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  1. On Day 3.. Pain on 2nd day was a bitch. The doctor is pretty helpful. Swelling is pretty bad, minor black eyes. Swelling was worst yesterday, better today. Except for rear incision scar which is still swollen. Came to ~5300 grafts, 2.4 hair per graft.
  2. Hi all I thought I would update here. I had H&W and Dr. Bloxham look at my pictures. Dr. Bloxham estimated 2500 - 3000 grafts, he said he was conservative with such estimates. H&W had me send video showing my scalp flexibility. They said ~5000 grafts were possible. Both were booked until 8+months out I ended up in Germany for an unrelated reason, not far from Hattington Hair. I drove down and Dr. Muresanu looked in person. He said I have fine-medium hair, above average density in donor. He estimates 6000 grafts are possible. He drew out a 3-zone plan that would cover all the loss region with a couple mm of overlap. I think it was 40 grafts/cm2 in the hairline front zone, less going back. Later, he contacted me and had a cancellation. I was able to get an appointment for quite soon after once I made some arrangements. I'm now going in TOMORROW for surgery. It will be done over 2 days.
  3. Thanks for all the input guys. I do need to have a good surgeon have an in-person look.
  4. Thanks for all the replies, guys. I do have quite alot of body hair. Back, chest, stomache, arms. I am not sure if I can find pics of donor from younger. What's PO? I will start the KET shampoo again. PS. Lots of dandruff due to not washing my hair for two weeks - ear infection and perforated eardrum!
  5. Hello all I've never had a HT before. I tried finasteride 3 years ago, but it was a nightmare. I use minoxodil for 5 years now. I started balding in my very early 20's. I am now 40 and the hairloss seems pretty stable for the last 4 years. Would like as much restoration as possible! I have sent requests to Hasson & Wong, Feller & Bloxham, Hattington Hair. I am in the USA. Who else can I consider?
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