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  1. Okay thanks for the advice. With you seeing how my hair looks dry and not soaking wet, do you think the ~ 1500 grafts I got will fill it better ?
  2. i was planning on potentially getting on finasteride.
  3. The clinic told me I would potentially need a crown in the future. I’m 25 years old. The clinic gave me meds for post op to use after which is what I have been using.
  4. Nope. I was under the impression 1500 would fill in my area pretty nicely. My first photo again was directly when after my first wash.
  5. The doctor did not do any of the work, I believe the techs did most of it. And he observed them.
  6. Also if it helps at all the hair in the photo is soaking wet I just washed it.
  7. The process started around 11am - and lasted until around 6pm
  8. I washed mulitple videos on YouTube of the clinic and they came out good. So I went went them.
  9. I I believe so, I was asleep in the process but woke up to two other techs working.
  10. So what’s your opinion on the transplant ? How much do you think was done ? From my research HRSATL had good results.
  11. Here are some photos of donor area . Thanks for the response.
  12. Good afternoon, I’m coming up on day 6 tomorrow of my 1500 graft transplant done at HRS in Atlanta . I watched a lot of videos on YouTube saying on day 7 I should remove the rest of my scabbing with a butter knife to allow the new hair to grow properly. Does anyone have any advice ? Thank you in advance! This is a link to a video that describes the process he had had great results =
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