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  1. Hi all, hope your all well, once you have used up all your donor hair, would you go straight to beard grafts or just settle for a look that not be as good as you had hoped? cheers
  2. Hey thanks for the reply folks, ive saw Stephen Bell who had fue done with Dr Bisanga and his hair is shaved down, and i think it looks brilliant, so a good result can be achieved, can anyof you post some pics of people who have shaved down after a ht? many thanks
  3. Hi as the subject states, around what density (per cm square) can achieve alook that wont make me look that im going too bald, my next ht will be to fill in the middle part of my scalp. but as ive not got too many grafts left in the donor i would like to get the best look from a relatively small number of grafts Regards
  4. thanks for the reply, maybe i was just being over paranoid, as its been fine since, or maybe it was just a one off lol i don know, ill defo continue to monitor it though (not too much though lol) Regards
  5. ok so basically im kinda freaked out right now, been using the drug for about 10 months but only today have i noticed that my semen seemed 'different', ok i hear it gets watery which i can deal with but the unwatery bits seemed sticky, and stranger than usual! anybody else noticed this? i take 1.25 per day but may cut that down to takin a quarter of a pill every other day cus this has spooked me out!
  6. Hey im 25 and had my first ht at 24, id speak to your family about it, if its gettin you down that much then im sure they will help you out, im happy with ym progress so far, however my goals are different to yours, my aim is to have a relatively good natural hairline to frame my face because ill be lookin to shave my hair to grade 2 in a couple of years maybe and not really lookin for thick density in the middle section of my scalp just enough coverage.ive been takin fin 1.25 per day and(for the last 10 months and that has defo helped stabilise the loss, also my crown appears way thicker than it did. I was also feelin down like you, i was a hermit for pretty much a whole (valuabe)year,so as i said id speak to your family about it, Keep your chin up mate
  7. Hey Bill, i gotta say your hair looks great, glad you have had these postives results,i think your hair looks very good short too! your an inspiration to me, all the best
  8. Hi this may seem a bit random but since my ht (two weeks ago) my hair seems to be frizzy after ive washed it, any reason for this? or is it just me lol Regards
  9. Hey thanks for the replys, oh and its fue im having done,
  10. Hi happy new year to you all could anybody post me some pics of people who have shaved down after a hair transplant, basically im having frontal third work done, and as soon as it grows out im thinking about shaving my hair down to a grade 2 or 3, Regards
  11. Hi all, just wondering what your thoughts of the Dr Bisangas clinic are? i see plenty of good work of his posted on here and im considering a consultation with him too, as well as two or three other clinics, Hope for some feedback Regards
  12. Hey cheers for the link, there doesnt seem to be many pics on this website of his work, but i hear ges a top doc?
  13. Hi all, this may seem like an obvious question but what clinic does Dr Devroye work for? im tryin to find his website but having no luck cheers