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  1. thank you John for the reply. My list looks a bit similar to OPs only a bit shorter and I'm waiting on the same doctor to provide cost and answers to some questions that I had.. (coincidence). Vera made it to my top choice after reading a couple of threads where the doctor performs some of the surgeries, but now after comparing my research results with this site, I think I have to redo my research. Right now, at a high level, the doctors you just listed are pretty even, except for Bicer who actually gets hands dirty. I'm going to start talking with them and see where it leads. Hopefully Pekiner returns my messages. i'm a norwood 6, a couple of years ago I went to south america and I ended in a hair mill,got around 3k grafts but their techniques were ackward. I had FUE doe. I need probably close to 4k grafts on the crown and vertex areas. Thanks again sir Javhair
  2. and just to be on the same page, is the complete name Ozlem Bicer? is this your choice, thank you in advance. https://www.ozlembicer.com/who-is-ozlem-bicer/
  3. I am new here, been researching for quite a while on who to go with. My choices were Dr Acar (Cosmedica), and Vera Clinic. These two were probably top two of my choices, basing this on results, they way I was approached with questions and information but it is tough to get a conversation going with someone from Turkey, I think that's what derailed some of the other doctors/clinic from OP's list. I did not approach Dr. Bicer, I will now. OP - please keep updating this forum. I noticed April 1st is the last time someone posted here.
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