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  1. Btw, seriously the motivation and inspiration we get from this forum is beyond words sometimes. Some articles/posts are lifechanging for some people. I might become one of them!
  2. Hehe thanks. Its all good until the wind blows or a friends wants to touch the hair for whatever reason lol. if finasteride does thicken up the crown and little bit of my temples and midscalp, and if that eliminates the need for fibers, that will be the ultimate. also, does keeping hair long like that affect the thinning follicles or root? I dont pull or anything.
  3. Yes, they seem to be really good. Also, does one session of PRP do anything at all?
  4. I know its a stupid question, but looking at the pics, what are my chances of those areas getting covered while on finasteride+minoxidil?
  5. Also this pics are after applying hair fiber (how i go to work everyday). Its magic!
  6. hey everyone, I’m a 30yr old male, never tried any medications. Been using hair fibers for the past 1 year almost. fibers are doing a great job hiding the issue areas. But i need to move on and feel free or wear a shorter hair style (instead of slick back etc). From my research on HT and meds, i realised even after transplant i need to continue finasteride to maintain the remaining hair in place. But i am unable to judge my condition at the moment. I just finished a consultation and got prescription for finasteride which i should receive in 2-3 days. I had plans to go to Eugenix, India and get a transplant done to restore hairline and crown and then continue finasteride. But unfortunately, so many travel restrictions and date changes is causing a lot of hassle and unnecessary expense on top of the treatment cost. I am considering using finasteride for a few months to see if this improves before i go get the HT done maybe mid next year. I know there are so many experts in the forum and people with similar experiences. Could you help me out here and tell me how is my hair situation looking and also if finasteride is going to help. It also means that i have to continue using hair fibers and that “please dont touch my hair” life for longer (and black fibers flying around in the washroom). Or should i go get the hair transplant done as soon as possible!?
  7. Hey everyone, all the best @kirkland !! I have mine booked at Eugenix around beginning of November too! I am flying in from Canada as well. I was about to travel to Turkey and do it from Veraclinic. This forum totally changed my view about hair transplant. Hope i am making a wise decision.
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