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  1. I like it. Its a natural look and age appropriate. I'd call it good and enjoy.
  2. I'm not that concerned but the misses has reservations. I'd likely be traveling alone. Appreciate the input.
  3. Question of those traveling to India....were you comfortable (feeling safe) during your stay. I've brought the idea to my wife and she is ok with everything except the travel to India. I know nothing about the surrounding, etc. but it seems from all the testimonies safety wasn't a concern or at least was not brought up. I'm am going to consult with a few more doctors and make a plan.
  4. Considering this clinic more and more. Appreciate video and the opportunity to see and hear them somewhat in person.
  5. I get the anxiety but honestly you did the right thing by fighting through it and not doing anything rash. It looks like good progress and I think the hairline looks pretty good. It will only get better and if you need something else done in the future it will be a good foundation.
  6. So I'm beginning to think about US-Midwest locations. I see several MD's listed on the site from Chicago/Minnesota/Texas. If a guy wanted to stay close to home is there a clinic recommendation for my type of hair loss? Many of the US before and after seem to be multiple sessions with smaller graft numbers. Compared to Eugenix, for example, what could someone expect to pay in the states? Is it double? 4x? more expensive?
  7. Interesting. Lots of learning to do and things to consider. And I guess by 'on its way out' meaning hear that was destined to fall. My hair really hasn't changed much for a while now. I am going to start Fin and Min this weekend.
  8. Got this from Eugenix....looks the 2700 is actually planned for frontal and mid, with 1500 to the crown.
  9. Yes...thank you. He started in better shape but had incredible results.
  10. Quick reply from Eugenix. Does this seem reasonable? Based on their response does that mean they will not reinforce the mid-scalp?
  11. From the USA....haven't gotten far enough along to know how the process works. I figured covid would play into it and was prepared to work through the process if the decision is made. Thanks for the tips.
  12. have tons of the higher Norwood 6 completed journeys. This is one of the things I was hoping to accomplish by posting pics....to get an initial direction. I appreciate the help and I think I'll contact one of the forum reps and start a conversation. How is traveling to India these days?
  13. This is nuts....could never imagine this amount of change.
  14. Holy smokes that is well beyond what I would have expected. I have plenty of beard, chest and back hair if needed....lol.
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