what I would be paying for. Thanks.
  6. I'm always suspicious whenever someone enters a forum never to return for just ONE post. Come on. It's obvious who did this. Can anyone other than the staff give me an honest review of Armani medical in Dallas. I am still searching for a good Dallas clinic. I hate the idea of traveling for this procedure.
  7. I have a couple of strip scars that need to be covered. I have googled a few locations but would like a good recommendation from one of the forum leaders. I'm looking for someone in the Dallas area. Thanks
  8. What is the cost to hide a strip scar? Why can't the local tattoo artist do the same thing?
  9. I'm no expert but from what I understand, Minoxidil strengthens the hair against the effects of dht. Basically chains are strangling the hair folicle and minoxidil provides more strength to the hair. This treatment also increased the diameter of your existing hair making it look fuller. Over time however the chains will strangle the follicle to death with or without the treatment. I don't think the body develops resistance. Nature just takes it's inevidible course. The way I see it, if I can delay the onset of thinning, it's a good thing. I've been on it for a few days now. I know my hair will thicken over the course of the next year then it will remain unchanged. Some might think it stopped working after the results ended. What you have to realize is that the drug hasn't stopped working, you are just slowing down the progression a bit. You will thin, but it will happen slower. By the time I am 80 I will not really care. lol, but for now, I want to slow it down. Geez did I type all of that?
  10. Just curious. The other doctor in Dallas only does surgery in Houston. Should I decide to try this again.......I'm keeping it local under a reputable doc. Here is his link. Let me know what you think. Thanks (Link removed by moderator - See Terms of Service)
  11. Thanks folks. If I find any stories or blogs I will try to post the links as well.