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  1. Great stuff, this gives hope to those waiting! Thank you for sharing
  2. That is great. You will have a great experience I am sure. First you will be sedated with some type of valium which makes you very relaxed. This must have played a part in not feeling the numbing injections, as well as a steady hand and experience of the one administering them.
  3. 1 Month post surgery update Hello guys, Everything is going pretty well. The shedding was hard and started about eight days ago. I take finasteride (1mg) and minoxidil (5mg) like I have normally and I have been supplementing 1600mg MSM. Since about 10 days I massage Emu oil on the recipient before bed, as this is supposed to help against the redness. After I started applying I can confirm that the redness faded quicker than before, however I do not have a comparisson with previous procedures. On the donor area on the side my skin is a little irritated which comes from touching it I guess. Using some cream now which is making it better already. You can also notice some shockloss near my temple point where they took the fine singles, I do not find this alarming as it will grow back. As for the pictures: Donor: Donor side with some minor shockloss and skin irritation (little bit wet because of cream): Non-donor side: Thats it for now, will return in 30 days again with more pictures. Feel free to ask any questions in the meantime!
  4. Does someone have experience with going into a sauna after a HT? Online I read many different angles as to in which timeframe it is allowed again. Some say after healing for 14 days, some say after 30 days and some say to wait even as long as three months post operation. The reason I am asking is because I am looking to do a Temazcal on the 17th of October (exactly 31 days post OP) and another one on the 22nd. The Temazcals are connected to an important event I am participating in, so I am looking for some back up that supports the idea that I can resume visiting a ''sauna'' after 30 days. Thank you in advance 🙏🏻
  5. That sounds like a solid plan based on your situation. 👍🏼 For me it was the goal to have a good situation before 30 and I already accepted the fact that I will probably need a second procedure in the future.
  6. Hi ffar, thank you. In the end I think you should do as you feel is best, it is a very personal decision. For me, I deem my forehead as relatively high and I was able to stabalize my hairloss over the last five years. The time was right I felt and the goal with this HT is to have me set for the coming 10 years at least. How good your hair is, is mainly yours to judge. To check if a HT is advisable based on your current situation, I would suggest you go for a personal consultation with a renowed clinic.
  7. 10 Days post operation update Happy Sunday everyone, The goal was to be scab free after 10 days, which has been managed without any issue. Hilde from BHR offered superb guidance and the aftercare routine was easy to follow. Happy that I was able to wash my head and get rid of the scabs after 7 days and I think everything looks pretty good. Was eating out yesterday and decided not to wear a hat inside the restaurant, one of the waiters asked me where I had my HT done. Showed to me the importance of sharing experiences here for everyone to be able to inform themselves as it still seems a sensitive topic. Anyhow, lets move on to the progress: Donor: The next update I will post around the 30 days post OP mark and after that I will keep them coming on a monthly basis.
  8. May I ask why you have been minded to wait another week with Aloe Vera at the stage you were in back then? Great progress for three months now, cool that you are already leaving the house without a cap with in the back of your mind that it will only get better after this!
  9. Thanks! For this question I would refer to the post of Maa, who has a similar hairtype like I do and has also gotten this 2/3 Donor Area usage by Dr. Bisanga. If you check his final update you can see his donor looks pristine all the way around, and 600 more grafts were harvested: Ofcourse this is no guarantee my donor will recover the same way, but it sure is promising.
  10. P.S. The donor area after the cleanup this morning. Only hairs have been taken from the right- and backside of my head, so the left side is still virgin scalp, if I'd need any treatments in the future.
  11. Hello guys, As I am writing this I just came back from the BHR clinic for my post-operation consultation with Hilde, who is my patient advisor. Before we start I must say that the overall experience with BHR from the point where we first came into contact, has really been 10/10. They are very professional and really care about their patients a lot. Of course they might be more expensive than a clinic in Turkey, but therefore you have the feeling that they take care of everything and you see with their results everywhere online that by picking them you minimize your risk of a outcome which will not satisfy you. This peace of mind justified the costs for me. The head is throbbing a little bit and I only had 3 hours of sleep last night (however I was able to lay relaxed without any issue for about 8 hours total), but I am absolutely thrilled that I took the step and that everything went without complications so far. Now I am moving into the most important process which is the healing process, but before this will be shared in the coming months I would like to share some background. Today I am 28 and my balding has started around 18 years of age and I was using topical minoxidil shampoo the first time with 21 I would say. As this was very inconvenient I stopped doing so but ofcourse the balding process progressed. Then with 22 years I started taking finasteride, first 1,25mg a day and since the beginning of June this year I switched to capsules with 1mg a day. I am also using 5mg of oral minoxidil since 3 months (starting from 08 June 2021) to improve my donor area pre-operation. Apart from that I try to live healthy by eating whole foods, having a lot of regular exercise, being social and try to laugh as much as possible (reduces stress they say ) So upon first contacting the clinic I was looking like this (April 2020, only on my finasteride regime here): As can be seen pretty clearly the frontal area is thinning but my crown area has good cover, which I pretty much thank to the religious finasteride intake (of which I have 0 side effects by the way, also not what my reproduction is concerned). Now let us fast forward one year and a bit, to June 2021, as I was just about to start with the oral minoxidil. Now let us fast forward another 3 months to nearly the time where I had the operation and after I had my first three months with the 5mg oral minoxidil added to my regimine: What I have observed with the oral minoxidil: better hair thickness, increased body hair length (arms/legs) and more visible body hair in general. If we compare there two shots with the very first shot from April 2020, I feel that my overall hair quality and density has actually improved. So now let us move to some pre operation foto's of the hairline and after shaving: And then the day after the pre-op consultation I arrived at the clinic at 07:30 to be done at 17:30 that same day. They gave me some valium and overall I did not have any pains, it was a lot less bad then I have expected. Graft count: 2609 Graft breakdown: 1 Follicular Unit: 424 grafts 2 Follicular Unit: 1011 grafts 3 Follicular Unit: 1077 grafts 4 Follicular Unit: 97 grafts Donor density: 80/80 Now the immediately post-operation picture: Looking forward to share my healing process here with you guys and would like to thank everyone here sharing past experiences for us all to learn, benefit and make an educated decision from. Cheers
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