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  1. All I can do at this moment is wait it out. So I'll do that. And update here how it progresses. There's no chance I'll go to the same clinic to fix it if this happens to not be shock loss. Tough few months ahead for sure.
  2. I was a big fan of forums back in the day. Still stumble upon most answers in forums such as this. Guess I'll seek out more of them now. In a way it is good forums aren't as accessible as other mediums else it would be easy to end up with shills like everywhere else. Specially in a domain such as this with so much emotional baggage.
  3. I'd say about half a dollar. People get it done for even cheaper at shadier clinics in smaller cities.
  4. Makes this forum all the more valuable honestly. I gave up researching because most stuff I found just seemed like shilling. I don't understand why I never came across this.
  5. They were keeping a count and separating it in twos and threes yes. And while I did ask them how many were extracted I didn't push for an accurate number. Clinics here like to quote the 3k number whether or not they extract that number so that's what they said, around 3k. I'm regretting being so dumb and going into something so permanent with only half the confidence in my choice.
  6. I will check again. I'm certain they were referring to grafts. Would be kind of impossible to tell I agree, but from the recipient picture does it look like 3k grafts compared to the 3k other folks here have posted? I'm looking around the forum to gauge that till I can go to the clinic tomorrow.
  7. This is what I don't understand myself. I have extremely sensitive skin and always thought I heal relatively slowly. But end of Day 3 and there was no perceptible holes whatsoever.
  8. I am worried about my donor area too. I do have some native hair in midscalp and some in crown. Thinning heavily though. So they spread out some hair in the mid-scalp and some in the crown. I am hoping this turns out okay with time but I will definitely go to a better clinic to get this fixed at some point.
  9. This is what I'm hoping. At this point I'm unable to gauge what the count was. @Berba11 @digi23 the doctor was Arth Shah (Ahmedabad, India)
  10. The area looks sparse as compared to the area around it, at least 1/3 the density roughly. The surgeon mentioned they'll be taking the grafts from the safe area only that is prone to lesser shedding later. I wish at this stage it was more spread out like yours and unsafe area to not have this weird crescent if I wanted to keep my hair short, which I did. Oh well. Any thoughts on recipient area?
  11. Don't have it just after surgery unfortunately. The clinic did take those and I'll ask for it.
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