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  1. I’m willing to spend the money. Staying close by wasn’t due to travel costs. It’s just a major procedure and there was something appealing about being closer to home for follow ups or even recovering at home vs a hotel room in some other city. But I think I’ve gotten over the geography thing. It’s still just very hard to evaluate doctors and different approaches and know what’s right.
  2. I agree on Bernstein. when I consulted with him, I felt that his hairlines looked like he drew them with a ruler and lacked density. They seem to look better today based on what is on his website, but not near the quality of others. I noticed that Hasson is great on density but I worry it could exhaust my donor area. His hairlines are great in many ways, but he tends not to fill in the temples. Maybe he views it as too aggressive? The problem is that I think you run the risk of it looking less natural. I’d live to speak to Konior, but I’m not sure that will be easy it’s really hard to actually “speak” to the doctors themselves. Many have these reps / nurses / staff that shield them. It’s kind of weird to be looking at spending over $20,000 and all you do is talk to a non-medical person about a surgical procedure, one that is important for every person. Being told I will just meet the doctor for the first time on the morning of the procedure seems weird. And it makes it hard to know what he / she is like and whether you mesh with their philosophy and approach.
  3. Hi there. First time posting, so let me just say that this is such an awesome community. I have learned a lot on this site over the years, so thank you to all of you who answer questions to those of us trying to make an important decision. I live in NYC and have been thinking about a HT for the past 3-4 years. Over that time, I had consultations with 3 doctors near me (Drs. Wesley, Dorin, and Bernstein). I also had a remote consultation with Dr. Rahal in Canada. I am 46 years old and Norwood 3 and am really focused on trying to restore my hairline and get density in the front and top of my head. It's a balance of having my hairline back, but also wanting it to look natural and appropriate for my age. Here is my take on them and would love to know if others agree/disagree with my assessments and if there are other doctors I should also consider: Dr. Bernstein. Nice guy. Met him 3 years ago. Recommended 1500-2000 grafts and to mostly fill in the front hairline and said that if needed, I could do another procedure down the line. The pictures I saw of his hairlines didn't look very natural to me. They looked like they were almost a straight line, like they were drawn with a ruler, and seemed to lack the single hairs that one would expect in the front. On his website, he now has pictures that show better, more natural hairlines. Maybe he has gotten better? Dr. Wesley. Met him in late 2019 right before the pandemic. He was also recommending a similar number of grafts. I liked him a lot, and I thought his hairlines were better than Bernstein's. Some were excellent. But he was pushing FUT and I sometimes wear my hair short. Dr. Dorin. Also met him in 2019. I didn't like his work. Dr. Rahal. I first spoke to his office in 2020 right before the pandemic. It was less personalized service than the other doctors and was really hard to speak with him. In fairness, I don't happen to live in Canada whereas I am local to the other doctors. Maybe if I lived near Dr. Rahal, my experience would be different. Maybe they get a lot of not-so-serious people and so they are careful on having Dr. Rahal speak to everyone? Anyway, I sent photos and talked to the patient coordinator. She sent me his recommendations. I had to ask a few times if I could speak with him, and I eventually did, but it was almost like I had to really convince them that I needed to speak with this person who might be performing a surgical procedure on me. He recommended 2500 grafts which he said would give me a hairline as well as density. He said I might need another procedure down the line if I had more thinning on top or in the crown area. I initially reached out to Dr. Rahal based on positive reviews here and pictures I had seen of his hairlines (which were really amazing). But the reviews are mostly older threads from a few years back. I know others have posted about this recently (why no new Rahal posts?) and some have pointed out a couple of newer threads where people sing Rahal's praises, but I am concerned there aren't more Rahal patients posting here. My thoughts / questions: 1. Of the group above, who would you say is the one who has better results? The best track record / reputation for great results? 2. Is my experience with Dr. Rahal indicative of how it would be if I were a patient? Is it going to be pretty impersonal across the board? Will I just see him for 5 minutes and then techs will do everything? 3. Since I am willing to travel, are there other doctors I should consider who are outside of my geographic area (but still in North America)? Basically, who else should I consult with? Hasson? Baubac? Konior? Shapriro? Parsa Mohebi? Are there others who are really amazing that I haven't spoken with? Who is on top of their game right now, especially when it comes to hairlines? Thanks so much for your advice. It is greatly appreciated.
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