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  1. Thankyou for the reply. I accept there can be descrepency in numbers due to other factors on the day, my only concern is if there is a large discrepency then surely there is an obligation to explain it. Pavlov
  2. No not at all, This was done in London, I am waiting to hear back from the co ordinator first before I state who it is, just to see how they handle my request, Once Ive had a response I will let you know the company. Pavlov
  3. Thankyou, all Im doing is comparing to others photos and mine definitely looks short of 3000.
  4. Hi, Yes as I stated above, he mumbled something like 2800, I have asked the co ordinator today for the official number but as yet no reply received. I was just wondering if there is anyone on here who knows a lot more about the procedures whether you can tell from looking as comparing my pics to all others with 3000 grafts mine looks very spaced out and lacking in numbers. Pavlov
  5. Good Afternoon. I have had a FUE procedure three days ago now and just like everyone else Im looking at pictures on the net and forums etc. I look at my pics comparing to others and it looks considerbly less than others saying they have had 3000 grafts. Can anyone tell me how long it would take to extract that amount and then for two people to implant etc. Are multiple grafts put into the slits? I asked the technician how many grafts they gave me and he mumbled something around 2800, I have since asked the representative who arranged my transplant how many confirmed grafts and he said well you paid for 3000 so you will have got 3000, I then explained that the surgeon stated that they could not get the full amount from my doner site and he has not since got back to me to confirm. If anyone can tell from my pictures I would be obliged of any advice. Pavlov.
  6. Thankyou for the replies, In answer I would have to say yes that most of my crown was completly bald, rather than thinning, where as now it has the appearance of thinning, so I guess that the Regaine is not going to help me out other than maybe making the transplanted hair looka bit fatter. Im guessing there is other less expensive products that could do that then. Would oral minoxidil make a difference?
  7. Hello all, 18 months ago I had a transplant into my crown, alledgedly 2000 grafts. The hair has grown and now looks like as though im thinning in that area rather than completly bald, however I have never been totally happy with the result and of course my surgeon said he would do another one but alas I cannot afford that in this day and age. Anyhow, after seeing an advert on tv about the new Regaine Foam I decided to give that a go, however after recieving it today and checking the websites FAQ's, it states as no study's have been done on anybody who has had a transplant they dont recommend using it. So besides from wasting my money, does anybody have any experience of using Regaine after a transplant or any other different products that work. I would be interested to see what i could do to try and boost what has now grown but without of course having to spend thousands to get it. Lee
  8. ukbloke, I have sent you aprivate message with my phone number on, feel free to ring me.
  9. Just a quick question really for any of the techs or docs on the site as to how many grafts on average are planted per person per hour?
  10. Right, well I was there around five and a half hours so I think I should stop stressing now. Thanks again to all for your replies, most helpful. I will have a look into Finasteride and have a good look around this site too. I think I could be here a while.
  11. Thanks for that gents, Like I say, I have no reason what so ever to doubt the Dr, Im going through that faze of taking millions of pictures, continually looking on the mirror, willing the scabs to go, and looking through previous posts it looks like most people do the same thing. One thin I have read though is a lot of people are taking other products for thier hair as well to speed up the growing etc. Does this stuff actually work or is it too late for me at the age of 42 to start using other medical products?
  12. Mattj, Thankyou for your prompt reply, Im sure im just going through the normal post mortem of the procedure. My Doctor was Mr Shamalak Crown Cosmo clinic in Altrincham. I know they did not throw away any grafts as he told the nurses to 'piggy back' which was putting extra grafts in places where some had already been planted. I have no reason to doubt the surgeon its just me thinking how do they know the amount, I guess its just experience. I really wish I could have had the rest of my head done now though as I have to wait another 6 months before doing another 2000 grafts on the top and front of my head, but I guess it gives me a chance to see the results before going ahead.
  13. Hello all. I am new to this site and do hope I am writing in the correct place. I am in my fourth day after having my transplant done. I have paid for 2000 grafts to be transplanted into my crown. My question is. How do I know that 2000 grafts have been put in. I know I have a donor scar on the back of my head from ear to ear and no reason not to believe my surgeon but at the end of the day, how do I really know that that amount has gone in. I keep holding a mirror up to my head, look and think there isnt 2000 scabs there. Am I just being paranoid here. Also just out of interest my donor area still feels extremly tight is this normal. Lee